using the us gov's servers as proxies for dos

Sep 1st, 2015
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  1. Why not use the us gov to dos us gov servers?
  2. i mean if they fuck with our net why not use their servers as proxies to cause denial of service attacks if ur in to that stuff , or just fuzz using em to make a tobix n get root without stressin..
  4. so if we do not use spoofing , itz fun but lets use whats allready installed.
  5. i discovered that they got fkn proxy servers running from on gov owned colleges/schools sub servers .
  6. well psy have Proved that with python we can use webb-proxies to dos.
  7. the dork to find us gov servers that run proxies are:inurl:/login?url=
  9. lets do this:
  10. download ufonet
  11. GET SOME slaves enter command: ./ufonet -s 'inurl:/login?url=' --sn=30000
  12. wait..
  13. find target/s
  14. dos or modify the code to make it fuzz for u
  16. c ya
  17. ///ph1k3
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