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  1. PR L's: Both video he made today, his own + scumcast.
  3. No one said PS was a Dev, and "de facto" division, maybe he doesn't understand that. He doesn't even know how to quote who he is referring to because he creates straw men LOL.
  5. First like 10-15 mins of video here is summary:
  6. Wait, aw shit, PR claiming it isn't about a Box now, we all family, this what he says every day, where? Did I just get him to admit this shit on his channel?
  8. Now, its talking shit. When all these dudes do is talk shit about "Bots" and slamming part of the community the backpeddle is real. No wonder RYAN and his Ponie Cheerleaders want to defend him constantly. Now its not about the console war? SMH. Boy they shook. No wonder yall aint trying to debate me on the facts you look silly already.
  10. He says "a lot of people" who are these people? What is he saying that people said is wrong? Just like carlos and these constant posts where they make claims but never tell you what they are talking about. They rely on strawmen and deflecting. If that dont work, we just talk over you, cut you off, ingore what you said, avoid the question, play semenatics, resort to logical fallacy as an out.
  12. He talking about Gaikai is "servers", LOL, they are a software/application and not a hardware solution provider. This dude doesn't even know what he is talking about no wonder he lost. He doesn't understand that they are not interchangeable in the ways he is using them in his "explanation" if that's what you call it because he already admitted and has shown he has no idea what GaiKai is or what it does or the services it provided or what he is talking about ACTUALLY, then said IT DIDNT MATTER. I literally explained on Scumcast what GaiKai does and the services they provide. This was literally my favorite part of both podcasts, because it show how over his head he is trying to talk about technology that he doesnt evn KNOW WHAT IT DOES EXACTLY OR HOW ITS USED BUT WANTS TO DEBATE ABOUT IT? Interesting. When he realize he was wrong....  
  14. He hung up on the fact that because it was the two heads the companies that it makes a difference. Just playing semantical hopscotch twisting and turning his words to say w/e doesn't make him wrong. Like he usually does with everything. He likes to constantly create straw men, reframe the argument, deflect with red herring and tangents,  He is a master of jumping from one logical fallacy to another to support his argument.
  16. I will give him a little credit he sees that MS is trying to use Sony as its entertainment entry partner.
  18. Misinfo 1: If none of this is new? Why he always slamming MS when PS using so many MS services, tools, and products? Ofc MS want EVERYONE A MS CUSTOMER/PARTNER. He doesn't understand how MS is in control when Sony is the customer? Is that a serious question or is he trolling? Who has been a customer and thinks this is remotely true? The scale is not relevant to a customer/provider relationship. Since when is the customer in control if the provider chooses they want to end the service, can't provide it anymore, etc logically? Tell that to a provider who has denied you service or ended your service regardless if you wanted them to or not. You have little control as customers. You're only power is to shop elsewhere.  Which also requires a change and migration cost. These are his arguments? I can't even. Sony can only control like he said WHAT THEY ARE PAYING FOR WHICH IS A DROP IN BUCKET. Tencent is an example of this. they are 10 times the size of Sony and a gaming developer and they are an MS customer. He both said that the size of MS didn't matter when it came company to company "apple to oranges", then tried to turn around and use that exact argument of PS game division vs Xbox game division and I'm the one who took an L? Ok. Keep up your delusions.
  20. - He saying now (and claims he been saying it well what episodes so we can go listen, I posted mine, funny he don't bring these video up tho). what I said a year ago. He literally basically repeated what I said a year ago, just in his own words.
  22. Misinfo 2 Fails: Sony released that news in 2014, bought Gaikai in 2012. So basically they are saying they "failed" and have now gone to MS for more robust services because of the complaints and issues with PSNOW. (even he COMPLAINS ABOUT PSNOW CONSTANTLY). They wouldn't have bought Gaikia without that intention, but they DIDINT HAVE THE INFRASTRUCTURE in hardware/server infrastructure side of the cloud. THEY CAME TO A HARD REALIZATION. GUESS WHAT THEY HAD TO BEND THE KNEE TO ONE OF THE BIG THREE, CLOUD PROVIDERS AND BE THEIR CUSTOMER INSTEAD OF BUILDING THEIR OWN or was left in the dust for this "any device, anywhere, cloud dream". There is a reason it cant be what it wants and achieve its goals. That is that it lacks the infrastructure it would actually take. No one is saying it will be right now but will be soon in future (~5 years like I said around a year ago 4 now), even if doesn't really change anything and is how they still get you to buy into their brand even when they are "partners" and should be competing.
  24. Key information Fails - Its not meant to be a REPLACEMENT, BUT A SERVICE/OPTION/APP. Not all apps allow you to do everything the same way, it can be based on where you use it right? This isnt confined to games. PSNOW = GAMEPASS diff brands same service idea. Then he asks "What's the point of service? Isn't this what people have said about almost everything like GamePass and PSNOW, etc?
  26. He even says he doesn't think PS NOW is a good service. HE LITERALLY SAID HE RATHER HAVE SONY INVEST IN the NETWORK AND Muliplayer, etc,  the exact features he goes on to describe are cloud features, and doesnt even realize they are the SAME THING: . This is exact what they are doing with MS and this partnership on cloud, the bended the knee because they had to. They thought with the acquisition of GaiKai that they could do it software only but soon realized they needed top-down tech. I think this is becuase of the Epic/Cloudgine/MS situation. 5G enables pure streaming applications so throw their bandwidth arguments out window. This isn't up for debate period in the tech community.
  28. Who said they would offer it for free?
  30. - he says games are harder to translate across languages, than music, when music is inherently based off what language you speak and a game can be created that has nothing to do with what language you speak? How does this statement make any logical sense? Music is not easier to develop for a GLOBAL AUDIENCE DUE TO LANGUAGE BARRIER, GAMES DONT HAVE THIS BARRIER. If he can argue otherwise, we have to agree to disagree.
  32. - Wait isnt this what his channel and the narrative has been all along was Sony unit sales, but now unit sales dont matter because Sony lost unit sales lead. Ponies have been beating Xbots over the head with this the whole gen. But when Xbox fans were arguing this to Sony fans, about it being about both hardware and software, combined with services, was them talking crazy, of course he does this a lot. When MS XBOX division and PS division make around the same amount of money regardless of units sold or users, and then he claims it's about who makes more sales=money, but then like I said before finances/income don't matter when it comes to their overall companies for a come reason according to him (MS/Sony overall). Let's go look through his channel and see how many his videos talk about unit sales and money. Fraud. Liar.
  34. He asks whats value of GP:
  35. Demo'ing a game without having to buy it. And they still make money off you for demo.
  36. Playing BC titles you might have lost, sold, damaged.
  37. Playing the exclusive titles for the brand.
  39. I'll leave you with a quote:
  40. "Sony needed an infrastructure partner to remain competitive as cloud gaming and cloud services start to gain traction," said Piers Harding-Rolls, director and head of games research and lead AR/VR analyst for IHS Markit in a commentary on the Microsoft-Sony deal. "Microsoft has deep expertise in relation to games service deployment in Azure and it is building out its own cloud gaming service in Azure - it is likely this has an impact on Sony's thinking when deciding on a partner."
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