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Apr 26th, 2016
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  1. I think "disappointment" is the wrong word - the gameplay is by far the best of any MGS title. It's probably the greatest stealth gameplay of all time in fact, and one of smoothest playing, more entertaining games ever. BUT, the game also completely failed to deliver on the story standpoint, which should have not only featured Kojima's trademark brilliance, but also a stellar plot as any MGS fan knows that part of the story, which is Big Boss between Peace Walker and Outer Heaven, had potential to EASILY be the best Metal Gear story ever. Watch the Nuclear trailer and see if it doesn't ring of an amazing plot to end an amazing saga, hell it would have been simple too, all the tools were there in the game. But for the single time in his entire life, Kojima made poor conceptual choices from the start and produced a weak story. It's not that one or more parts of it weren't what we expected - it was just weak. Still, though, TPP is easily a 9/10 game. It's incredible in every other aspect. You can sink 100 hours into it and not even be at 50%, and it doesn't get old. So still one of the top three games of 2015, even if it was a fraction of what it had potential to be.
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