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May 19th, 2016
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  2. bindset value of current bind set
  3. build_candidateDiscNumber forge candidate disc number
  4. build_candidateName forge candidate build name
  5. build_discLayoutName forge disc layout build name
  6. com_allowRefreshOnPrint 0 = never force a render frame during a console print
  7. com_breakableDialogBoxOnPCFatalError Whether to pop up a dialog box that allows breaking into the debugger for fatal errors - PC only.
  8. com_capturePath optional outpath for screenshots, this path is appended to screeenshots/
  9. com_captureSamples set to number of samples for screenshots
  10. com_captureTGA format for capture screenshots, 0 = JPG, 1 = TGA
  11. com_CrashOnFatal if enabled we will crash on a fatal rather than throwing an exception
  12. com_drawThreadSpeeds 1 = dynamic draw, 2 = static draw, 3 = dynamic draw until stall
  13. com_exitProcessOnError Exits the process on a com_error.
  14. com_frameStampPrints print frame number on each console print
  15. com_gameMode determines asset load pattern and runtime behaviour for production builds only, 0 - ALL, 1 - SP, 2 - MP, 3 - SNAP, 4 - SHELL, 5 - MOD
  16. com_hidePrintWarnings Disables showing Warnings from calls to PrintWarnings() (called during initialization)
  17. com_hitchThresholdMS sets com_drawThreadSpeeds to 2 if a frame takes longer than this time in milliseconds
  18. com_memStampPrints print total memory usage on each console print
  19. com_printFilter print only if the filter is present in the print message.
  20. com_restarted let us know the command line was a relaunch.
  21. com_safemode deletes the video.cfg & rageConfig.cfg and reverts video settings to game default
  22. com_screenshotMode 1 = allow dof overrides using the shell_dof_* cvars
  23. com_showCameraPosition Shows the camera's position and rotation.
  24. com_showConsumerPerfMetrics shows consumer friendly performance metrics
  25. com_showFPS show frames rendered per second, 3 == retail version of show FPS
  26. com_showMemoryUsage show memory usage. 1 = always, 2 = only with com_showFPS. 3 = only show usage of currently active heap.
  27. com_showReminders whether to show development reminders
  28. com_skipGameRenderView skip generating the GUIs
  29. com_skipInputRouting
  30. com_skipIntroVideo skips the intro video
  31. com_skipKeyPressOnLoadScreens skips keypress on load screens
  32. com_skipSignInManager
  33. com_structuredLogFileName File name relative to the save path for the human readable structured log
  34. com_threadSpeedScale Time to screen scale
  35. com_timer replaces FPS with a seconds counter, set to -1 to start, set to 0 to turn off
  36. com_timeStampPrints print time with each console print, 1 = sec, 2 = msec, 3 = actual time
  37. com_warningSeverityFilter print only if the severity of a warning is greater than threshold
  38. con_cpuUtilizationFrequency The number of times per second to query CPU utilization. Higher frequencies make the numbers less accurate.
  39. con_fontSize Use con_fontName at this many pixels wide per char
  40. con_logThreadSpeeds log the thread speeds for offline graphing
  41. con_noPrint print on the console but not onscreen when console is pulled up
  42. con_notifyTime time messages are displayed onscreen when console is pulled up
  43. con_speed speed at which the console moves up and down
  44. fs_basepath (Read Only) Location for game files
  45. fs_cachepath (Read/Write) Location for temporary files
  46. fs_debug
  47. fs_savepath (Read/Write) Location for development storage files, overwrites the default savegame path as well for the PC
  48. g_fov camera field of view
  49. hydra_useMatchTelemetry 1 = use match telemetry
  50. in_anglespeedkey angle change scale when holding down _speed button
  51. in_controlInactiveWindow allow joystick input to control game instances that don't have win focus
  52. in_invertLook inverts the look controls so the forward looks up (flight controls)
  53. in_joystick enables joystick input
  54. in_joystickRumble enables joystick rumble
  55. in_mouse enable mouse input
  56. in_pitchspeed pitch change speed when holding down look _lookUp or _lookDown button
  57. in_requireGameWindowActive true - input will be cleared when game window loses focus, false - input present when window lost focus will repeat
  58. in_unlockMouseInMenus If true, the mouse cursor can move outside the game window while in menus.
  59. in_yawspeed yaw change speed when holding down _left or _right button
  60. jobs_drawDebugGUI 0 = off, 1 = dynamic stats, 2 = umbra only
  61. jobs_numThreads The number of threads used to crunch through jobs. if -1, use the maximum number of hyperthreads, minus one for main.
  62. joy_circleToSquare Convert view input from circle to square to prevent diag slowdown.
  63. joy_circleToSquarePower Power exponent for the circle to square lerp
  64. joy_dampenLook Do not allow full acceleration on look
  65. joy_deadZone specifies how large the dead-zone is on the joystick
  66. joy_deltaPerMSLook Max amount to be added on look per MS
  67. joy_edgeAccelerationAcceleration Max turn acceleration when edge acceleration is active
  68. joy_edgeAccelerationScalar Percentage of max turn rate to add when edge acceleration is active (0.0 does nothing; 1.0 doubles turn speed)
  69. joy_edgeAccelerationThreshold Percentage of joystick deflection needed before edge acceleration kicks in
  70. joy_gammaLook use a log curve instead of a power curve for movement
  71. joy_mergedDeadZoneAngle If joy_mergedThreshold is enabled, this value is used as an angular dead zone
  72. joy_mergedThreshold If the thresholds aren't merged, you drift more off center
  73. joy_pitchSpeed pitch speed when pressing left or right on the joystick
  74. joy_powerScale Raise joystick values to this power
  75. joy_range allow full range to be mapped to a smaller offset
  76. joy_smoothingAcceleration Max turn acceleration
  77. joy_smoothingEnabled Enable look smoothing
  78. joy_smoothingSensitivityScalar Additional joystick sensitivity scalar when smoothing is enabled
  79. joy_triggerThreshold how far the joystick triggers have to be pressed before they register as down
  80. joy_useGameDeltaTime Use game delta time instead of immediate system queried delta time
  81. joy_yawSpeed yaw speed when pressing left or right on the joystick
  82. logFile 1 = buffer log, 2 = flush after each print
  83. logFileName name of log file, if empty, qconsole.log will be used
  84. logFilePathType 0 = FSPATH_SAVE, 1 = FSPATH_BASE
  85. logFilePersistent If the qconsole log should persist between launches
  86. m_pitch mouse pitch scale
  87. m_sensitivity mouse view sensitivity
  88. m_showMouseRate shows mouse movement
  89. m_smooth number of samples blended for mouse viewing
  90. m_smoothing enable mouse smoothing
  91. m_yaw mouse yaw scale
  92. menu_advanced_AllowAllSettings Whether we allow all settings to be picked for testing purposes
  93. menu_snapDemo if set will hide non-Snap menu options
  94. net_ignoreLobbyFilters
  95. net_voiceDevice Which audio device to use for voice output (listVoiceDevices to list, -1 for default)
  96. r_antialiasing 0 = Disabled, 1 = FXAA, 2 = SMAA, 3 = TAA (1TX), 4 = FXAA (1TX), 5 = SMAA (1TX), 6 = TSSAA (8TX), 7 = TSSAA (2X_8TX),
  97. 8 = TSSAA (4X_8TX), 9 = TSSAA (8X_8TX) 10 = MSAA (2X), 11 = MSAA (4X), 12 = MSAA (8X). Enables Anti-Aliasing modes
  98. r_displayRefresh optional display refresh rate option for vid mode
  99. r_dof 0 = Disabled, 1 = Enabled, 2 == force
  100. r_fullscreen 0 = windowed, 1 = full screen
  101. r_hdrShutterSpeed Set camera shutter speed. Default = 10 (1/10th of a second)
  102. r_imageAtlasMaxAniso Max aniso for atlas textures.
  103. r_initialModeHeight Default Vertical Resolution on first start ever - Only gets used if r_mode = -2
  104. r_initialModeWidth Default Horizontal Resolution on first start ever - Only gets used if r_mode = -2
  105. r_initialMonitor -1 = auto detect default monitor, >= 0 specific monitor index used to initialize the render system
  106. r_mode Select the resolution and monitor to use in fullscreen mode (hit TAB to view available modes)
  107. r_multiSamples number of anti-aliasing samples (0 = no multi-sampled FBO)
  108. r_physicalPagesAspectRatio Set to change the aspect ratio of physical pages for the uniquemap.
  109. r_showPIDInTitle 1 = show process ID in window title. 0 = don't.
  110. r_swapInterval Changes vsync settings. 0 = off, 1 = vsync 60Hz, -1 = swap-tear 60Hz
  111. r_useGPUTimer Use the GL_ext_timer_query extension
  112. r_vmtrPhysicalPagesAspectRatio Set to change the aspect ratio of physical pages for the vmtr.
  113. r_windowHeight window height when running in a window
  114. r_windowPosX window X position when running in a window
  115. r_windowPosY window Y position when running in a window
  116. r_windowWidth window width when running in a window
  117. resource_usePersistHeap set to use the play heap
  118. rs_enable Enable dynamic resolution scaling, 0 - off, 1 - horz only, 2 - vert only, 3 - both (horz first, then vert)
  119. savegame_ignoreUnverified Ignore unverified files
  120. saveGame_verbose debug spam
  121. shell_showMigrationDialog Should show the migration dialogue when migrating.
  122. ss_debugAction command for the superscirpt AI utility: select, idle, move, moveto, cleargoal, kill, killfriend, restart, remove, find, run,
  123. saveplayerpos, restoreplayerpos, show, hide, showthreat, showactiveai, showtargets
  124. sys_japanRegion uses to store if we are using japanese or not so we don't have to do a string compare
  125. sys_lang
  126. sys_langJapanese uses to store if we are using japanese or not so we don't have to do a string compare when rendering text
  127. sys_langPlatform the actual language code supplied by the system at load time. Useful in a few platform-specific cases.
  128. sys_langPolish uses to store if we are using polish or not so we don't have to do a string compare when rendering text
  129. sys_localization if 1, strings and vo can live outside a retail package
  130. vt_containers Set to enable loading from containers
  131. vt_feedbackHighWater More than this percentage of pages needed this frame and we consider ourselves oversubscribed.
  132. vt_feedbackLodBias Additional floating point bias for feedback LOD
  133. vt_feedbackLODIncrement Base increment value for adjusting dynamic LOD bias.
  134. vt_feedbackLowWater Less than this percentage of pages needed this frame and we consider ourselves undersubscribed.
  135. vt_filePath Path for the virtual texture
  136. vt_filePathVmtrOverride Optionally get vmtr files from a different source than vt_filePath
  137. vt_filter filter physical images, 0 = off, 1 = bilinear, 2 = trilinear
  138. vt_genMissingPages Gen a page in memory for pages that don't exist on disk.
  139. vt_loadMegaTexture2 Allow loading of the new megatexture file format.
  140. vt_lodBias Additional floating point bias for virtual texture page tables
  141. vt_logPageWrites write out log file entries when virtual texture pages are created and written
  142. vt_maxAniso Floating point max ansio for physical textures.
  143. vt_maxLockedPagesPercent Amount of physical page pool to lock in percent; -1 = use default, [0..100] = use that percentage
  144. vt_maxPageFileLod Set the coarsest mip that can be accessed by the pagefile.
  145. vt_maxPhysicalPRTPages Maximum number of resident PRT pages.
  146. vt_maxPPF maximum number of transcoded pages per frame
  147. vt_minLockedVmtrLOD Lock from coarsest LOD down to this LOD level in the vmtr physical page pool; -1 = use max percent only,
  148. [0..10] = lock from coarsest(11) down to this mip LOD
  149. vt_minLod Set the finest mip that can be accessed.
  150. vt_minMipLevelInstalled minimum mip level installed on the hard disk (2 = all mips except finest two installed, 16 = no mips installed)
  151. vt_nopreload
  152. vt_noSeekCacheLines number of cache lines we can skip without seeking
  153. vt_packPageFiles Use the virtual texture file name without any suffixes
  154. vt_pageBorderAdjust Debug adjustment of a page's mapping about it's center
  155. vt_pageFadeInSteps
  156. vt_pageImageSizeUnique Dimensions of the physical page images. vt_restart after changing this.
  157. vt_pageImageSizeVmtr Dimensions of the physical page images. vt_restart after changing this.
  158. vt_pageImageSizeVmtrUnique Dimensions of the physical page images.
  159. vt_productionFilePath path appended for virtual textures in production builds
  160. vt_recordStats record virtual texture system statistics to the given file name
  161. vt_showExplicitPages Report the number of explicit pages each frame.
  162. vt_showFeedbackAnalysis Report all the unique pages visible
  163. vt_showFeedbackBuffer visualize the feedback buffer
  164. vt_showFeedbackStreaming Display the feedback pages as they are streamed in
  165. vt_showLockedPages Colorize locked pages
  166. vt_showPageBorders Shows the page borders
  167. vt_showPageColors use a random color for each page
  168. vt_showPageInfo Shows page info: source #, layout #, compression, mono/color specular
  169. vt_showPageLoads Print each page that is loaded
  170. vt_showPageMips Colorize pages by virtual mip level, if > 1, only color pages beyond that level-1
  171. vt_showPageNumbers Draw page numbers
  172. vt_showPageSizes Draw page sizes (1 = show size in bytes, 2 = color green to red from small to large)
  173. vt_showPageSources Shades vmtr and unique pages differently
  174. vt_showPageUsage color each page from red to green based on the percentage of the page texels that are actually visible
  175. vt_showStats show virtual texture system statistics
  176. vt_singleStep single step through the transcode process
  177. vt_skipExplicitPageFeedback don't append explicit pages from gui surfaces.
  178. vt_skipPhysicalTextureUploads
  179. vt_skipStreaming Skip streaming but still transcode and update the page tables
  180. vt_skipTranscode Skip transcoding (but don't skip reading)
  181. vt_skipUpdatePageImages Skip updating page table and physical images on the PC (but still read/transcode)
  182. vt_stopOnWriteErrors error out when encountering write errors
  183. vt_uncompressedPhysicalImages Use uncompressed physical page images. vt_restart after changing this.
  184. vt_useAnalyzeJobs 0 = off, 1 = threaded, 2 = threaded, multiple sequential jobs
  185. vt_useIntroVmtrPageFiles Loads the intro vmtr list for storing pages in the first quadrant.
  186. vt_useMinLodTexture Use a min-LOD texture to gradually adjust the LOD when new texture pages become resident
  187. vt_usePageFileCache Use the pageFileCache for all reads
  188. vt_usePageMinLodJobs 0 = off, 1 = threaded
  189. vt_usePageSortJobs 0 = off, 1 = threaded
  190. vt_usePageTablePBOs use the PBOs for page table updates on the PC
  191. vt_useTranscodeJobs 0 = off, 1 = threaded
  192. vt_useUnsynchronizedPageTablePBOs use unsynchronized PBOs for page table updates on the PC
  193. vt_useVmtrPageFiles Enable or disable reading and writing to the vmtr page files.
  194. vt_virtualSizeLog2 Log2 of the virtualTexture dimensions for general texture allocation. Must be set on the command line.
  195. weapon_QuickFlipDeadzone Dead zone Weapon quick flip switching
  196. weapon_QuickFlipEnable 0 = Disable QuickFlip 1 = Enable QuickFlip
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