Facebook in Violation of claims & policy

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  1. Dear Facebook,
  3. I have exhausted all avenues and determined that Facebook is requiring me to have cell phone service and coverage to access Facebook services. I can "log in", but there is a "Security Check" that asks for a cell phone number. I can supply any number it seems, but the problem is that I am not in a cellular coverage area, thus I am unable to use Facebook services.
  5. I think it is important (likely required) to inform all users, especially new users, that Facebook requires the third party communication medium of cellular service and coverage to access services. I could comb through private contract law to discover a legal precedence that would require a company to disclose that requirement on their signup page.
  7. Essentially, I have given Facebook my identity information, and they are now refusing service after I shared such information. I have broken no terms of service and are being denied services because they require me to have a paid cellular service.
  9. Furthermore, Facebook requires their users to use a third party paid service like a cellular service, by monthly fee or contract, or at least a cellular service in a coverage area to access Facebook services. This is in violation of the account signup claim that "Facebook is free & always will be". That is clearly not the case if Facebook is defined as the services it provides.
  11. In my case, I am not eligible for the free Lifeline Assistance Obama Phone program. I have to pay for cellular service. I'm not saying I don't have a cell phone. I'm saying I'm not in a coverage area; nor should that be required to access Facebook services.
  13. Facebook has broken its own company charter motto and service agreement. I have a mind and ability to seek a claim unless this matter can be resolved. That can be accomplished by Facebook allowing me access to the services that were agreed upon. All I'm asking is to be able to log in & use services with my username (email) and password, and maybe even with a security check that utilizes email verification. I cannot be required to supply a cellular number, as that requires a third party paid service. That is my argument and claim against Facebook.
  15. If this matter is not resolved, I will seek legal counsel to continue. Give me access to the account services, at least so I can expunge the record of my account, or I will make my claim public and advance toward legal action. Please have someone contact me so we can solve this matter without litigation.
  17. -J. ----
  18.  # State Hwy. 7
  19.  Allenspark, CO 80510
  20.  (970) ###-#### -home
  21.  (843) ###-#### -cell (no coverage)
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