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  1.         <div class="vote-section">
  2.             <h2>Vote For Us</h2>
  3.             <p>Please consider voting for the Cosmos using the links below! Not only does this benifit us massivly, but you also get rewards in-game.</p>
  4.             <div class="vote-container">
  5.                 <div class="vote">
  6.                     <h2>PlanetMinecraft.com</h2>
  7.                     <a href="https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/the-cosmos-4021290/vote/"><button class="vote-btn">Vote Now</button></a>
  8.                 </div>
  9.                 <div class="vote">
  10.                     <h2>MinecraftServers.org</h2>
  11.                     <a href="http://minecraftservers.org/vote/499163"><button class="vote-btn">Vote Now</button></a>
  12.                 </div>
  13.                 <div class="vote">
  14.                     <h2>TopG.org</h2>
  15.                     <a href="https://topg.org/Minecraft/in-491253"><button class="vote-btn">Vote Now</button></a>
  16.                 </div>
  17.                 <div class="vote">
  18.                     <h2>Minecraft-MP.com</h2>
  19.                     <a href="http://minecraft-mp.com/server/195565/vote/"><button class="vote-btn">Vote Now</button></a>
  20.                 </div>
  21.             </div>
  22.         </div>
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