XXXChatters-#playthings-12-30-18 // Orest.-RollingThun.-Jen

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  1. 06[12-31-18 00:34] * Orestes shifts in his seat, thinking about it.
  2. 06[12-31-18 00:35] * ~fuckbunny grins and bites at her lip as she watches Orestes squirming a bit
  3. 04[12-31-18 00:37] * Orestes grins over at fuckbunny, nodding his head as he looks her up and down, motioning her to come over.
  4. [12-31-18 00:38] <RollingThunder> We could start one now
  5. [12-31-18 00:38] <RollingThunder> Hehe
  6. 06[12-31-18 00:40] * ~fuckbunny blushing some, she starts padding over to Orestes, only wearing her tiny little panties and tight tanktop like usual, she grins and slips down to start crawling when she gets close enough, hiking that round butt up into the air to tease him more as she nuzzles her cheek in along his thigh now, gazing up to him
  7. 04[12-31-18 00:44] * Orestes grins at the sexy little fuckbunny as she sautners over, eyes wandering over those sexy curves. "Glad you came dressed for the occasion." He growls low in his throat as he watches her drop down, crawling the rest of the way over. He reaches down, running his figners through her hair as she nuzzles against his thigh, digits sliding easily through the warm brown locks. He winks down
  8. 06[12-31-18 00:44] * Orestes at her, thinking he might motion her up on the couch nxt to him, but instead he stands up, moving in behind her. He reaches down, wrapping an arm around her waist and picking her up, tossing her bodily onto the couch in her usual position, ass perked up in the air, face up against the back cushions. He claps a hand down on her ass, running it over the smooth curve of her bottom. With a deft
  9. 06[12-31-18 00:44] * Orestes motion, he hooks his fingers under the hem of those panties, then with a sharp jerk, rips them off her, exposing her to the room. "There we go. Love that sweet little ass of yours, girl."
  10. 04[12-31-18 00:45] * RollingThunder eyes are locked onto fuckbunny in that outfit she wears quite well, her cute butt lifted up getting a nice view of it from where he sits as she gets closer to Orestes stretching out a bit in his seat, biting his lip feeling a bit turned on as she’s handled roughly and seeing those panties ripped from her body...his hand slowly making its way to rub the bulge that’s formed under his shorts
  11. 06[12-31-18 00:49] * ~fuckbunny grinning and blushing more, still chewing that lip and she purrrs at how Orestes looks her over, both of them knowing it's quite late at this point, she whimpers and gets a little shiver when she hears that growl as she crawls in, purrring at those fingers petting through her silky brown hair, doe eyes gazing up to him, she smirks at that wink, then she giggles at
  12. 06[12-31-18 00:49] * ~fuckbunny how he stands up suddenly, gasping when she's easily tossed up onto the couch, and she squirms her round bottom up into air, biting into her lip again as she nuzzles into the cushions, deeply arching, her tiny panties quickly ripped off of her and she gasps again, more giggling and now shaking her butt at Orestes teasingly. she blushes as she knows at least one is
  13. 06[12-31-18 00:49] * ~fuckbunny watching, making her purr more
  14. 04[12-31-18 00:53] * Orestes tosses the panties aside, not wasting any time as he undoes his own pants. He pushes them down, letting them fall to the floor then kicks them aside. He moves in behind that sexy little fuckbunny and gives that upturned ass another smack. He presses in closer, grinding his cock against those upturned buttcheeks, letting his thickness slip between those round globes. He groans softly
  15. 06[12-31-18 00:53] * Orestes as he claps his hands on her hips, squeezing those cheeks together, pumping, thrusting, stroking between them. With another grunt, he draws his cock down between those toned thighs, dragging the length against her puffy bald mound. He hisses softly as he grinds along her cleft, feeling her heat, her wetness coating the top of his shaft. He pulls back, the head of his cock getting pressed
  16. 06[12-31-18 00:53] * Orestes up against that tight little entrance of hers, sinking in just a bit. With another quick movement, he jerks his hips forward, spearing his cock into her, burying that thick length in her completely. He groans out as he feels her inner walls clenching on him, heavy balls pressed tight up against her as he bottoms out in her.
  17. 03[12-31-18 00:53] * NakedButler ( has joined #playthings
  18. 07[12-31-18 00:53] * NakedButler ( has left #playthings
  19. 04[12-31-18 00:54] * RollingThunder hopes fuckbunny gets a glimpse of him watch her get manhandled by the strong man, his eyes locked on her petite form, the view of her ass shaking making him groan knowing how wonderful she must be, his hand now slowly reaching for his cock, feeling it throb a bit in his hand as all of this is obviously turning him on seeing her get taken from behind, pulling out his dick he begins to stroke it, fighting back a moan
  20. 06[12-31-18 00:57] * ~fuckbunny whimpering eagerly when she hears those pants being undone behind her, making her grin again as she peeks back up to Orestes, a soft gasp as he slaps that hand onto her firm buttcheek, more little needy whimpers when she squirms round warm bottom all up against that hard thick cockshaft. dancing those perky cheeks along the length of him and moaning softly when he
  21. 06[12-31-18 00:57] * ~fuckbunny groans and she feels big hands on those curvy hips, pawing her plush cheeks in together so he can more easily get his fat dick caressed between them.. shivering by the time he nudges that cockshaft but her toned thighs over her messy wetness, warm puffy kissed on that cock now, gasping her pleasure when he pops that thick cockhead through her wet pink hole, then she
  22. 06[12-31-18 00:57] * ~fuckbunny cries out when he ruts forward and packs all of that dick into her tiny body, leaving her trembling and impaled on his thick length, she loves the way he groans as he feels those warm pink inner walls quivering over each swollen inch of him. purrring softly as she feels RollingThunder's eyes too.
  23. 06[12-31-18 01:01] * Orestes groans, loving the feel of that hot, wet pussy wrapped around him, grinding into her, hips pressed flush up against that perfectly rounded bottom of hers, a shudder passing through him as he feels those muscles of hers caressing on his length. He pulls his hips back, then drives forward hard, burying his length in her once more. He lets out a satisfied grunt at the sound of his hips
  24. 06[12-31-18 01:01] * Orestes slapping against her ass, grinning at the sight of those cheeks jiggling under the impact. He pulls back again, then slams forward, impaling her on his length, feeling his entire body tense as he drives into her once more. "Mmm, fuck that pussy feels good, girl." He starts moving now, hips pistoning as he picks up his pace, fucking into her, driving that length in deep. He starts pumping
  25. 06[12-31-18 01:01] * Orestes into her, slowly, but steadily at first, drawing his length out of her, then slamming the entire thing back in, filling her completely, grinding in deep each time he presses into her, holding it there for a few moments, savoring the feel of that hotness before pulling back again.
  26. 04[12-31-18 01:02] * RollingThunder stands and moves to a spot where fuckbunny can get a glimpse of him, making sure she knows that he’s watching, retaking a nearby seat, his shorts gone now as his hand grips and strokes his thick cock, feeling it grow harder and thicker from the arousal of the girl getting taken from behind, watching her small form get destroyed by Orestes’ cock, loving the sounds she makes as she’s fucked, making him more aroused as
  27. 06[12-31-18 01:02] * RollingThunder the sounds fill his ears
  28. 06[12-31-18 01:05] * ~fuckbunny blushing deeper when she hears that groan, and she loves the way Orestes greedily grinds up against those firm round buttcheeks, she always enjoys feeling a strong waist all pushed up against her plush bottom. whining some as she feels that shudder up against her frame, more little quivers in that greedy warm pussy, she gasps out when he draws back, that tight grip
  29. 06[12-31-18 01:05] * ~fuckbunny clinging messily over each thick inch then she whimpers as he drives back in, more little eager whimpers when he starts pumping at her pussy now, blushing at what he says, feeling her rounded cheeks jiggling, wobbling off of each thrust, she grins back up to him now, though her features twist up a bit in her pleasure, blushing deeper, gasping out when he buries in
  30. 06[12-31-18 01:05] * ~fuckbunny deep and just pins his hips up against her butt, more squirming, sometimes wiggling her hips just to jiggle those buttcheeks against Orestes' waist, her toned thighs tensing up in her pleasure, body arching deeper, getting pinned into the backcushion of the couch more, braced against it.. she bites on her lip hard as her eyes drift over to RollingThunder stroking h
  31. 06[12-31-18 01:05] * ~fuckbunny is swollen dick, already starting to coat Orestes' cockshaft with her messy white cream
  32. 04[12-31-18 01:07] * Darius can't stop staring at the way Orestes slams into fuckbunny's tight hole, her whimpers and little gasps causing his thick cock to tense and throb, those tight clapping sounds and her slick, shivering, perfect body driving him insane as he stares on, loving the show, his hand sliding across his built cock, stroking slowly and staring at the way fuckbunny gets manhandled and beaten full of dick
  33. 03[12-31-18 01:09] * Athaldo ( has joined #playthings
  34. 06[12-31-18 01:09] * Athaldo quietly slips in to see what's going on.
  35. 01[12-31-18 01:11] <~fuckbunny> (Welcome Athaldo ;p)
  36. 04[12-31-18 01:11] * Orestes clamps his hands on fuckbunny's waist now, holding her in place for what's to come. He draws his hips back again, slamming forward once more, burying that length in her. Before she can get comfortable, he pulls back, slamming in rapidly, picking up his pace. He starts fucking her hard and fast, driving that lenght in as deeply as he can with each stroke. He picks up his pace, hips
  37. 06[12-31-18 01:11] * Orestes moving rapid-fire, clapping off that perfect little upturned ass on each stroke, those cheeks getting pillowed up his hips, bouncing and jiggling each time he smacks off them. He grunts as he feels his heavy balls bouncing off her, knowing that sweet little pussy of hers needs a good filling. He can feel his pulse quicken each time he slams into her, taking her roughly from behind. His grip
  38. 06[12-31-18 01:11] * Orestes tightens on her involuntarily, the sight, feel, and scent of her driving him wild. He rams into her again, grinding that thick length in, taking a moment to put a foot up on the couch for leverage. He quickly starts moving again, trying to fuck into her even harder, if that was possible. Another feral grunt escapes his lips as he pounds her, pulse racing, feeling her pushing him closer to
  39. 06[12-31-18 01:11] * Orestes the edge with each hard thrust.
  40. 04[12-31-18 01:12] * RollingThunder continues to groan from the pleasure he gives himself watching fuckbunny get fucked properly, the sexy girl looking so hot as she’s drilled with that hard cock, finally he sees her lock eyes with him, showing off how hard his cock is to her, letting her know she did this to him as the sight of her is such a turn on, knowing her pussy must be a mess from being fucked so good, thinking of that is a turn on in itself, his
  41. 06[12-31-18 01:12] * RollingThunder ideas of stuffing her mouth getting louder in his head as his cock gets thicker, precum oozing from the slit biting his lip as he watches so intently
  42. 03[12-31-18 01:12] * BlackStallion (BlackStall@6CDE10FA.80CC0F4D.67B4528C.IP) has joined #playthings
  43. [12-31-18 01:13] <BlackStallion> Hello again everyone
  44. 06[12-31-18 01:13] * Athaldo waves to BlackStallion, his eyes focused towards the action.
  45. 06[12-31-18 01:14] * BlackStallion smiles to Athaldo, trying to see the action going on
  46. 06[12-31-18 01:14] * Darius grins at Athaldo and BlackStallion, nodding hello as he stares on at the scorching fucksession
  47. 06[12-31-18 01:16] * ~fuckbunny purrrs again, feeling big hands pawing onto her curvy little waist, holding her in that saucy arch as her rounded cheeks get slapped lewdly off of his waist, messy wet clapping sounds now, her cries pouring out past her pouty lips, making a creamy messy over Orestes' cockshaft, her blush deepening when she feels more sets of eyes on her now, little whimpers now as
  48. 06[12-31-18 01:16] * ~fuckbunny she gets pounded out hard and fast, feeling Orestes just beating his fat cock into her tiny body, plush cheeks bouncing and jiggling firmly, big balls slapping up between her thighs more, purrrring at how he reacts to the scent of her and the tight grip coiling babout his cockshaft, gasping out when he starts ramming into her body from behind again, that quivering
  49. 06[12-31-18 01:16] * ~fuckbunny wet grip pulling on his cock, as always trying to twist off a messy nut, she purrrs as she already thinks about it; wondering if he'll bust it off deep into her little body or make a mess on her sunkissed flesh.
  50. 03[12-31-18 01:19] * Jagged_Circle (Jagged_Cir@6E7F3142.F1D9BB0B.E0C81D8B.IP) has joined #playthings
  51. 04[12-31-18 01:19] * BlackStallion takes a bottle of beer in the bar and sips his drinks while his eyes never leaving fuckbunny in the hot action, watching her every expression as Orestes slamming his hard dick into her
  52. 06[12-31-18 01:21] * Orestes growls low in his throat as he keeps pounding that hot little cunt from behind, those cheeks of hers bouncing nicely with his rhythm as he hammers his length into her over and over again. He keeps pushing, practically having to force his cock past her tightness now, the heat and pressure on his length driving him right up to the edge. He can feel that tension rising in his body,
  53. 06[12-31-18 01:21] * Orestes his heavy balls full for her, bouncing roughly off her each time he jams his length into her. He rears back, roaring loudly as his orgasm finally over takes him. He slams his hips forward, burying his fat cock in her as he explodes, sending hot ropes of his sticky cum jetting into her core. He pulls his hands back, clamping them on that perfect ass of hers, fingers digging deep into that
  54. 06[12-31-18 01:21] * Orestes supple flesh as he unloads in her. Another groan, another shudder rips through his body as he busts in her, draining his balls into that sexy little thing, pumping that hot little pussy of hers full of cum.
  55. 06[12-31-18 01:22] * BlackStallion raises his glass in appreciation
  56. 04[12-31-18 01:23] * RollingThunder feels his body shaking a bit from the pleasure he gives himself, watching fuckbunny get fucked so hard , thinking that’s the way she enjoyed being fucked, trying not to set himself over the edge he slows down his pace, not letting his eyes lock off of her sexy well fucked body watching the girl get her reward, being filled with thick white cum.....mmmmmm fuckkk that’s hot....
  57. 04[12-31-18 01:25] * BlackStallion runs his zipper down, the hot messy sight making his cock growing under his restraining pants, fishing out his hardening je black manhood out through the zipper hole to free it from its constrain, his eyes ever fixed to fuckbunny slick and sweaty shaped body
  58. 06[12-31-18 01:25] * ~fuckbunny blushing more when she hears that growl as Orestes pounds harshly into her little body, bent and arched deeply into the couch with her round bottom getting clapped firmly off of his waist off of each of those powerful thrusts, she purrrrrrrs as she feels him swelling up, getting closer and closer, that tight wet grip trying to milk him dry.. she whimpers eagerly w
  59. 06[12-31-18 01:25] * ~fuckbunny hen she hears that roar and feels that warm cum spraying into her body, she loves the way he packs his hips back in tight against her buttcheeks and she feels that cock twitching and spraying in her tiny grip, moaning when he slaps those hands onto her cheeks and digs in, she likes the shuddering the most as he unloads in her, filling her up with that warm cum that
  60. 06[12-31-18 01:25] * ~fuckbunny splashes out across her pink inner walls, she blushes more when she starts to tremble with her own orgasm, toned thighs shaking weakly, her body shuddering all over and her little toes curly up as her already tight grip spasms and constricts more. her eyes drifting over to RollingThunder again, she grins when she notices his cock all swollen up and seemingly quite
  61. 06[12-31-18 01:25] * ~fuckbunny close, wiggling her hips against Orestes again as she purrrs.
  62. 02[12-31-18 01:26] * Xyn ( Quit (Quit: You cannot yet imagine, how you will dance for me, but you will dance forever to the tune that I decree.)
  63. [12-31-18 01:27] <BlackStallion> Now that's the holiday spirit! Cheers ;)
  64. 06[12-31-18 01:31] * Orestes grunts, grinding his thickness into her once more, another shudder passing through his body. He gives her another hard pump, hips bouncing off her ass one last time before he buries himself in her again. He clamps his hands on her hips, pulling her backward, dragging her off the couch, making that cute little face of hers a target for RollingThunder. He nods over at the other man,
  65. 06[12-31-18 01:31] * Orestes "Come on, man. Spray that pretty face of hers." He grunts, starting to pump her again, holding her in place, reaming that pussy out steadily as she waits for another creamy load. He gives that ass of hers a swat, enjoying the site of that cummy messy leaking around his shaft as he pumps her. He grunts, hips moving slower, but still steadily, muscles tense as he feels those muscles squeeze
  66. 06[12-31-18 01:31] * Orestes along his now hyper-sensitive cock, breathing heavily as he somehow manages to keep moving, sweat glistening on his toned, well-muscled body.
  67. 04[12-31-18 01:35] * RollingThunder watches fuckbunny get dragged off of the couch and over toward him by Orestes his hand pumping his cock as he hears his words...nodding and standing quickly, making his cock aim straight for the pretty girl’s face, giving him the perfect target for his thick load that’s been aching to be released watching her continue to be fucked before closing his eyes as the pleasure takes over his body, his cum shooting from his
  68. 06[12-31-18 01:35] * RollingThunder cock, spraying her pretty face with load after load of his cum.....”mmmmm fuckkk yessss, take my cummmmm”
  69. 13[12-31-18 01:38] * Drew [] has left IRC
  70. 06[12-31-18 01:39] * ~fuckbunny trembling more as Orestes grinds into her, she whimpers at how she gets her buttcheeks clapped off that strong waist one more time before being filled up and left impaled on that thick cock, jsut whimpering at how he drags her off of the couch and she grins and blushes when he offers her up to RollingThunder, her eyes finding that swollen cock he's been storking
  71. 06[12-31-18 01:39] * ~fuckbunny again.. gasping out as Orestes starts pounding at her pussy again, little toes still all curled up, thighs tensed up in her bliss, dribbling Orestes' nut out around that thick cockshaft, feeling it running down her thighs, swooning in her bliss, blushing deeper at how RollingThunder stands right up, she makes sure to close her eyes and she gasps out when she starts
  72. 06[12-31-18 01:39] * ~fuckbunny feeling those thick white sprays of cum splashing out across her blushy little cheeks, her tongue slipping out over her lips, letting her taste some of that cummy mess that dribbles down over her cheeks and lips, whimpering when she cums again, thighs shaking, barely able to hold herself up so it's a good thing Orestes is, a wet splash of her nectars that makes a
  73. 06[12-31-18 01:39] * ~fuckbunny mess over Orestes' balls and thighs
  74. 04[12-31-18 01:43] * RollingThunder opens his eyes as he feels his orgasm subside, looking at fuckbunny with his cum covered all over her face, her tongue tasting his cum as it dribbled onto her lips, taking the head of his cock he smears the cum from his cockhead over her lips, making her taste more of his white seed, seeing her sexy body cum again from being fucked from behind so hard
  75. 06[12-31-18 01:43] * Orestes grunts as he sees that pretty face of hers get blasted with cum, the sight making him tense up again. He starts pumping her harder, pounding into her once more, the clenching of her pussy driving him wild once more, the overstimulation making it easy for him to reach his peak again. He starts rutting into her hard from behind, hips clapping off that perfect ass once more, grunting
  76. 06[12-31-18 01:43] * Orestes with each push, slamming his entire length into her each time his hips shove forward. A few more moments, the rapid fire smack-smack-smack of his hips meeting her ass ringing in his ears, knowing he's about to bust again. He can feel her little hole clamp down on him once more as she cums a second time, that sensation all he needs to push him over the edge. He starts pulling back juts as
  77. 06[12-31-18 01:43] * Orestes he explodes, sending another hot, thick spurt into that pussy just as he slips out of her. He grunts at the wet pop his cock makes as it slips out of her, thick cum spraying from the tip and splashing all over that upturned ass of hers. He groans out as the second orgasm washes through him, reaching down, stroking that hard length, milking the last of his cum onto her. With another grunt,
  78. 06[12-31-18 01:43] * Orestes he slaps his cock against her ass, smearing his cum all over those perfect cheeks.
  79. 06[12-31-18 01:47] * ~fuckbunny blushing hotly as she feels the heated cum on her face, purrring when she feels that swollen crown being brushed over her pouty soft lips, she gasps out when Orestes starts pounding up against her bottom again, making those soft round cheeks bounce and jiggle even more now, making her pant, her face twisting up and she chews her lip and lifts her big eyes up to
  80. 06[12-31-18 01:47] * ~fuckbunny RollingThunder, her cummy face blushing more heatedly as she gets pounded on again.. that spasming, orgasming tight grip seemingly trying to twist another nut out of Orestes and she gasps out when she feels him losing it, warm thick sprays of cum gushing out across her inner walls again, she whimpers eagerly when he pulls that dick out of her and it makes such a
  81. 06[12-31-18 01:47] * ~fuckbunny messy dirty sound, grinning some as she peeks back now, shaking her rounded bottom teasingly while warm white sprays of cum land on her soft cheeks.. loving the way he groans while he cums like that, she giggles a bit as she feels that thick cock slapping against her cumsplashed buttcheeks and starts dancing against it, rubbing at it so she can feel it throbbing and
  82. 06[12-31-18 01:47] * ~fuckbunny twitching.
  83. [12-31-18 01:48] <RollingThunder> Mmmmmm we just covered her in cum, so fucking good
  84. 04[12-31-18 01:48] <BlackStallion> Hmmm.. you look so hot with all that cum covering your face, jennifer...
  85. 01[12-31-18 01:49] <~fuckbunny> I do need to be going ;)
  86. 01[12-31-18 01:49] <~fuckbunny> See you guys later ;x
  87. 04[12-31-18 01:49] * Orestes grunts as he grips fuckbunny's hips, pulling her back against him, pressing his thickness between those cheeks again. He groans softly as he comes down, slowly rubbing his length up and down between those bouncy cheeks. "Hmmm... I think this is where all this got started." He chuckles, grinding in against her slowly and steadily, enjoying the feel of those soft cheeks wrapped around
  88. 06[12-31-18 01:49] * Orestes his length, grinning as she pushes herself back against him.
  89. 04[12-31-18 01:49] <Orestes> Night, jen.  ;)
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