Trojan Squad Info #2

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  1. The term 'Trojan' as applied to CIT means to creator that no matter what the situation, what the odds or what the conditions, the competition must be carried on to the end and those who strive must give all they have and never be weary in doing so.
  3.                                              • Strive for Greatness
  4.  •
  6. ⦿ Announcements will be on discord channel, also promotion system,vacation system,squad events,dj system and more cool stuff:
  8.  ➣ Our Vision:
  10. ° Our vision for the Trojans is to unify and amplify the existing squad in the CIT Community. We want to act as a centralized hub for all those who want to enjoy his playtime.
  12.  ➣ What we do:
  14. ° Our organization is not included in the list of *Law/Crime*. Trojans are focing to spend a good time in this community, we got variety of members but also events which you can find out below. We are facing squads that are bigger and better equipped, yet we handle such of cases patiently, cleverly.
  16.  ➣ General Regulations:
  18. 0.1 | Obey to Community Rules.
  19. 0.2 | Respect all mates regardless of superiority or inferiority.
  20. 0.3 | Do not develop problems, keep personal issues out otherwise it may lead you out.
  21. 0.4 | Obey orders given by older soldier, doesn't matter if he is older than you just for a day.
  22. 0.5 | Do not ask for unfair advantages.
  23. 0.6 | Be flexible about  gathering times.
  24. 0.7 | Keep an open,mature mind.
  25. 0.8 | Do not leak important squad information to anyone outside of Trojans.
  27.  ➣ Event Regulations:
  29. 1.0 | At least 3 squad members are needed for an official event.
  30. 1.1 | Do not post an event with invalid screenshots.
  31. 1.2 | Soldier 0.3 and above ranked members are able to start an official squad event.
  33.  ➣ Regulations for Generalship:
  35. - Do not give order to soldiers who are not in the same side as you.
  36. - Do not act bossy around, you are only supposed to perform your duty.
  37. - Do not take any actions of the generalship or the squad without discussing with all of the management team.
  39.  ➣  Suggestions:
  41. You can suggest anything related to our squad by sending a PM to a general explaining it with detail and if the general thinks it's good, management will talk about it in their next meeting.
  43.  ➣  Squad Bank:
  45. Money are always used for shaders and skins or every other squad's need, management try to use them as soon as we have enough for this purpose they put lots from their own money to
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