I didn't want this to be a paste but it is so wip goddamn

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  1. Lorelei Loveless
  3. Obsession: Acquisition (aka Capture, Reappropriation, Seizing, Snatching, Taking, "Making Things Mine")
  4. Fear: (Isolation) Being ignored
  5. Rage: Losing things
  6. Noble: Love (pun intended)
  8. Personality: Brat
  10. Stats:
  11. Body 33 (Just as buff as you'd expect a preteen to be- as in, not at all)
  12. Speed 77 (A natural shining golden goddess at Hide-&-Seek)
  13. Mind 44 (Homework?  There're more fun things to do...)
  14. Soul 66 ("Not getting what I want" is a foreign concept)
  16. Body Skills:
  17. General Athletics 15%
  18. Struggle 15%
  19. Squeeze 33+7=40%
  21. Speed Skills:
  22. Dodge 55%
  23. What, You Can't Drive Without a License 15%
  24. Initiative 38.5%
  25. ★Snatch 37+3=40%
  27. Mind Skills:
  28. Conceal 50+5=55%
  29. General Education 15%
  30. Notice 24%
  32. Soul Skills:
  33. Charm 15%
  34. Bond 15%
  35. Lying 55%
  36. Hounding for Sympathy 26%
  38. Age 12 (and a half!), as for appearance-stuff who cares because this is just a wip and not even the thing I'm going to show people, I'll give a better description for Roary once this is on a wikipage, but for now for some reason I'm imagining (depending on the anime level of this -shot (which is probably 'extreme')) she has one of those hairstyles that in realistic-vision looks goofy and strange but in *ANIMU* interpretation it's like, doing the Saya on the sides.  You know what I mean?  Of course you do, you're a weeaboo.  Clothing choices... oh yeah, her sister still has that thing about stealing shirts, huh?  Oh boy.
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