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  1. # Backstory: (Where you're from, what your roleplay and out of roleplay goal is, etc)
  2. #### Shade
  3. The Child
  6. Even Shade herself is not privy to all her history. The dark secret the man who raised her to call him father holds away from her. The price he paid to raise the offspring of a bred slave as his own get.
  8. What is known is this, she was born in the house of Cernus of Ar. She had been sold before birth to one of Cernus' chief geneticists. Shortly after her birth Capricus was assigned to a new business enterprise of the House of Cernus. The acquisition of beautiful women ripe for the collar from the slave planet known as Earth. Or more generally the running of one such compound involved in such. Shortly after she turned 16 she ran to New York determined to get away from stodgy old things like genetics and baby-birthing. Also determined to make her way as an artist. For several years she was around the fringes of society. She looked from afar on things such as Warhol's Factory, and the rise of the sexual revolution and she rode that same wave on a mixture of peace, drugs, and rock n' roll.
  9. Until she met the client who would change her life. Dragging her back to her home planet in little more than chains.
  12. The Slave Girl
  14. She was purchased by a captain of the recently reinstated Taurentian guard. For some time, she was happy, contented even. Living only to please. Unfortunately such a time was to be far too short.
  17. The Weapon
  20. If a Gorean slave girl is the epitome of sensuality, femininity, and love what would it take to turn one into a weapon of war?
  22. She must be broken, completely, flawlessly obedient, conditioned, trained, primed, and then aimed.
  24. Sometimes to devastating consequence.
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