RP Idea 01

bojjenclon Jul 25th, 2012 13 Never
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  1. Indoril calmly drew the sword from his back. The energy blade shimmered as he tightened his grip on the handle. The soldiers opposite him held their guns up steadily. They knew the stories of the warriors who choose to follow the way of the sword. They knew the power these great men and women possessed. Suddenly the leader of the soldiers shouted, "Fire!" The soldiers began unloading their magazines on Indoril.
  3. Indoril smiled. This was the fight he'd been waiting for. He charged straight for the soldiers, deflecting their bullets with the broad side of his sword. The first soldier looked at him with horror filled eyes as Indoril delivered a quick blow to the foe's chest. Felling the first soldier, he moved onto the next, switching directions effortlessly.
  5. The leader of the soldiers couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Fall back," he ordered his men. The soldiers attempted to flee, but they all knew it was too late.
  7. Indoril finished off the foot-soldiers with ease. The leader and Indoril had a brief stare-off. Within a fraction of a second Indoril had his sword up against the leader's neck. "Please, I have a wife, kids. Don't... Don't do this to me," the leader pleaded through his sobs and convulsions.
  9. Indoril simply smirked and replied, "Tell that to the villagers who lost their homes due to your precious Crusade." With that he ended the man's life. The leader's head rolled to Indoril's feet. Indoril, unaffected by the carnage, calmly sheathed his sword and walked away from the scene. His work was done.
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