Secret Lewds: Cadance x Trixie

May 31st, 2020
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  1. >Most people who knew Trixie could agree on one thing: she loved attention more than anything else, even herself
  2. >And she wouldn’t disagree—in fact, she’d take it a step further, saying she *deserved* attention
  3. >Adoring crowds, spotlights, her name in glittery letters atop the doors of fabulous Canterlot bars…
  4. >Trixie believed she deserved it all, and then some
  5. >Which was why she was so utterly infuriated, on the night in question
  6. >A Friday-night performance at the Bastille Bistro, one of Canterlot’s snazziest and most exclusive clubs
  7. >Trixie strutted across the stage, resplendent in her signature cape, tight-fitting corset, and thigh-high leather boots
  8. >Her outfit alone was enough to draw stares from a crowd, but when combined with her stage flare, it was more than enough to keep an audience enthralled
  9. >At least, that was the case on most nights
  10. >On most nights she’d have a sea of adoring faces turned up towards her, cheering for her and drinking in her alluring moves
  11. >But tonight, everyone’s attention was elsewhere
  12. >There, in the front row, sat a *disgustingly* beautiful woman, whose age Trixie couldn’t quite place
  13. >Her hair—a blend of purple, pink, and pale gold—fell nearly to her hips and was styled in elegant waves
  14. >She wore a dress that somehow toed the line perfectly between classy and obscene—strapless, made of fine sea-foam satin, with a backline that plunged just a *little* too far
  15. >Trixie got little more than glances, but *everyone* seemed intently focused on this woman
  16. “And for Trixie’s final performance…”
  17. >Not even a peep from the crowd
  18. “She will… need a volunteer from the audience!”
  19. >The crowd hushed
  20. >Trixie turned her gaze towards this thunder-stealer, daring her to volunteer herself
  21. >She looked up at Trixie, and her mouth split in a glowing, radiant smile
  22. >There was something approving and motherly in it, yet also seductive, sensual, and beautiful at the same time
  23. >Trixie was ashamed to feel her cheeks growing hot
  24. >She beckoned the woman forward
  25. “It looks like Trixie has a brave new assistant! Why don’t you tell everyone your name?”
  26. >The woman giggled, as if Trixie had said something ridiculous
  27. >”My name is MiAmore Cadenza. But you can just call me Cadance. Thank you for having me, Ms. Lulamoon.”
  28. “Yes, well… thank you, Cadance! Now, if you would just lie down here…”
  29. >”Are you going to saw me in half?” Cadance asked with a wink
  30. “Trixie wishes…”
  31. >She bid Cadance to lie atop a bedazzled table, then raised her hands
  32. “Trixie asks everyone to look closely! You haven’t seen a trick like this before, and you won’t see the same again! For Trixie’s power is unequaled by any conjurer in the land!”
  33. >She absolutely had the crowd’s attention now
  34. >Or, rather, nobody could look away from Cadance sprawled over Trixie’s table, fighting to keep her dress from accidentally revealing anything it shouldn’t
  35. >Trixie drew a fine gossamer blanket from beneath the table and laid it over Cadance’s prone form
  36. >She waved her hands over the blanket, and for a moment the crowd, club, and everything receded
  37. >A dull roar filled the back of her skull
  38. >And when she drew the blanket away, Cadance was gone
  39. >The crowd gasped
  40. >It was, in a fairly literal sense, magic
  41. >Cadance wasn’t actually gone; she was still lying in the same place
  42. >But the charm Trixie had cast just sort of *bent* people’s perception, making them see an empty table where there was actually a live woman
  43. >The same charm worked on Trixie too; she could no longer see Cadance, but she had the strangest feeling that Cadance was staring up at her, fixing her with that smile
  44. >Trixie spread the sheet over Cadance again, and released the charm
  45. >When she pulled the sheet back, the crowd went wild
  46. >Cadance was definitely smiling at her, and there was a “I know what you just did” gleam in her eyes
  47. >Trixie looked away, her face hot
  48. >She bowed, drinking in the cheers
  49. >But Cadance’s gaze held her, and Trixie was ashamed at how much the mysterious woman’s attention made her tremble
  51. >After the show, Trixie packed her things away and changed into a fairly modest pair of pants, a fine-pressed shirt, and a starry vest
  52. >She found Cadance sitting alone, though plenty of suitors looked like they wanted attention
  53. >Trixie took the seat across from Cadance without asking for permission
  54. “So.”
  55. >Cadance chuckled
  56. >”You have something you want to ask me?”
  57. “Trixie just wanted to… thank you, for being such a good volunteer.”
  58. >Again, Cadance laughed, as if this was all just a mirthful little diversion to her
  59. >”A show’s no fun if you don’t play along. But I didn’t expect you to know any *real* spells.”
  60. >Trixie shrugged
  61. “That was a taste of Trixie’s power. You didn’t take her for some simple illusionist, did you?”
  62. >”I don’t know what to take you for. You have a *real* presence. I couldn’t look away.”
  63. >Trixie’s face flushed
  64. >She was used to compliments—hell, she positively feasted on them—but something about Cadance made her kind words hit harder
  65. >Trixie found herself hanging onto Cadance’s every word, waiting for more praise
  66. >She hated it, but she couldn’t stop…
  67. “Yes, well, Trixie has plenty of experience. This is actually her third tour of Canterlot, you know?”
  68. >”Oh, I actually do. I’ve gotten your flyers each time. I always wanted to make it out to see you, but I never could…”
  69. >Beneath the table, Cadance slipped her foot from her shoe and pressed her warm, soft sole against Trixie’s shin
  70. >Trixie bit her lip
  71. >”…guess tonight’s just my lucky night.”
  72. >She winked, and Trixie felt a heat flash spread up from her loins to her neck
  73. >What was this presence?
  74. >Cadance calmly stirred her drink, a frothy blue cocktail, and raised the straw to her mouth to take a slow, sensuous sip that left her lips glistening
  75. “Getting to see Trixie, *and* be in her show? Trixie would say you’re very lucky indeed.”
  76. >Cadance giggled
  77. >”You’re so cute. You know… I was hoping I could get a little *luckier*.”
  78. >She wriggled her eyebrows
  79. >Trixie sputtered
  80. “L-Luckier? You’ve been given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of joining The Great and Powerful Trixie onstage. She has *no* idea what more you could want.”
  81. >”Oh? You seriously can’t imagine anything *else* that might have caught my interest?”
  82. >Under the table, Cadance’s foot was now stroking along Trixie’s leg
  83. >Trixie tried to keep her face impassive, but she could feel herself starting to visibly sweat
  84. “Look, Trixie has had a very busy evening. S-she should probably get back to her hotel room, before—“
  85. >”Why not mine? I guarantee it’s closer. And there’s a hot tub. And plenty of massage oil~”
  86. >Cadance rested her chin atop her hands, batting her eyelashes at Trixie
  87. >”You put on a wonderful show. You deserve to relax a little, right~?”
  88. “Trixie… Trixie has a girlfriend.”
  89. >”Invite her too.”
  90. “She’s… back in Ponyville.”
  91. >”Then it can be just you and me tonight. A gorgeous thing like you, out here, with nobody to tend to your needs… she’ll understand.”
  92. >Cadance winked
  93. >Trixie could feel herself melting into Cadance’s palm
  94. “Trixie… will come over for a massage, if that’s what you’re offering.”
  95. >”It’s not *all* I’m offering.”
  96. “But that’s all Trixie wants! And only because you were such a valuable assistant to her today.”
  97. >Cadance grinned
  98. >Her foot made slow, sensual circled over Trixie’s knee
  99. >”Oh, I can assist you with a *lot* more than that. Should I call my chauffer?”
  100. “…fine.”
  102. >Trixie couldn’t believe she was doing this
  103. >Cadance led her down to the main boulevard, and the two of them piled into the back of a dark stretch limousine
  104. >It was a hundred times better than the touring vans that took Trixie around…
  105. >Despite how roomy the vehicle was, Cadance sat right next to Trixie, close enough to drape an arm around Trixie’s shoulder
  106. >Trixie squirmed
  107. >She wanted to pull away, but something about Cadance’s presence pulled her back in
  108. >Maybe it was the cherry tang of her perfume, or the warm, *soft* flesh of her arms
  109. >Or maybe it was the fact that Trixie hadn’t felt another woman’s skin against hers in weeks, and she really, really wanted—
  110. >*BZZZZ*
  111. >Trixie phone vibrated in her pocket
  112. >”Go ahead. I’ll wait,” Cadance said with a wink
  113. >Trixie gulped
  114. >The message was from Starlight
  115. >[hey babe. how was the show?]
  116. >Trixie took a moment to type out the message back; her hands were shaking
  117. [perfect, as usual]
  118. >[nice work! i’m just going to have a cozy night in. missing you a lot…]
  119. [you too <3]
  120. >Cadance smiled
  121. >”You two are so sweet.”
  122. >[do you want to call tonight? we can have some fun together ;)]
  123. [sure, but trixie has to meet with some talent scouts first. she’ll be back late]
  124. >[how late?]
  125. [trixie doesn’t know]
  126. >[alright. text me when you know. see you soon <3 <3 <3]
  127. >Trixie put her phone away, now shaking
  128. >”She’s a real catch. What’s her name?”
  129. “S-Starlight. Starlight Glimmer.”
  130. >”Aww. Well, I won’t get in the way. But, in the meantime…”
  131. >Trixie felt Cadance’s hand against her cheek
  132. >She tried to resist, she really did
  133. >But the whisper of Cadance’s warm, sweet breath over her cheek drew her in, and she let Cadance pull her into a tender, sweet kiss
  134. >Trixie kept her lips tight, but as soon as she felt Cadance’s tongue, she parted them to let it in, and their mouths melded together in a wet, heavy kiss
  135. >The two didn’t break apart until the limousine pulled up outside the Canterlot Regency, a hotel as opulent as it was ancient
  136. >Faux columns decorated the entrance, and the foyer was adorned with tasteful portraits of the city’s ancient dynasties alongside verdant houseplants and gurgling fountains, all set beneath a vaulted ceiling
  137. >But all this beauty was lost on Trixie
  138. >She followed Cadance like a puppy; she was hooked, now
  139. >All she could think about was getting her clothes off and getting Cadance’s hands on her body
  140. >Cadance checked in, then shot Trixie a coy glance
  141. >”You feeling alright?”
  142. “Trixie is… quite fine. Why?”
  143. >”You’re looking a little hot under the collar.”
  144. “Trixie’s had a long night.”
  145. >”Well, all the more reason to get you out of that monkey suit as quickly as possible. This way~”
  146. >Her hand slipped into Trixie’s
  147. >And, in some way, that felt the even bigger betrayal
  149. >They made out during the entire elevator ride to the top floor, where Cadance’s top-of-the-line suite lay
  150. >Cadance glided through the hotel’s opulent halls like a debutante, guiding a brain-baked Trixie
  151. >And when she pushed the door to her room open, Trixie couldn’t help but balk at the opulence
  152. >There were no walls in the place; it was a single, sprawling room, with a kitchenette in one corner, a four-poster bed in the other, and a steaming hot-tub in the center of the room
  153. >Various velvet couched and throw-pillows were scattered around the rest of the place too; there was no shortage of places to lounge
  154. >Or to do other things, Trixie thought
  155. >Her tongue felt thick and hot in her mouth
  156. >And, for the first time since Starlight had first asked her out, Trixie was at a loss for words
  157. >Cadance leaned against the kitchenette’s counter, grinning
  158. >”Not bad, is it?”
  159. “You… what do you *do* here?”
  160. >Cadance chuckled
  161. >”Want me to show you?”
  162. >She retrieved a frosty bottle of champagne from beneath the counter, popped it, and began pouring glasses for the two of them
  163. >”You wouldn’t say no to a dip in the tub, right?”
  164. “Trixie… could be persuaded.”
  165. >”Excellent! If you’ll excuse me…”
  166. >Cadance passed Trixie a glass of champagne, then strutted over to the bed
  167. >Next to it, a changing screen stood, and Cadance stepped behind it
  168. >Only her feet were visible now, but Trixie could hear Cadance slipping her clothes off, and she saw her drop them to the floor
  169. >Dress, bra, panties…
  170. >When Cadance emerged, she was only wearing a towel
  171. >”You’re just going to stand there, are you? You can use the screen too, if you want. But if you want to do it in the open…”
  172. “Do you have a swimsuit for Trixie?”
  173. >Cadance burst out laughing
  174. >”Swimsuit? We’re alone! You don’t need to bother. I certainly won’t.”
  175. >Cadance stepped forward, her hips swinging in a way that just turned Trixie’s loins to wet mush
  176. >She reached the rim of the tub and dropped her towel
  177. >Trixie choked
  178. >Cadance’s body was *perfect*, in a way that was almost eerie
  179. >Perfect curves of smooth, tempting skin, wide hips begging to be grabbed, perky breasts waiting to be squeezed…
  180. >Trixie was halfway through stripping before she realized what she was doing
  181. >She didn’t stop, though
  182. >But she slowed down as she undid her belt and slid down her pants
  183. >Cadance slipped herself into the hot, foaming water with a gasp of pleasure, but she never took her eyes off of Trixie as she stripped
  184. >Trixie saw the other woman lick her lips
  185. >”You know, I really loved the way you looked in your performance outfit.”
  186. “Trixie gets that a lot.”
  187. >”But I think I like you more without it.”
  188. “Trixie also gets that a lot.”
  189. >”I can see why. You are just… *mmm*.”
  190. >Trixie slipped her panties off and strutted to the lip of the pool
  191. >She posed a little for Cadance’s benefit, jutting her lips out to one side
  192. >Cadance’s eyes swept over her form, and Trixie felt her skin tingle from all the attention
  193. >”Oh, *yes*.”
  194. >She couldn’t resist turn around and bending over, presenting herself for Cadance like some slutty plaything
  195. >Cadance gasped
  196. >”Oh, you *are* a performer at heart, aren’t you? You like showing off?”
  197. “Trixie… does enjoy it, somewhat.”
  198. >That was a lie; the feeling of Cadance’s eyes on her bare ass was intoxicating to Trixie
  199. >She hadn’t even had a sip of champagne, but having this alluring, powerful woman eyeing her up like a choice cut of meat…
  200. >Trixie would to anything she wanted
  201. >Sorry, Starlight…
  202. >But she couldn’t stop herself now
  203. >”How about you dance for me a bit?” Cadance asked
  204. >She reclined in the hot tub, crossing her legs
  205. “Fine.”
  206. >Trixie tried to hide how much she was blessing
  207. >She didn’t want Cadance to realize how much she *loved* doing this
  208. >”Oooh, awesome. Hey, Alexa? Play some booty music.”
  209. >[Right. Playing “booty dance playlist”]
  210. >”I’m so glad I have that…”
  211. >Hard, throbbing bass slammed into the room, and Trixie’s body just started to move on its own
  212. >She crossed her arms behind her head and dropped to the ground, waving her hips and letting her ass jiggle for Cadance’s enjoyment
  213. >”Perfect, perfect. God, you are *hot*…”
  214. >A tiny gasp escaped Trixie’s lips
  215. >Why did Starlight never just ogle and objectify her like this?
  216. >She was just a plaything for Cadance, a filthy, pleasurable little toy
  217. >And she *loved* it
  218. >Cadance turned around, letting Cadance admire her front now
  219. >She kept her arms over her head and shook her chest to the beat of the music
  220. >Cadance bit her lips, drinking in the show
  221. >Trixie could feel her arousal dripping down her thighs
  222. >She would dance as long as Cadance wanted, but more than anything she hoped that the other woman would—
  223. >Cadance raised a hand and beckoned Trixie closer
  224. >”I need you on my lap. Right now.”
  225. “Yeah, Trixie is… she’s coming…”
  226. >Trixie clambered into the tub, hissing as the hot water touched her skin
  227. >Cadance pulled her into her lap, and Trixie felt the other woman’s slick thighs pressing against her bare bum
  228. >Cadance’s hand came to rest strategically close to Trixie’s sex
  229. >Even in the scalding water, Trixie’s pussy stilly felt lusty and hot
  230. >”You liked being watched, didn’t you?”
  231. “…yes…”
  232. >”It turned you on a little?”
  233. “It… it did. Trixie likes… Trixie likes showing off for you…”
  234. >”Mmm, and you’re so good at it. I guess now it’s my turn…”
  235. >Trixie gasped as Cadance’s hand slid along her thigh
  236. >Gentle fingers pressed against her lower lips, teasing them with a gentle, practiced touch
  237. >”You like that?”
  238. “Trixie… Trixie does…”
  239. >”Good. Then just lay back and enjoy…”
  240. >Cadance’s hand got to work
  241. >It was like she knew exactly how Trixie liked to be touched
  242. >She stroked her first, teasing the nub of Trixie’s clit, and then slowly began to work her way inside, slipping her fingers up into Trixie’s waiting insides
  243. >Her other hand, meanwhile, gave Trixie what she wanted most
  244. >Cadance started to play with Trixie’s ass, groping and rubbing it, then eventually starting to toy with Trixie’s hole
  245. “G-Guh…”
  246. >”Oh? You wanted this?”
  247. “N-No. Trixie was just surprised! She didn’t think you would—“
  248. >”If you want, I can do you here.”
  249. >She pressed her fingertip against Trixie’s anus, making Trixie squirm
  250. “But Trixie… Trixie doesn’t…”
  251. >Trixie couldn’t hide it; she *did* want that
  252. >Starlight had never shown that kind of interest in Triixe’s butt, and Trixie had accepted that
  253. >But still, she wanted to be *ruined*, and now…
  254. >Now she finally could
  255. >Trixie melded into Cadance’s grasp
  256. >The feeling of the other woman’s wet breasts against her back…
  257. >The silky sensation of wet skin on wet skin…
  258. >Cadance’s nimble fingers on her pussy…
  259. >And the feeling of a finger pressing against her filthy, secret hole…
  260. >Trixie came, spilling her fluids out into the water, unable to stop herself as she shook and screamed in Cadance’s gasp
  261. “Trixie is… Trixie’s going to… ~AH~”
  262. >Cadance giggled, and clutched Trixie close
  263. >”That’s what I want to here. Let it all out~”
  264. “H-hah… ah…”
  265. >”Good, mmm?”
  266. “…”
  267. >Cadance squeezed Trixie’s butt, making her tremble
  268. >”But you want more, right?”
  269. “Trixie… isn’t sure.”
  270. >”Aww, nervous? This is the first time someone’s really *taken* you, isn’t it?”
  271. “…”
  272. >Cadance smiled
  273. >”Dry off and get on the bed.”
  274. >Her tone went from playful to steely, commanding
  275. >Trixie couldn’t resist
  276. >She hauled herself from the water, toweled off, and lay on the bed as she was commanded, her ass up in the air
  277. >Cadance, meanwhile, took her sweet time
  278. >Trixie was in agony by the time the other woman actually showed up
  279. >She took a long drink from her champagne, then handed Trixie a glass
  280. >”Drink. It’ll help loosen you up.”
  281. “What do you mean?”
  282. >”This is your first time, right?”
  283. “Trixie has had sex lots of times!”
  284. >”No, no. I mean, your first time *here.”
  285. >Her finger went to Trixie’s anus again
  286. >Trixie’s body clenched
  287. “…yes.”
  288. >”Well, you’d better prepare. Now…”
  289. >Cadance dug her fingers into Trixie’s plump booty
  290. >She gave it a gently smack, cooing to herself as she did so
  291. “Ah…”
  292. >”You really are just a little slut at heart, aren’t you?”
  293. “Trixie… resents that.”
  294. >”Oh? Are you sure? You seem to like being played with.”
  295. “Trixie just… AH!”
  296. >Cadance smacked Trixie’s rump
  297. >”Mmm, that’s more like it. Now, ass in the air.”
  298. “…fine.”
  299. >Trixie pressed her face against the mattress and did as Cadance commanded, raising her butt
  300. >She squeezed her eyes shut
  301. >She’d fantasized about finally doing this kind of thing for years…
  302. >…
  303. >Something hot and wet pressed against her hole
  304. “G-guh!”
  305. >Cadance’s breath whispered between Trixie’s buttocks, and Trixie’s face burned as she realized what the other woman was doing
  306. >She bit down on her lip, trying to keep from squealing like a little girl in delight
  307. >A tongue…
  308. >Inside of her…
  309. >Inside of that filthy place…
  310. >She couldn’t help it, and her relief spilled onto Cadance’s sheets in a second, white-hot orgasm
  311. >Cadance raised her face, smacking her lips
  312. >”Oh? That’s all it took?”
  313. “Trixie… didn’t think it would feel like that.”
  314. >”Well, you’ll love this, then. Hold still.”
  315. >Cadance rubbed her hands along Triixe’s still-damp buttocks
  316. >And then Trixie felt something else prod against her entrance
  317. >This was thick, and warm, and strangely *slippery*
  318. >She looked over her shoulder, alarmed, and saw the other woman standing behind her, with her hands on Trixie’s hips and something glowing at her loins
  319. >A phallic protrusion of magical light was molded against Cadance’s glistening pussy, and the tip of that phallus now pressed against Trixie’s anus
  320. >”What? You knew your little charms. I know mine too,” Cadance said with a wink
  321. >She swirled her tip around Trixie’s entrance, panting heavily
  322. >”I forgot how good this feels. Oh, I’m going to *love* this.”
  323. >She pressed her hands against Trixie’s cheeks and spread them wide, until tears stung Trixie’s eyes
  324. “B-Be gentle with Trixie!”
  325. >”Is that really what you want?”
  326. “…”
  327. >”That’s what I thought. Now… *unngh*”
  328. >Cadance slid herself in a little at a time, working herself slowly into Trixie’s bum
  329. >Trixie dug her fingers into the sheets, groaning
  330. “U-Ugh… Trixie feels like she’s…”
  331. >”Like you’re what?”
  332. “It… it hurts…”
  333. >”Do you want me to stop?”
  334. “…no.”
  335. >Trixie bit down hard on all the fabric she could pull into her mouth, wetting it with her saliva
  336. >She could feel the warm, electrifying magical flesh stabbing into her guts
  337. >Cadance’s pace was increasing now
  338. >And with each thrust, her body spasmed, trying to force away the violating object
  339. >But through the haze of pain and discomfort, a filthy, dark pleasure began to well up in Trixie
  340. >She found her hips bucking back against Cadance, producing a wet slapping sound that filled the hotel
  341. >Cadance grunted, and her nails dug into Trixie’s hips so hard that they began to bleed
  342. “More… more, more, more… Trixie… Trixie *likes*…”
  343. >”Yeah? Want me to cum inside you?”
  344. “Yes…”
  345. >”How much?”
  346. “A lot. A lot, a lot, a looooooooot!”
  347. >Cadance slammed herself up inside of Trixie, and suddenly Trixie could feel something hot flowing into her guts
  348. >She gritted her teeth, and for the third time tonight, she came
  349. “Sorry, Starlight…”
  350. >Trixie collapsed into a filthy, shivering mess atop the covers
  351. >Cadance slowly withdrew herself, and a mass of glowing, glittery spunk dribbled from Trixie’s ruined whole
  352. >Trixie ached all over now, and she flopped onto her stomach, panting and groaning
  353. “Ah… no, agh…”
  354. >Cadance took a moment to down the rest of her glass, then she lay besides Trixie, rubbing her back
  355. >”What’s wrong? I didn’t hurt you too much, did I?”
  356. >Trixie curled up, staring at the wall
  357. “I promised I’d call Starlight.”
  358. >”That’s okay. You can call her now. I’ll wait here.”
  359. “But… you and I…”
  360. >”What? Did she ever do that kinda thing for you?”
  361. “Well, no…”
  362. >”Then it’s fine. If she wanted this kind of sex with you, she’d do it.”
  363. “Right…”
  364. >”So call her. Make her happy.”
  365. >Cadance pressed herself up against Trixie, mashing her tits against Trixie’s bare back
  366. >”…and then we can go for Round Two…”
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