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  1. [17:43:46] <Arae> BUT ANYWAY! And somehow, the giant parade of LOALOALOALOALOA did not deter them from boarding an invisible train! Hopefully Siyao doesn't mind that it's completely invisible, she was told that it's a very happy, nice train! Aside from how it tried to mind-control her, but that's because the train was lonely, and she should tell people to board it. But moving on, she pulls the
  2. [17:43:46] <Arae> phone out, do these things work...hit that button....then these--no that was the wrong one gotta start from the beginning...THERE! Ring ring ring! Callin a Rini!
  3. [17:44:34] <Rini> The phone answers after the first ring and... what's that sound?  Is that sobbing?  There's a pause of a second before an actual voice answers.  "Yeah?"
  4. [17:46:42] <Arae> "Long story short, I remember everything. Where are you? ...And how did your hunt for Caleb go?"
  5. [17:48:01] <Rini> "Oh."  There's one more sniff as... well you probably can't really hear it but the phone scrambles in her hands.  "OH!  Whoa, holy crap!  Aerie?  Uhh, well I... oh come on.  Of course I got 'im, what would you expect out of me?"
  6. [17:48:58] <Rini> "Anyway, we're in a Triad safe house, but we can meet up.  'Cause I know everything now too."
  7. [17:49:30] <castfromhp> CHIRIRIRIRIRIRIRIRI~
  8. [17:49:50] <Arae> "Also I nearly got mind-controlled by a train--the one I'm riding right now--and Addy vomited up a ton of statues and ghost stuff."
  9. [17:50:53] <Arae> "<Should note that> with those memories, I learned English too." <> IS NOW GOING TO BE USED BY GEN! "<More comfortable speaking like this, though.>"
  10. [17:51:22] <Rini> "Ohh, yeah," she makes some 'mm-hmm' noises over the phone, "Sounds about right.  Caleb lost his pants and got shot, and I linked with a supercomputer to steal data from it.  Kicked its ass, too."
  11. [17:52:16] <Rini> "<Do you want to?  English is a MUCH easier language.>"
  12. [17:53:47] <Arae> "...Well, if it's easier for you, I might as well speak English, then. Aaanyway, that sounds like the usual! It'd be nice if this wasn't the usual, but what can I do? It'll be the usual for the rest of my days anyway, so I might as well get used to it."
  13. [17:55:06] <Arae> "Anyway, I guess a safehouse would be a good place to put the kid and her bird, so we'll meet there, OK?"
  14. [17:55:12] <Rini> "Ahaha!"  The phone pauses.  "Shut up.  I'm not gonna listen to you talkin' like that, 'kay?  Let's... okay, I'll give you directions, let's meet up."
  15. [17:55:59] * Rini then proceeds to give directions. "You got Jingwei? Ooh, good, turns out we're gonna need her after all."
  16. [17:56:03] <castfromhp> (I'm a tad uncomfortable with this for the reason that Oxford isn't here to make the choice between going along and going to deliver stuff to the kids at the orphanage first tbh)
  17. [17:56:23] <Rini> (Yeah, I figured we were just doing the phone call now and then the meetup later)
  18. [17:56:31] <castfromhp> (I thought you'd keep it to phone call, or I guess just Arae going off alone to the safehouse)
  19. [17:56:40] <Rini> (so did I)
  20. [17:56:54] <Arae> (Funny where these things end up)
  21. [17:57:18] <Rini> (well we can just SUDDENLY COME TO A SCREECHING HALT and hope ford shows up in a few hours I guess)
  22. [17:57:52] <castfromhp> (Arae could easily go off on her own to the safehouse instead of bringing Siyao and Jingwei along?)
  23. [17:59:17] <Arae> "...Fine, I won't talk like that. Let's just focus on the good for the time I have left--sorry, did it again." Oop!
  24. [17:59:29] <Arae> (And I have no idea how I'd justify something like that, whoop)
  25. [18:00:44] * Rini sighs. "We'll talk about it. Kinda weird to do over the phone. Anyway, what's Addy's deal? She coming too?"
  26. [18:00:56] <Rini> (you could just SHOW UP and be like 'they'll be here later')
  27. [18:06:53] <castfromhp> (
  28. [18:07:02] <Rini> (^)
  29. [18:07:38] <castfromhp> (brb marathoning LoGH, ETA halfway to next shukupost)
  31. [18:07:55] <Rini> (you are the baddest bad in badland)
  32. [18:08:21] <Rainy> (I know that feel so hard)
  33. [18:08:46] <Arae> (COP
  34. [18:08:53] <Arae> (...dammit)
  35. [18:10:11] <Arae> " kinda busy keeping the ghost party that appeared in order. She was told to by what I guess is...a Loa spirit called Baron Samedi. His symbol appeared on her forehead, so it's most likely the case!"
  36. [18:10:30] <Rini> (... Of all names, you forgot BARON SAMEDI?  HOW DO YOU EVEN FORGET THAT)
  37. [18:10:43] <castfromhp> (You uh, could've PMed me to ask)
  38. [18:10:52] <Botherer> (SHAMEFUR DISPRAY.)
  39. [18:11:57] <Arae> (Well it was too late and I had already cut what I said away to paste it later for some reason, then copied the name, overwriting my message, and typed too far into complaining to use the undo function)
  40. [18:12:01] <Arae> (I HATE EVERYTHING)
  41. [18:12:44] <Rini> "Oh, she's just doin' her thing, then?  Well, that place sounds like it's pretty dangerous to be in, but if you all thing she knows what she's doing then okay.  We may all need to meet up later then.  Aaaanyway... lemme see where you're at. " Tap.  "... Huh.  Okay.  Just go (direction) from there and I'll meet you at (location), 'kay?  Close by where I'm at."
  42. [18:14:39] <Rini> "... We really need to talk though.  Keeping Siyao's friend safe is probably a good idea, but I can watch 'em wherever they go.  Would coming alone be too big a deal?"
  43. [18:17:42] <Arae> "...No, not at all. ...It's not a complete and total warzone over there, right?"
  44. [18:18:41] <Rini> "Over HERE?  Not really, it's calmed down.  Well... y'know, in comparison to what I heard it's like over THERE.  You can probably get by undetected."
  45. [18:18:56] <Rini> "Just go the directions I tell you to go."
  46. [18:19:49] <Arae> "Well, it's less of a warzone and more of a partyground now. Still probably worse than over where you are. But right, will do, see you then!"
  47. [18:20:01] * Rini proceeds to do just that, leading through a bunch of alleyways and other shady shit. She herself dashes out of the safehouse waving to Caleb and whispering something to one of the Triad members, and unless SOMEBODY wants to spend time on more phonewords, she's leaning boredly against a wall, twirling her hair.
  48. [18:20:32] <Botherer> ( She waved to a hobo sprawled out asleep on the floor? )
  49. [18:20:37] <Rini> (yes)
  50. [18:20:57] <Arae> (TAKING DOG OUT, BRB)
  51. [18:21:06] <Rini> (the dog is you)
  52. [18:25:35] <Arae> (I TOOK ME OUT TO GO POOP)
  53. [18:26:06] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Glad to know Shuku is housebroken)
  54. [18:28:11] <Arae> Nope, no one wants to spend more time on Shukuphone words. She does go through this likely very elaborate pathway, and ends up alone with Rini, after floating/walking/whatever here at top speed! "And here I am~"
  55. [18:30:45] * Rini stops leaning and flips the goggles back on top of her head, considering they were over her eyes, wearing a grin. She's wearing a BIG FLOWING white scarf in addition to the rest of her outfit, which is notable. "Hey."
  56. [18:31:14] <Rini> "So tell me all 'bout it, how'd it go?  How much didjya find out?"
  57. [18:36:53] <Arae> Nice scarf. "...Everything I knew before. My fate, why it's neccessary, why I'm a ghost in the first place, everything. I guess you know most of it already though, since you were talking with Zhang and all."
  58. [18:39:25] <Rini> "Mm."  Rini leans back against the wall again, giving a half-satisfied, half-frustrated grunt.  "That's not why I know.  I know because I'm a supergenius who knows everything, remember?  But well.... if you really know it all, and that 'fate' you're talkin' about, then."
  59. [18:39:53] * Rini kicks off the wall and walks up, getting close. Close enough to stare at the ghost-eyes unless she's still wearing shades. "Are you gonna do it?"
  60. [18:41:53] <Arae> Oh no, considering they make everything far too dark, she's not going to wear them if she's not out in the open. They're on her person, though. "Do I have a choice? It's either I do it, I force someone else to do it, or I fail to do it and the world ends."
  61. [18:42:09] <Rini> "..."
  62. [18:42:33] * Rini reels back a hand and brings it across Aerie's face without another word. Not HARD, mind you, but enough to where it'd leave a mark on a living person.
  63. [18:43:05] <Rini> "I really thought you'd be less STUPID than that.  Is that really how you think it works?"
  64. [18:45:15] <Arae> It'd be hard enough to bypass phasing! She's really less shocked that she was slapped by Rini than she ought to be. Considering she's pessimistic at Captain Optimism, she's not surprised at all! That and being a ghost makes getting slapped a lot less painful! "I-ah...well then tell me, how DOES it work? ...And how would you know that it works like that, for that matter?"
  65. [18:46:33] <Arae> "...And don't just leave it at 'supergenius', either."
  66. [18:48:10] <Rini> After a deep breath, she goes back to leaning and adjusts the goggles on her head.  "I know because I really do everything now.  At least, I know enough.  Everything was set up for you to do this by people who didn't think there was another way, sure, but that doesn't mean it IS the only way.  Every side's making the same assumptions about each other, here- to the point to where nobody's really the 'bad guys' at all, y'know?  But they're still pulling out everything they've got to stop each other."
  67. [18:49:20] <Rini> "What do you know about why you're doing this?  What's the REAL reason?  Because going from what I've heard, there's something I could add to that."
  68. [18:55:11] <Arae> "...Though the fact that the entire issue is somewhat related to me in the first place, the real reason is that I want the world to keep going. For everyone else's sake. I'm doing it because...I don't want anyone else I care about to do this. ...And I don't want to give it to a stranger, since even if they agreed, it likely wouldn't end up well."
  69. [18:55:59] <Rini> "Not what I mean.  I don't mean the emotional reason or whatever, I mean, what are you actually going to stop when you complete this thing?  And why?  Do you know about that?"
  70. [19:00:53] <Arae> "...You could have been more specific." Poutface. "...I do. The magical power of the world is being drained, thanks to an error my family made, and the ritual will fix the drains that they created. 'Demons' sounds weird to use, since I've been playing too much games, so I won't use that."
  71. [19:04:01] <Rini> "Ah-HA."  A wicked grin.  "Even supergenius as I am, I don't know EVERYTHING-everything... well, I didn't, anyway.  All that was totally clear was that the PRC knew the Triad fucked something up and they thought the world was ending.  So they decided to write their own way to 'end the world,' more-or-less, which pretty much amounts to draining the life from Hong Kong for the sake of magic and making it a worse hellhole than it's ever been.  Basically," she fiddles with the scarf.  "Everyone's pointing fingers.  That's all any of this conflict is."
  72. [19:06:02] <Rini> "What I'll tell you," she pauses midsentence to yawn and stretch, "is that every side's wrong.  Actually, I'm pretty positive you doing your thing WILL stop the world from ending, though exactly how I'm not sure on.  That doesn't mean it's the only way.  It's just the first one people thought of."
  73. [19:08:24] <Rini> "But," Rini stops leaning and walks up to poke the ghost in the nose this time.  Honk.  "You're not gonna give it away to anyone either.  I won't let you.  Got it?"
  74. [19:10:23] <Arae> " much as I'd like to say yes to that. You've explained all this, and how you know everything...but to be honest, I have absolutely no idea HOW you know everything."
  75. [19:11:43] <Rini> "I just do."  She shrugs, smugly.  "... Just kidding.  I say that because I put more effort into accessing information than other, lazier people do.  I have the infinite sea of the internet to get what I want, when I want."
  76. [19:12:03] <Rini> "So anybody could be as genius as me if they just wanted to, y'know?"
  77. [19:14:02] <Arae> The lack of reaction to the poke is a sign that she's still in NEGATIVE LAND. "...Come on. I'm being serious, here. I kinda hate being serious, know, all the answers to everything are likely not on the internet, just lying about."
  78. [19:14:35] <Arae> "...And while I'm questioning you, I might as well ask what those goggles are even for." She gives them a tap, much like Rini does.
  79. [19:16:06] <Rini> "You'd be surprised!"  By the way she hadn't moved her finger back yet, but does now.  It's more likely that it phased through than made Aerie's voice sound funny, but that's just fluff either way. "But... oh, you probably guessed already, these things are actually junk."  She pulls them off and shows them off before putting them back on top of her head.  "Really, they just look cool, but they don't actually do much by themselves besides make things look funky."
  80. [19:16:37] <Rini> "... But you're not gonna take that answer, huh?"
  81. [19:22:06] <Arae> "Nope, go on~"
  82. [19:24:58] * Rini grins in response before the looks straight up to the sky, and winks. Leaning back against the wall, she continues. "Okay then, I lied. Remember that time I told you about how I had knowledge? All bullshit. Doesn't mean I don't have knowledge, but it means the one who does is someone above me, in more ways than one. I can trust you by now not to go around spreading this, right?"
  83. [19:26:11] <Rini> "After all I know all your connections- I don't tell people because some may secretly be with the government and run off spreading it, that's all."  She folds her arms.  "And I know even if you WANTED to be a government spy you couldn't.  Well... that and, it actually doesn't MATTER to anyone else."
  84. [19:29:43] <Arae> "Last thing I need to be is a government spy." Nod nod. " basically have contact from someone 'above', that knows things that people shouldn't normally know?"
  85. [19:30:01] <Arae> Definitely a good thing Siyao isn't here.
  86. [19:31:42] <Rini> "Well, kinda, but... not really.  Look, lemme put it this way."  She pulls the goggles down and taps them.  "You know how the champion/vessel or whatever you wanna call it thing works, right?  Actually, it's a type of magic the PRC apparently likes to call a 'Paradigm Shift,' let's just call it that."
  87. [19:33:07] <Rini> "But what I MEAN is this system.  How I ran around telling people I didn't have any magic because I gave it away, but nobody ever asked about that.  Might just be me but I found it pretty weird that nobody was even curious."  She shrugs but segues it into a wink.  "Easier for me to keep secrets that way, so I sure didn't mind!"
  88. [19:39:42] <Arae> "...Ah, how I wish everything could be simpler. Sorry if I don't quite get things, just...really not fit for all this, and too much years spent not thinking about anything like this. gave your powers to...whatever you've been chatting with?"
  89. [19:42:12] <Rini> "Yep!"  She peels the goggles off and holds them off, holding a thumbs-up to the sky.  "These are actually an interfacing device, that can have magic used on them from afar to manipulate the displays and transmit data.  So I can see where people are and that sort of thing by looking at these, but they're not ACTUALLY magical themselves.  I don't have magic I use either.  Makes sense that I can be sneaky about it that way, huh?"
  90. [19:44:00] * Rini walks around and wraps the goggles around the ghost's head, sliding them down over their eyes. "Interfacing with the device can be done even if I'm not the one wearing them, but... you have to deal with text instead of the fancy treatment I get. But here y'go, Aerie- say hi to my friend Pastel."
  91. [19:44:39] <Arae> ...Goggles, get! Again! "...Um, hi?"
  92. [19:44:39] <Rini> "My be~st friend who's helped me out through everything."
  93. [19:45:28] <Rini> "... And a satellite system in orbit loaded with top-secret government info or something, but don't be biased, 'kay?"
  94. [19:48:02] <Rini> "... And a satellite system in orbit loaded with top-secret government info or something, but don't be biased, 'kay?"
  95. [19:50:05] <Arae> Arae appears shocked for a second, but then giggles a bit. Who knows, who knows~ Some listening to Rini and--"H-hey. Wait a second. You gave your a satellite system? I mean, I'm not biased unless it's a government satellite." And quieter. "...You aren't a government satellite, right?"
  96. [19:50:36] <castfromhp> (give me a second, this kinda caught me off guard)
  97. [19:50:41] <Rini> (SORRY)
  98. [19:50:51] <Rini> (you said you were watching because it was important so I figured that meant you expected this)
  99. [19:50:59] <Arae> "...Or did I hear things wrong? Not used to not being the only not crazy thing around!"
  100. [19:51:16] <Arae> (-not, the one next to crazy)
  101. [19:51:48] <Rini> "Does it really matter if that's true?  Or, well, if it WAS anyway, 'cause WE sure don't work for the government.  Any government.  This is my partner in hacking into their databases, after all."  Smug shrug.  Shmrug.
  102. [19:52:11] <castfromhp> (as in pause because there is a response coming to Arae that I want to deliver but it's taking me a little)
  103. [19:52:20] <Rini> (ohh)
  104. [19:52:29] <Rini> (... oh my god you are aren't you)
  105. [19:57:12] <Arae> (Waiting warmly~)
  106. [19:57:30] <Rini> (siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip)
  107. [20:02:46] <castfromhp> (but yeah feel free to carry on sorry)
  108. [20:02:59] <Rini> (gotta see aerie's reaction to this, these are always the best)
  109. [20:08:46] <Arae> Arae stares at what everyone here knows she's staring at. Towards the end of her staring, she simply cracks up. This fucking thing, man! It takes a while to compose herself, which is made quicker by being a ghost! "O-OK then, so...apparently, you know things, and I'm pretty sure you don't have any alligences at all, except with Rini, I guess! ...And against wingdings. So,
  110. [20:08:47] <Arae> serious time. With what Rini's been saying, you...know or can find out a way that would stop me from having to stop the world from ending? Some other way to stop those power drains?"
  111. [20:14:08] * Rini walks up for another nosepoke. "We're definitely gonna find out. But making EVERYONE happy in a conflict as beefy as this one sure isn't easy."
  112. [20:19:43] <Arae> "Bad font in general, then. But..." Hmm... "...well, I hope you guys figure it out fast. Since if there's no other solution that we actually know, I'm gonna work towards fixing it the way you don't want me to. Not gonna risk everyone's everything on a maybe. The way you were mentioning before, the PRC's plan about draining life for magic to just patch it up? I'm not sure if
  113. [20:19:43] <Arae> what I'm gonna say is just part of the finger pointing, but I remember hearing that it just wouldn't work. It'd either just feed the drains and not do anything or just not do anything."
  114. [20:20:34] <Arae> "I'd guess that the Triad would know that it'd be how that works, so I'd be inclined to believe them!"
  115. [20:21:22] <Arae> "...And...d-did you install emoticons on this thing? ...You should probably install other languages on it, too!"
  116. [20:23:30] * Rini grins and pries the goggles off. "Installing is hard to do when you're separated by a whole atmosphere. Then again... interfacing is too, I guess. Don't worry, we'll do something about it!"
  117. [20:25:15] <Rini> "The PRC seem like they're really banking on this thing, so I guess we're gonna have to screw them over, huh?"  She fastens the goggles back on her face.  "I already screwed them out of the Earth meridian and that was SUCH a rush.  Wouldn't mind doing it again."
  118. [20:27:37] * Rini flips the goggles down. "... Oh, you were just having too much fun there, huh. Maybe we can buy her a set of these things so you can talk more? That'd be fun," she says while tapping the sides of them and looking straight up.
  119. [20:29:07] <Arae> "At the least, we can't let them keep any of the meridians. Getting in their way would likely help though, since they're just wrong to begin with. Probably. If you can't find a solution in time, I'll need those meridians to do what I need to do. Optimism is a good first plan, but I'm not going without a backup!"
  120. [20:30:29] <Rini> "..."  Rini pauses to let out a sigh, but smiles.  "Y'know what?  As long as you don't actually go through with it, snagging the meridians just to keep those jerkfaces from holding onto 'em sounds like a plan.  I'll help.  But..."
  121. [20:32:01] <Rini> "I'll go ahead and tell you now, don't even THINK about that 'mission' of yours succeeding.  I may lie through my teeth most of the time but I'd never lie about how I'm positive everything's gonna turn out okay.  You'll get plenty of time to catch up with Zhang and your sister after all this is over, okay?  Trust me on that one."
  122. [20:34:04] <Arae> ...Hum. "...Alright, I won't. Just as long as we actually make that a focus, OK?"
  123. [20:36:36] <Rini> "Yeah.  I know how I want all this to go, just gotta make it happen.  And I know all about the meridians too- might not hurt to get the others back together first though, don'tcha think?  We can plan in that safe house.  Just.... one more thing, though.  Well, two."
  124. [20:37:29] <Arae> "Though if we succeed, don't forget that I'm gonna have to give this destiny away. The effects of that elixir are probably gonna go poof at...the end of the summer, I think, and then I'll die anyway. Next step would be passing the then useless destiny to someone that's dying anyway." Nod nod. "Won't be a ghost after that, but I'd...say that I'm just happy to be alive!"
  125. [20:37:49] <Arae> "But yeah, go on~" Arae's cheerfulness returns, somewhat!
  126. [20:38:41] <Rini> "... Really."  A horrified glance turns into a big grin.  "Don't worry, then, I think I can plan for that one too.  But as for right now..."
  127. [20:39:27] * Rini holds up a finger. "First, I really want you and Caleb to apologize to each other, but he's being a jerk. He did pretty much promise me, though, that he won't punch your face or anything and will stay out of your business so long as you don't give him a REASON to. You both're my friends and it really breaks my heart to see you not getting along, but a temporary truce works for now. So just leave him along and he'll do the same, 'kay?" She leans forward to whisper in addition, "I bet he secretly has the hots for you or something."
  128. [20:40:02] <Botherer> ( Noooope. Nopety nope nope. Nope. )
  129. [20:40:54] <Rini> And then, pulling back, she holds up a second finger.  Both of them are on the non-shot arm, by the by.  "Second... you're yourself again.  Zhang said he wanted to talk with you again once you were, so you might want to give him a ring."  She pauses to look up.  "Oh yeah, do it in Cantonese because his English is pretty funky.  Not ENOUGH to make him less cute, but kinda up there."
  130. [20:40:54] <Aori_Radidjiu> (Hey, Caleb's super kinky with his HANDS, Arae's super kinky with her COLD DEAD BODY)
  131. [20:41:01] <Rini> (you are such a freak)
  132. [20:41:04] <Aori_Radidjiu> (They're a match made in heaven!  Or hell.)
  133. [20:41:26] <Arae> (DUEL 1)
  134. [20:41:37] <Aori_Radidjiu> (LET'S ROCK)
  135. [20:42:29] <Rini> "Xiaohua too maybe.  That's up to you, you don't HAVE to or anything."  Rini grins a little more.  "Just make sure they know that you'll be back with them, no matter what.  So stop them if they end up trying to say their goodbyes."
  136. [20:49:17] <Arae> "I've been apologizing for a long time, now...but I'll keep doing it, I guess! As long as he won't punch me in the face, because if that happens that would be very bad. I'll trust that he won't, though!" She ignores the part about the hots COMPLETELY, as if pushing the very idea away. GHOSTS CAN'T BLUSH, so there's no way to tell if she is or isn't. "And...I'll give Zhang
  137. [20:49:18] <Arae> a ring. Still more used to Cantonese, so that's no big deal!"
  138. [20:52:16] <Rini> "Sure.  Well, it's this way, anyway- go on ahead, wouldjya?  Just tell them you're Triad when you get to a noodle shop, they'll let you in.  They may need proof, but apparently knowing Zhang is enough.  I'll catch up since I need to tell Siyao and Addy how to get in... oh yeah, Siyao's friend too.  Turns out she's important."
  139. [20:54:05] * Rini flips her phone out and goes back to leaning. "I really just wanna take a nap in a few. Probably the last nap I'll get for a while."
  140. [20:56:17] <Arae> "Alright, see ya~ And if you need sleep, I can make a good spot in some places, so just let me know when you're ready to turn in!" ONWARD! She will ride this wave of optimism for as long as it will take her.
  141. [20:57:43] <Rini> "Hehe, yeah, thanks.  Glad I can trust you."  She starts dialing as soon as her ghost friend vanishes, then lowers her volume a fuckton.
  142. [20:57:51] <Rini> "... And I really hope she trusts me."
  143. [20:57:58] <Rini> /REALTALK
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