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  1. So basically back in December one of my Aussie mates invited me to a "video game group" on facebook (to make it easy for you to understand). She posted on it and I replied and we started to play games together. It wasn't much at all in the beginning, it was just "hey wanna play", we played and thats it, like we wouldnt just call each other to talk if that makes sense. This is from December to Early Feb
  3. Early Feb is when I got back from holiday and I'm not sure exactly what happened but we started to call each other all the time, and im talking about hours and hours everyday ( like minimum 4 hours a day), at night we'll watch a show together and say goodnight to each other. She lives in Aus and Im in NZ.
  5. For me talking to someone everyday for that long is something I'm not used to, and it's only something I'd do if i was dating someone which I think is fair enough. The difference is, is that she's an egirl, and shes got like at least 5 other "eboys" that she talks to (doesnt call as much as we do, but she still has the attention that she wants). So in my eyes talking to someone for that long is super special to me, but in her scenario, its kinda not the biggest deal.
  7. I've gotten to know her a lot from these couple months. I've adopted her mannerisms and she's adopted mine. I know what she likes, the way she thinks etc. We have so much in common that we can just be ourselves around each other.
  9. Basically the last week things have changed a bit. We stopped saying good morning to each other when we would normally do that all the time. In my eyes, a change in routine like that is a big deal, but she said that she noticed it, but it wasn't a big deal because "text styles change all the time". It was really just odd to me and I felt kinda shit because I just know that shes just messaging some other "eboy" because she has that "fall back" or "plan b" kind of thing, which makes me feel not special at all even if we call all the time.
  10. She said that its because she started to meet new people and that its gone from "talking to me 99% of the time to 90%" < even though it feels more like 30% since we only really call at night now.
  12. Honestly I feel like I've invested so much of my time in someone since I'm not used to this talking to someone online shit, but for her this is just another week.
  13. I know that we're not dating, and probably never will since she doesn't want to "edate" and tbh, neither do I, but since I've put so much time in her everyday for the past 2 and a half months I can't not help but to think about her all the time. I've thrown up, lost my appetite, already lost nearly 2kgs in the past week, I feel anxious all the time, seeing her  online but not saying a single word to me for like 7 hours or whatever. (from what i'm used to etc.)
  16. Sorry for the long read. I'm still not sure what to do even though her and I have talked about it (and im still kind of confused as to what i should be doing).
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