The Reason Why

Apr 14th, 2017
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  1. Please....
  3. Let me love your feet.
  5. I just can't help my gaze from falling whenever I see you barefoot. I can't help but admire their delicate beauty as you walk, your soles pressing into the ground, your toes spreading slightly as your weight shifts.
  7. Even walking at your heels I just swell with joy as your soles rise from the ground, flashing brief glimpses of their smooth wrinkliness.
  9. If you're wearing shoes then my mind wanders, envisioning your feet beneath and how comfy they must be in their confines. I still desire to set them free as they rightly deserve.
  11. Even those small intimate moments, sitting on the couch watching TV, your feet in my lap. It's enough to light a thousand flames below. I'll always take your feet in my hands when you present them so willingly, and maybe, if I'm feeling bold, I'll lift your foot up and plant a kiss in my favourite spot, the ball of your foot, my nose nestling right under your toes.
  13. Or maybe even give each cute little toe it's own kiss, hoping so desperately that they wiggle one by one, maybe an acknowledgement of my love.
  15. But there's noting more intimate than seeing the soles of your pretty feet as you lie down on the bed, your legs up and presented to me, welcoming any and all attention. It's almost too easy to get aroused as my hands softly touch and caress your smooth skin, lightly at first, taking glee as it tickles in places, smiling at your giggles of sensitive delight.
  17. My lips really can't wait much longer once those soft delights are in my hands and holding back is hard. I always start off with a kiss, right in the highest part of your arches, just letting my lips brush so gently, then I smile at your knowing grin, so infectious and cute.
  19. My kisses travel north, up the ball of your foot, my nose pressing between your big and second toes, breathing softly, taking in your natural scent, that delightful earthiness that can only come from the connection your soles have with the earth below.
  21. My thumbs press into your soles as my tongue licks up your second toe, my favourite toe, and then my lips wrap so tight around it, sucking so gently, running slowly up and down to its base, then back up to the tip.
  23. You taste so good when you're clean, but sometimes I do enjoy a little of the day's hard work, just that slight saltiness that blooms on my tongue.
  25. Even after I'm done loving your feet I can still taste you dancing in my mouth as I lie next to you, our breathing the only thing left filling the room.
  27. I love your feet because they are the most important physical part of you. They allow you to stand tall, and take you where you need to go. And I will follow, jealous of the ground you step upon. Of course that envy always fades as once I have you again, your legs up, soles naked and keen before me.
  29. But sometimes I hold back. Even with those pretty feet in my face I have to push the desire away and focus on your other parts. I don't want you to think I'm over obsessed with your feet and unable to please you in other ways.
  31. But still the desire is strong. It's like trying to douse a bonfire with a single glass of water and the water only adds kindling to the flame, burning brighter, burning hotter, and burning perpetually.
  33. Now do you understand my love for your feet? Its not a love I chose, and not a love I expected welcoming of. But your acceptance has only made me love you and your feet more.
  35. So, please, my love.
  37. Let me love your feet, from your heels to your toes...
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