May 31st, 2014
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  1. “Uhm, let's start, shall we?”
  3. Hatate starts her interview after she gets your permission. You ask Sanae to answer for you though, so you won't waste your time writing for the interview.
  5. “So, I heard from another person that this man actually knows how stuff from the outside actually works. Not only that, he's willing to fix them. For what motive, may I ask?”
  7. “Well, Nobu?”
  9. Pfft, first question, and you already have to write an answer for her. Your motive is simple, to make sure people know how to properly use objects from the outside world. Hmm... Maybe you should add the background story along with the answer, how the kids threw a solid object at your head, and how they thought that object was a ball...
  11. “Miss Himekaidou, could you ask me the next question while waiting for his answer?”
  13. “Ah, sure!” Hatate turns to Sanae. “I thought he lost his memory, how could he be able to remember how those items work, or the knowledge to fix them?”
  15. “Those memories don't stay lost forever, he regained them again over time. One of those memories is that his father owns an electronics shop. Along with those memories he regained his abilities to fix stuff.”
  17. “'Electronics shop?' What's that?”
  19. “It's a type of shop on the outside that sells parts like circuits, cables, tools... Sometimes those shops are also able to fix broken stuff for a price. Although Nobu doesn't charge for that.”
  21. And... Done. You give your writing board full of your story to the paparazzi. She quickly types it into her cellphone.
  23. “Uh huh... Okay, we're done!”
  25. “That's fast.”
  27. “I interviewed other people first, so I already got most of the materials needed for the news. I don't want to waste our time too long anyway, I need to type those materials into an article,” She bows to you and Sanae. “Thanks for your cooperation!”
  29. Hatate flies away. Fuh... Went better than you thought. You look around, most of the kids are gone now, probably gone home. There's still Mio and Hiroshi who's playing his console, and some adults who're watching them.
  31. “Hiroshi!” A woman walks through the crowd and walks to the console owner. “What are you doing here?”
  33. “Mom!” He bows when he sees her.. “I'm playing with my friend here.”
  35. “What is that thing?”
  37. “It's my toy mom! I told you mister outsider will fix it.”
  39. “Well...” She only looks to the screen slightly, probably confused with the thing. “That's... Good... Have you thanked him for fixing the toy?”
  41. “Yes mom!”
  43. “Well, it'll be dark soon, you have to go home now.”
  45. “But mom, we're-”
  47. “No excuses, you don't want to be caught by a scary youkai, do you?”
  49. “I'll exterminate those youkai!”
  51. “Hiroshi, that's only a game. You need more than playing that game to be able to exterminate real youkai,” Sanae pats his shoulder. “Listen to your mother, okay?”
  53. He slowly nods, and tries to carry the tv-console. Welp, he's still a young boy, you need to help hi- nevermind. Sanae quickly helps Hiroshi hold the console before he drops it.
  55. “I apologize that my son troubles you, Lady.”
  57. “He's a good boy, don't worry!” Sanae turns to you. “Nobu, I'll go carry the console to his home, you go escort Mio back to her brother. We'll meet again in this place, okay?”
  59. Oh, right. You look to the sky: It'll be dark soon. Welp, you need to get hurry before she gets into trouble. You grab Mio and put her on your shoulder, then start running like a rabid dog.
  61. “Be careful Nobu!”
  63. ---
  65. Huff... Huff... Finally you arrive on the rice shop... You put Mio down and catch your breath. Breathe... Breathe...
  67. “Brother!”
  69. She runs and hugs him.
  71. “Welcome back Mio. You seems to have fun today.”
  73. “Yes! We're going to Miss Kamishirasawa's school, then-”
  75. “Sssttt, remember, don't tell pa that I let you go earlier today, or we'll be in trouble. Understand?”
  77. She slowly nods. You bow to them as farewell and walks back to the school.
  79. “Thank you for your patronage!”
  81. ----
  83. You finally go home with Sanae. The red sky indicates that it'll be night soon. You hold the rice bag while Sanae carries you with the wind. You want to ask about what she did to you when you were fixing the tv-console and the calculator, but Suwako told you to hold that question for now.
  85. “Welcome home!” Suwako waves her right hand to you both. As soon as you land, the frog hops to her and poofs out of existance.
  87. “How's the discussion with the tengus?”
  89. “We'll talk about it over dinner.”
  91. “Something bad happened?”
  93. “Eh, not exactly bad, but... I'll tell you later, after you tell me and Kanako about your adventure today!” She pulls you by the hand inside the living room.
  95. “Lady Suwako, let me take a bath first-”
  97. “Do it later, I'm really hungry now! You should be even hungrier than me, since you were going around the village!”
  99. Well... It seems the both of you don't have much of a choice...
  101. ---
  103. “You told the villagers that you're the one who's fixing it?”
  105. “No Kanako, he didn't say who fixed the toy. They [i]think[/i] he is the one whose fixed the toy, and he just went along with it!”
  107. The blue-haired goddess stares while you chew your food.
  109. “...At least he didn't tell them that the kappa fixed the console.” Kanako keeps staring at you. “Anyway, do you realize that more villagers will come to you with devices from the outside to ask for repairs and how to operate them, now that they know how useful those devices are to their lives?”
  111. Well, if that means eliminating any stupidity like what Hiroshi and Mio did to their console before... Problem is, you can't fix [i]every single device[/i] that exists in the outside world. Also, you need resources if there are broken parts that's beyond repair.
  113. “I don't think that stuff will be accepted so easily,” Sanae gives her opinion. “People saw how hard it is to operate a simple thing like a calculator.”
  115. “When they see how easy it is to do tasks with devices from the outside, they will do anything to make those devices do their bidding. We'll step in once they realize that they need a power source to keep them working” She takes a deep breath. “Now, about that calculator owner, did you ask him what's his occupation?”
  117. “I don't know... Why do you ask?”
  119. “We will know if he will use the calculator or not from his job. If he's a merchant, he'll come back to us once the calculator's battery is out. If he's a village guard...” Kanako gives you a paper. “Anyway, here.”
  121. “What's that Lady Kanako?”
  123. “Letter from Lord Tenma. She specifically asked for you as a representative to discuss the bath house matter with her tomorrow, [i]again[/i].” She massages her own head. “Did she try to evade me or what?”
  125. “Well, if you treat her friendly instead of like a government official...”
  127. “Because she [i]is[/i] the government official...” Kanako sighs. “Anyway, this is a serious matter, so I thought I'd come along tomorrow, but Suwako said it would be a good idea if you discuss the matter with her since she's friendly to you, giving us an advantage in the discussion.”
  129. Uh... The Lord Tenma is really friendly, yes, but what about the great tengus?
  131. “If you are uncomfortable with their presence, you could ask the tengu Lord to make them leave, but as much as you don't like them, like me, remember that they are basically ministers of tengu. You'll breed more distrust between them and us if you kick them out from the discussion.”
  133. That's true... Well, fine, you'll talk to Lord Tenma and those great tengus. You need to apologize to her for ruining her book. Even though she doesn't think highly of it, it's still a gift from her... You read the letter again: She doesn't say that you have to come there alone. You could choose someone to accompany you in the talk.
  135. [] Come alone. She only specifies you in her letter. That should be enough of a signal for you to come alone.
  136. [] Kanako. She's probably the only one who has the stomach to deal with those great tengus properly.
  137. [] Suwako. She's the one who built the bath house, so she has to come with you too to speak with those great tengus.
  138. [] Sanae. You are comfortable with her acting as your mouth. Especially for speaking with the great tengus.
  140. Pick one.
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