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  1. I was banned back in august, for 5 whole years. Due to the fact that I was bringing one of your paid admins wrong doings to everyones attention. BiGG. He banned me for 5 years, along with 4-5 other users for that amount of time as well. All I did was post what he did in a forum thread, which was wrong, yes. But 5 years is a little crazy if you ask me, then after he banned me, he made jokes of it calling it the "bigglecaust". What he did was wrong, and something someone of his stature should not be doing. He was e-dating one of your ESEA users (Missy) and they were really close, he decided to ask her out. She declined and he freaked out, stole her steam account, posted fake nudes of her on gotfrag using a random alias, and even went as far as putting her personal information (address, phone numbers, moms name, moms phone numbers) on 4chan, a site known for internet harassment. I must say, he did this very well seeing as how there was no proof of him doing this since he did it anonymously using different aliases. Then he banned her from ESEA, all I did was tried bringing what he did to everyones attention, since it was wrong. I know I should have done this a different way, but at the time I thought that was the best way. He is a high ranked admin, and is looked up to by many. His actions reflect on the entire ESEA community. All I am asking you to do is look into the situation, many of the ESEA users don't even know what happened due to the fact that he banned all the people that knew about it for 5 years, then deleted all the posts trying to hide the evidence. I find it funny how his ESEA tattoo photo got released (I knew who did it, it was not me) and he told me "Find out who leaked the photo and I'll reduce your 5 year ban" I told him, and he took 3 months off.. Then later added those 3 months back on. Thats a little wrong, for an admin to "hire" a banned user to find information out about his personal life and rat someone out for a reduced ban. Basically what I am doing is asking for forgiveness, I have tried apologizing for what I have done, and I am sincere when I do it. I just want to play counter-strike in a pug with people that have an I.Q higher than a mcdonalds apple pie. I have even tried contacting you and I finally got your e-mail address so I thought I'd take some time out of my day to send you an e-mail. I really hope you take what I have said into consideration and look into this whole deal. If not, then so be it. At least I tried. I'd also really appreciate it if you could maybe unban me, I know that would mean I'd be on thin ice, and I am letting you know I would not screw up anymore ever again. I am a long time subscriber to premium, even have a 6 month subscription on my ESEA account right now, that is banned for 5 years....
  4. Well, here is my ESEA account, I hope you can do something to fix this mess I have gotten myself in, I have already tried. It seems impossible. By the way, if you're wondering, I will not be cancelling my premium subscription, I don't know why. I'm just not going to.
  8. This is my ESEA account.  http://esea.net/users/202687
  12. I hope everything works out good.
  16. Thank you for your time Craig.
  21. - Corey.
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