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PMurphy Nov 21st, 2017 59 Never
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  2. Monday, November 20, 2017
  3. {ZC} Pat: im in
  4. {ZC} Pat: where i get car bby
  5. P.Murphy: You buy them or steal them
  6. {ZC} Pat: i cant get in them?
  7. P.Murphy: Some work
  8. P.Murphy: Some are locked
  9. {ZC} Pat: can u pick me up?
  10. P.Murphy: Can't on duty
  11. {ZC} Pat: dud
  12. {ZC} Pat: these admins r having a go at me
  13. {ZC} Pat: come help
  14. {ZC} Pat: murhpy?
  15. P.Murphy: Yeah?
  16. {ZC} Pat: i dont know what to do im at airport?
  17. P.Murphy: You call for a taxi
  18. {ZC} Pat: ive been killed
  19. P.Murphy: how?
  20. {ZC} Pat: admin hit me
  21. {ZC} Pat: ;(
  22. P.Murphy: Name?
  23. {ZC} Pat: Dishes i think
  24. P.Murphy: Reason?
  25. {ZC} Pat: omg i banned now
  26. {ZC} Pat: for askin his name
  27. {ZC} Pat: wow
  28. P.Murphy: That is a girl
  29. {ZC} Pat: Nice server murphy
  30. P.Murphy: How did you get banned?
  31. {ZC} Pat: for asking "what is your name?"
  32. {ZC} Pat: can you unban me/
  33. P.Murphy: Not an admin
  34. P.Murphy: im just a player
  35. {ZC} Pat: wow wtf
  36. {ZC} Pat: thats one shit server
  37. P.Murphy: Never had one problem on here
  38. P.Murphy: we have only ever banned 3 people
  39. P.Murphy: and never kicked anyone
  40. {ZC} Pat: i just joined and im already banned
  41. {ZC} Pat: i asked for the name
  42. P.Murphy: Well that makes zero sense the admins don't randomly ban
  43. P.Murphy: That is legit odd
  44. {ZC} Pat: can u talk to them for me or do they have a discord?
  45. P.Murphy: They have a discord
  46. {ZC} Pat: inv please?
  47. {ZC} Pat: murphy?
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