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Teen Confronts @NancyPelosi on #NSA

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May 31st, 2014
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  1. WASHINGTON, D.C. — 16-year-old Andrew Demeter of Cleveland, Ohio does not yet have his driver's license, but he has
  2. managed to confront arguably the most influential politician in the nation: Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi. Demeter was
  3. in D.C. this past month (April 27-29) for his award-winning entry "We The People, Genetically-Modified?" in C-SPAN's
  4. annual and national "StudentCam" documentary competition.
  6. Originally scheduled to shake the hands of both Senator Harry Reid and Speaker of the House John Boehner (in lieu of
  7. Leader Pelosi), Demeter purchased online a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution as a gift and token for Reid, as
  8. the Democrat had recently and controversially labeled Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and his supporters (who had protested
  9. federal agents reclaiming the alleged government farmland) "domestic terrorists" for, what Demeter says, "was simply an
  10. exercise of free speech".
  12. Much to his dismay, Demeter and the other top four winners of StudentCam were rescheduled to meet and greet Minority
  13. Leader Pelosi in the early afternoon of April 29. "I didn't want this opportunity to go to waste," Demeter remembers,
  14. "even if it required stepping outside my comfort zone."
  16. "Washington, D.C. is flipped upside-down, inside-out," the teen theorizes, "You have to remove your belt, shoes, and
  17. jacket before entering the Capitol because you're supposedly a criminal; guilty until proven innocent. Truth be told,
  18. the real criminals conspire against the American public from inside the Capitol itself." An outspoken critic of
  19. "unconstitutional" security measures at airport and government properties alike, Demeter highlights, "After emptying my
  20. pockets and walking through a metal detector, a security agent questioned me as I looped on my belt with one hand and
  21. held what would've been my present for Reid in the other, 'What is that?' she asked. 'The Constitution,' I replied. How
  22. ironic."
  24. The youth activist then anxiously stood with Leader Pelosi's rushed legislative assistant while the remaining StudentCam
  25. contestants were granted security clearance. Demeter visualizes, "The group of a dozen or so of us [parents and C-SPAN
  26. employees included] ran down a series of corridors until we arrived at the door of Pelosi's office."
  28. Pelosi eventually arrived, welcoming each entrant with a handshake and, in the words of Demeter, a "superficial" smile.
  29. "As Donald [De Alwis] was speaking with Pelosi about his film on water pollution," Demeter says, "I slid my phone out of
  30. my suit pocket and began recording. Only once I posed my question to Pelosi did I overtly display my phone and capture
  31. her reaction of pure confusion."
  33. As audible in the clip of Demeter's confrontation, he asks the Democratic Leader, "Why do you support the NSA's
  34. [National Security Agency] illegal and ubiquitous data collection?". Pelosi, visibly shocked and stumbling with her
  35. words, seemingly evades Demeter's question and proceeds to diffuse responsibility of NSA programs from the democratic
  36. Obama Administration to the republican Bush Administration. Demeter believes, "It is, at minimum, hypocritical and, at
  37. maximum, disillusionment with the two-party system for Pelosi to support the NSA's bulk data collection and yet still
  38. criticize its precursor: the post-9/11 Patriot Act."
  40. Despite the attempt of one of Pelosi's legislative aides to cut him off mid-sentence, Demeter continues, "I asked,
  41. 'Isn't the NSA a violation of the Fourth Amendment?'. So quickly, almost instinctively, she [Pelosi] said 'No'." Demeter
  42. attributes this detachment from the Supreme Law of the Land to Pelosi's "hyper-inflated ego" and explains, "She thinks
  43. and talks as though she is above the law, above the Constitution. I understand why, though. When I was eating breakfast
  44. one morning during the trip -- at The Liaison Capitol Hill Hotel, coincidentally two blocks from the Capitol -- I went
  45. to pour myself a glass of water from a pitcher on the table, but -- before I could -- the waiter ran from across the
  46. restaurant to the table, grabbed the pitcher from my hands, and poured the water for me. I was almost offended,
  47. actually."
  49. Though, Demeter says he learned more after the encounter with Pelosi than he did during.
  51. "Immediately after leaving the Capitol, a certain, to-be-unnamed entity from C-SPAN -- who had witnessed firsthand the
  52. exchange of dialogue between Pelosi and myself -- remarked, 'I saw you recording with your phone. Were you planning on
  53. posting that to YouTube?'. Unknowing at the time that my phone had only recorded the first half of the confrontation --
  54. and then stopped filming due to insufficient storage space -- I tersely responded, 'Why does it matter?'." Demeter was
  55. then shocked by the answer he was given. "The individual said something like, 'We wouldn't want to damage C-SPAN's
  56. relationship with Leader Pelosi and/or her office.'"
  58. Following a lunch at Union Station spent desperately attempting to recover from his phone the full-length clip of his
  59. hard-hitting question to Pelosi, Demeter walked a few blocks back to C-SPAN (where he had been interviewed the day
  60. before) before flying home to Cleveland. "When the elevator dinged at the third floor -- C-SPAN's floor --," Demeter
  61. reminisces with a subtle grin, "the doors opened, my father and I walked out, and we were spontaneously welcomed with
  62. the warm smile and firm handshake of Brian Lamb, the founder of C-SPAN." According to Demeter, Lamb had already received
  63. news of the journalistic feat from one of his employees, subsequently congratulating and encouraging Demeter; a response
  64. much unlike the employee who had earlier questioned Demeter's motives.
  66. But, "the plot thickens," Demeter claims.
  68. "I returned home very late Tuesday night, but I wouldn't unpack -- or sleep, for that matter -- until I e-mailed C-SPAN.
  69. My footage may have been compromised, but C-SPAN's wasn't," Demeter chuckles. "After tactfully writing an e-mail to a C-
  70. SPAN employee to respectfully request footage of the Pelosi confrontation, I went to bed. The following afternoon, I
  71. received a reply…but not from the C-SPAN employee I had e-mailed and, instead, from the very entity who had virtually
  72. intimidated me into not posting online the footage of Pelosi humiliating herself." E-mail traffic between Demeter and
  73. the anonymous C-SPAN employee reveals the following:
  75. DEMETER: Could you please send me the contact info of the cameraman who filmed the b-roll shots during our trip to the
  76. Capitol?
  78. C-SPAN: <REDACTED> is the gentleman who recorded the event, and I have copied him on this email. I will relay however
  79. that our agreement for the meet and greet with House Dem. Leader Pelosi was for photographs and b-roll only (no audio
  80. recording). While <REDACTED> did have a mic attached to his camera, per our agreement, the audio would not be able to be
  81. used. It was an omission on my part not to relay that to you...
  83. DEMETER: With all due respect, I would view C-SPAN's unwillingness to kindly provide me the aforementioned clip as a
  84. conflict of the network's philosophy of neutrality and unbiasedness. StudentCam, after all, emphasized the cruciality of
  85. broadcasting both sides of the story and not censoring one side or any other in order to fit a particular agenda. 
  87. C-SPAN: I’ll be happy to provide you with the video, but -- just to clarify -- my concern did not stem from any bias.
  89. "Persistence is sacrosanct," Demeter reinforces. As for the video itself, the politically-active teen concludes, "After
  90. viewing the clip for the first time, my mother said, 'I hope you live to be eighteen.'". The aspiring
  91. reporter/journalist, still optimistic, advises Americans, "If I -- a shy, socially inept high-school student -- can
  92. expose on a global scale the paradox that is politics, by asking nothing more than a question, then so too can you."
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