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this is my friend have u heard abt him lemme tell u abt him

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  3. necroticarachnidism
  4. Admittedly I must say that "Thank you for your magic trinkets to assist my heist" is a tough message for a gift 8asket, 8ut I do like challenges.
  6. trolljacksparrow
  7. right???
  9. trolljacksparrow
  10. oh hell yeah
  12. necroticarachnidism
  13. Would you mind telling me a little more a8out Velius?
  15. trolljacksparrow
  16. okay so
  17. vvelius is a limeblood wwith a fondness for silly swweaters
  18. he thinks like, all at once, and in chaotic patterns, so he's vvery yolo-prone
  19. hes doing like actual for real magic, and thinkpan nonsense comes easily for him, so he deals wwith disguise amulets and stuff mostly, or something that invvokes a specific emotion
  20. like he made a coin that wwould givve Surprise to anyone wwho sees it, and put it in a box with a picture of said coin on the lid, wwhich means that people wwould be Surprise!d even wwhen knowwing full out wwhat the coin actually looks like - and honestly that anecdote is basically vvelius in a nutshell
  21. hes a swweetheart though! he has opinions ovver wwhats like, evvil to do to someone wwithout consent and stuff, and sticks to them
  22. he's doing facepaint as a thing for one religion because he has anger issues - wwell, not /deep/ dowwn but hes better about wworking through them so theyre legit rare, and so he wwants to wwarn people
  23. he has a penchant for dramatic stuff like i do except his is super silly
  25. trolljacksparrow
  26. i like him a lot! hes an adorable friend
  28. necroticarachnidism
  29. You're so enthusiastic a8out people, it's darling.
  31. trolljacksparrow
  32. hes all about like, givving people choices and stuff, so they can do more (tm)
  33. hey
  34. hey listen
  35. hey listen!
  36. dont drag me like this,
  38. necroticarachnidism
  39. Is it really dragging if I'm saying it's adora8le? I wasn't aware.
  41. trolljacksparrow
  42. im not sure actually
  43. listen people are so fun
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