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Bronwyn Pregnancy fic Part III

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Feb 3rd, 2017
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  5. As Finn walked through the forest towards the skatepark, all sorts of thoughts were swirling around his head. Puppies? He wasn't prepared to be a dad. And why hadn't Bronwyn told him? All this had gone on behind his back. A pit of dread was growing in his stomach as he approached, and he didn't know what he would say once he finally got there.
  7. Finally, Finn broke through the trees to where the skate park was. Sure enough, Bronwyn was there. She spotted him coming out of the woods, and an expression of shock crossed her face, followed by one of shame. He continued to approach, and she hopped down from where she was sitting to meet him. The other kids scurried off into the woods to give them space.
  9. "Hey Bronwyn." Finn said, not looking her in the eyes.
  11. "Hey Finn." She said sheepishly, her cheeks a rosy pink from embarrassment.
  13. There was a temporary moment of silence. "Man, how come you didn't tell me you were having pups?"
  15. "I didn't want your life to be ruined. I wanted to you still be able to be a carefree adventurer, not a stay at home dad."
  17. "It's okay." Finn said, scratching the back of his head. "My life isn't going to be ruined. If our pups are anything like you and your parents, they'll be able to fend for themselves in a couple weeks. I can be a dad for a couple weeks."
  19. Bronwyn cracked a smile, and their eyes met for the first time since Finn had walked into the clearing. "Come here." She said, opening her arms.
  21. Finn moved in to hug her, her pregnant stomach getting in the way. The two kissed, Finn's anxiety melting away as their lips met. Finn wrapped his arms around her and they started to make out a little bit, their time apart strengthening their desire for one another. Their lips parted and they exhaled.
  23. "I love you, Finn." Bronwyn sighed.
  25. Finn's hug tightened. "I love you too, Bronwyn."
  27. She went back in for another kiss, this time kissing Finn's neck. His head turned up and he gasped. "Bronwyn-" he started to speak. Bronwyn moved up, kissing the side of his face and nibbling his ear. At the same time, she started to move her hands under his blue shirt, exploring his back with her hands. "Bronwyn..." he whispered. "Ssh. Touch me." she commanded.
  29. Finn reciprocated her hand motions, his hands moving underneath her sweater and up her back. He could feel that she wasn't wearing a bra. He moved his hands lower, down to her ass. It had grown since the last time he had been with her, it must have been the hormones from the pregnancy. "Yes..." she whispered, moving her mouth from his neck to his lips, starting to make out with him again and pressing her body against his.
  31. Finn grabbed at her ass, the big jiggly cheeks feeling heavenly in his hands. She continued to make out with him, this time biting at his lips and starting to get rough. She moved her hands out from behind him and to the button on his pants, which she undid as they were kissing. She reached a hand down his shorts and grabbed his cock, which was rock-hard and soaked with precum. It was enough to send a shiver up his spine.
  33. Bronwyn started to stroke his cock a little bit as he explored her body, moving his hands off of her ass and lifting her sweater up and off of her. Now she stood in the clearing, wearing only her panties and shoes, her pregnant belly and growing breasts exposed to the cool forest air. Finn moved his hands to her chest, one breast in each hand. He started to play with her nipples, causing them to grow erect and her cheeks to blush.
  35. "You're so beautiful, Bronwyn." Finn gasped, each tug on his cock sending a new spurt of precum out of the tip of his dick.
  37. "You think so? I was worried you wouldn't think I was pretty anymore..."
  39. Finn shut her up with a kiss, moving a hand down below her gravid stomach to her pussy. It was already dripping wet, it was easy for him to stick a couple of fingers. Bronwyn gasped, increasing the speed at which she jerked his cock.
  41. Finally, they released their kiss, a string of saliva hanging between them for a moment. They were both panting heavily.
  43. "I want you inside." Bronwyn said, getting down onto her hands and knees, dipping her back and sticking out her ass and pussy. Her stomach was touching the ground.
  45. Finn got down and pulled off her sopping wet panties, sliding them down her legs. As soon as they were off, he planted his face in her vagina, grabbing both sides of her plump ass for leverage and licking around inside. Bronwyn was gasping already, her body shuddering with the force from which Finn was eating her out. Her pussy was gushing from all the stimulation.
  47. He pulled his face away, it was dripping with her juices before he wiped it clean on his sleeve. His cock had been twitching the whole time, and now presented with her ass and pussy in his face Finn couldn't help himself. He climbed up onto Bronwyn's backside and slid in slowly, causing them both to gasp. "Fuck..." Bronwyn sputtered, grabbing onto the moss on the forest floor.
  49. Finn started to pound faster and faster, his balls slapping against her. He reached around and grabbed her breasts as he was fucking her. Giving them a squeeze, he could feel something wet on his hands. Was she lactating? Bronwyn was moaning deeply, pushing back against Finn's thrusts to give them extra oomph. They were both moaning loudly, sweat beading up all over their bodies.
  51. Bronwyn's tongue was hanging out as she panted, waves of pleasure flowing through her body. She felt hot all over. "Fuck, Finn!" She called out, brushing the hair out of her face. "I think I'm almost there!" she moaned. Finn was really giving it his all, grunting with the force of each thrust. He wouldn't be surprised if they were both bruised up tomorrow. "I'm gonna cum soon!" He called out, the sounds of wet slapping filling the clearing.
  53. Eventually, Finn could help himself no longer. He came, his cock shooting a thick load into Bronwyn's pussy. So much came out that she was overflowing, cum dripping down her legs and onto the floor. The sensation of his dick throbbing and twitching inside, flooding her with cum, was enough to send her over the edge. Bronwyn came, gushing all over Finn's crotch and legs.
  55. Finn fell to his side, spent. Bronwyn lay herself down next to him. They were both sweaty and panting, the effort they had expended was immense.
  57. Bronwyn leaned over and gave Finn a kiss. He smiled and grabbed her hand.
  59. They both just lay there, staring at the forest canopy.
  61. "...I love you, Bronwyn." Finn said.
  63. "I love you too, Finn." she said back.
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