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  1. **( @everyone )**
  3. Hey, everyone, Jaii and I would like to give you guys a little explanation of what's going on the past two days with both Skyblock & Factions.
  5. Let's start with Skyblock. We released the server, and some stuff went very bad. Beginning with the queue system, our queue system had a bug in it making the Proxy to run out of RAM this caused the Proxy to timeout, and players were unable to join(this is why we had to use a different IP to join the servers) After this issue had been fixed the server was accessible, and players could join, now next issue is that we had problems with the server handling connections due to particles which were removed in a couple of minutes after these issues players were able to join the server and play. The bugs known on the skyblock are all getting fixed, I need you guys to understand that this is our first map with a new setup and there are bugs, and there will be bugs for an upcoming couple of weeks.
  7. Now for factions. Except for the queue sending in players every 5 seconds(very slow!) the server seemed to handle the player counts very well, there are a couple of bugs which we are fixing but same thing with skyblock new setup so there will be bugs. I'll have to admit we fucked up hard on the worlds I'll take full responsibility on that I'm the one that put in the worlds I should have checked it. Other than that it seems like we didn't have any massive game-breaking bugs.
  9. I want to list some of the bugs we're changing on both skyblock and factions:
  10. - Island calculation causing lag spikes on skyblock(we did some performance tweaks about an hour ago waiting on results for that)
  11. - Both nether & end on factions (those who have the corners claimed will get their claims back)
  12. - Small issues such as crates not working on factions (please make a ticket if you lost items)
  14. We will go under maintenance in roughly 5 hours the following will be fixed:
  15. - Nether & end on factions
  16. - Changing spawners on skyblock
  17. - Changed some backend stuff on the queue system
  18. - Some small performance tweaks on skyblock
  20. I'd like to apologize to everyone that has been playing this weekend. Both Jaii and I will make sure all of these issues will be resolved give us some time; it's a learning process for all of us.
  22. - Jaii and Internal
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