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  1.                                         Bonnie&Clydes Chemistry
  3.               Zelle & BTC only accepted I Will send you the address with preparation of your order. Also shipping is $7.50 until further notice.  INFORMED Delvery is the best thing about usps.  Tracks it as soon as the post offices scans your pack.  I will not give tracking until 3-5 days  we want to be as safe as possible and have some Great opsec it's only gonna better. DECOYS coming soon you can go with they standard bags or pay $2 for Decoy.
  4.         USPS will update tracking in 2 no ln 3 days with your tracking number.  I suggest setting up
  5.         Informed Delivery then you dont even need me; you can track it just like a dominos pizza :)
  7.   (Etizolam) Shiny white powder all will be 10mg/1ml- 100mgs 35$ -200mgs 65$ 300mgs-99$ can mix and match it you want a 300 and a 100 etc.   CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK
  9.   (Flubromazolam) This one is very powerful:    a 2.5mg/ml for 48$ also can discuss a 1:1 ratio in ordering process
  11.   (clonazolam) This one seems to be popular and most sell around 5mg/ml 30ml =120mg 65$ or you can get the 15ml bottles also 5mg/ml=75mg $28
  14.   (Diclaz) Great for getting your plants tolerance back under control: 10mg/1ml 100mg 25$ 200mg 50$  300mg 75$
  16.   (Flualprazolam) Every reviewer has been crazy about the flap; check pharmacopia for reviews: 2mg/ml 15ML 30mg 25$ 2mg/ml 30ml 60mg 50$ also can can do different ratios and the have sizes up to 50 50ML 2mg/1ml 100mg 95
  18.   (Pyrazolam) Made a personal PG so far my favorite for anxiety: 2mg/ml 15ML 30mg 25$ 2mg/ml 30ml =60mg 45$
  21. Zelle will be a 10% upcharge for opsec
  25.      Thanks for shopping with Bonnie&Clyde Chemistry!
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