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Jan 5th, 2014
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  1. The following is an extremely important message for any and all followers or interested parties of the organization known as Cicada 3301, or simply 3301. The following message has been passed along with specific instructions to forward it to all interested parties. Please redistribute as needed.
  5. Hello there, we are still looking for highly intelligent individuals. This message will serve to explain the current delay in the 2014 recruitment drive of 3301. To be able to clarify our current position we have agreed to explain some minor details regarding 3301. As many of you have previously assumed, 3301 is a recruitment drive for a highly secretive IA. Our organization is known as the SIA. Many of you may have heard of the CIA, our organization is very similar, only bigger, better, and far more bad-ass. The SIA has been acquiring intelligent individuals via our 3301 process to build our organization from the ground up since 2012. We had intended to begin our newest phase of this process at 0:00GMT 1/5/14 however, have run into a minor technical glitch. In the interim, this message has been forwarded by our Islamic Carrier Vulture Pigeon Agent (damn vulture got into the pigeon agent breeding pens and raped both male and female birds) with specific instructions to forward our message to our main recruitment site which is known to the world as 4-Chan. The recipient of this message was than to consume both the message and our agent. In place of the previously used PGP, a shitty and foul taste served to validate and authenticate our Islamic Carrier Vulture Pigeon Agent and the message that it carried. As such, this message is authentic.
  9. As mentioned previously, an extremely unfortunate chain of events has led to this delay. Sadly, and due to current patrols of the world’s Navy's within the Gulf of Aden, many of our "Filthy Savage Nigger Beast Ship Attacks" (also known as piracy) have been foiled. Unfortunately, this has led to a major decline in our budget and funds available for both our agency operations and recruitment drive. Needless to say we also have not been able to pay our interweb bill and our AOL account has been shut down.
  13. In the interim, we have shipped 13 goats with clues shoved up their asses to 13 different locations around the world. The goats are being shipped via the courier Cuban Rafting Express, at absolutely no charge due to our recent IRS approval as a tax exempt amd not for profit organization. *Thank you and * We have the utmost confidence in this courier and the shipment of our precious cargo as Cuban Rafting Express has extensive experience acquired from human trafficking and smuggling within the Gulf of Mexico, North Atlantic, and Caribbean. Our current intent is to post the coordinates of the goats with an ass-load of clues on our main recruitment site, 4-Chan, one week from this message. This posting will take place assuming we manage to complete three (3) individual "Filthy Savage Nigger Beast Ship Attacks" and negotiate a ransom for the cargo and crew. We will then be able to re-activate our AOL account and resume the SIA recruitment drive.
  17. We wish you the best of luck with your journey and appreciate your continued support of the SIA.
  21. Assalaam O Alaikum.
  25. Cicada 3301, aka: 3301, aka: SIA, aka: Somali Intelligence Agency, visit us at
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