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  1. <14miniCruzer> [16:35:06] <[KonArtist]> Malicious is the one that glined me from NixtrixIRC earlier
  2. <14miniCruzer> [16:35:11] <[KonArtist]> Then got a smartass attitude here about it
  3. <14miniCruzer> [16:35:19] <@Joah> Malicious is a retard
  4. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> lmao
  5. <14miniCruzer> I'm going to flip if Joah continues
  6. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> i didnt get any attitude i told him straight up that i was told to gline him by nixtrix that was all
  7. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> then that little cunt cole started talking shit
  8. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:12pm] <14Accused> No response from anyone
  9. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:12pm] <14Accused> Beau?
  10. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:12pm] <14Accused> Was that you considering your email was in all of the gline messages.
  11. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] *** Permanent G:Line added for * on Mon Apr 26 19:12:56 2010 GMT (from MaLiCiOuS! was told to keep you glined)
  12. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] Accused «» has Quit iRC (User has been permanently banned from NixtrixIRC (was told to keep you glined)11) 12«1144 people12»
  13. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <14Cole> Couldn't even let the man speak.
  14. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] Double45 «» has Quit iRC (Connection reset by peer11) 12«1143 people12»
  15. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <14Cole> Tsk tsk.
  16. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> nope
  17. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <14Cole> I wonder what they're afraid of.
  18. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> bitch to Nixtrix if you have a problem with it
  19. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:13pm] <14Cole> =\
  20. <14miniCruzer> nice
  21. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:14pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> yea right
  22. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:16pm] <10+Spychic> Cole, I assume that wasn't him?
  23. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:16pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> cole is talking to him now and just banned me from another chat
  24. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] Spychic sets mode: +v Cole
  25. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Spychic> Explain please.
  26. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> Cause you're being a douche.
  27. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> The dude didn't do it.
  28. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Spychic> What about the attack we just got?
  29. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> MaLiCiOuS: You KNOW how many flooders are on that server.
  30. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Spychic> Straight after he was glined?
  31. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Spychic> Was that him?
  32. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> He doesn't have a botnet to fucking flood.
  33. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> Lol
  34. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> He just had to tunnel through someone elses psybnc
  35. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <10+Cole> Cause he doesn't have a botnet
  36. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> COLE ITS NOT MY PROBLEM
  37. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:17pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> so fuck off
  38. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> MaLiCiOuS: You're gay. Shush
  39. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> Grownups are talking.
  40. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> !kb cole nigger
  41. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] *Freddo* Access denied.
  42. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> really?
  43. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> denied
  44. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> wow
  45. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> Oh, that was pretty good
  46. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> ;)
  47. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Whorey> :-)
  48. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> Spychic You can come back to icq btw.
  49. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> #elite is my channel
  50. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <10+Cole> You're alright.
  51. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] *** OperOverride -- MaLiCiOuS ( MODE #Chat +b *!*
  52. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] MaLiCiOuS sets mode: +b *!*
  53. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] *** OperOverride -- MaLiCiOuS ( KICK #Chat Cole (#chat die)
  54. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] * Cole was kicked by MaLiCiOuS (#chat die)
  55. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:18pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> asshole
  56. 00<04MaLiCiOuS> [3:19pm] <04+MaLiCiOuS> i almost just killed him
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