Christmas Cake Echidna

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  3. Metal slammed against stone with a massive crash mere inches from Ottar’s face. It was a fairly ingenious trap: A set of demon silver spikes in the ceiling was posed to look as if it would fall down upon anyone traveling underneath of it. In reality, any attempt to move past it or trigger the trap remotely caused the hinged wall of pain to swing down and then up into the ceiling. Such traps were the staple of the ruins Ottar was in. No adventurer, either man or monster, had been able to truly delve the depths without being forced to turn back with nothing to show for their efforts.
  5. This led to the ruins earning a rather nasty reputation. It scared most away, but not Ottar. He was determined to get to the bottom and see whatever grand prize might be waiting for him, even if it was a simple pile of gold. He relished the chance to practice his wits against whoever had designed the dungeon. So far, he’d avoided demise about thirty or so times. He felt that he had to be getting close by now. Especially since the traps were growing more and more devious.
  7. I gotta keep my head in the game, he thought to himself. I can’t let myself grow complacent now. Focus.
  9. Ottar moved carefully past the swinging spike trap and proceeded down the corridor beyond. Shortly he came to a set of great wooden double doors. They seemed supremely out of place, but, despite a careful inspection, Ottar could not find any sort of trap attached to them. He then threw a weighted ponch at the doors just to be extra sure. When they lightly thudded against the wood and dropped unharmed to the ground, he decided to take a leap of faith. He stepped right up to the doors and then thrust them open with all of his pent up energy. What he saw inside made him pause.
  11. The interior of this room was decorated and furnished much in the manner of a grand suite. There was a great, circular bed covered with red, satin sheets and enough pillows to build a fort against the back wall. To one side of the space was what Ottar guessed functioned as a kitchen, and on the other was a series of what looked like weights and other exercise equipment. The rest of the wallspace was covered in bookshelves teeming with tomes of all sorts. Overhead, a chandelier hung from a domed ceiling and cast a slightly dim light over the room.
  13. “A bedroom?” he questioned aloud. “Why is there a bedroom here?”
  15. “Mhn…”
  17. Ottar jumped back at the sound. He searched for the source, and his eyes settled on the bed. Much to his surprise, he realized that there was a woman buried amongst the pillows. But as she sat up, Ottar realized that this was no ordinary, human woman. She had a serpent’s lower half that was dark brown in color and had a black, wavy pattern throughout the scales. The curves of her upper half possesed light-azure skin. Her muscular, toned midriff was left completely exposed, while her rather generous breasts were held in place by a black, single-strapped bra that connected to a metal collar around her neck. A blanket of similarly colored cloth concealed her nether region. She had a rather long, voluminous ponytail accented with two serpent-like extensions, as well as bangs about her face that were the same color of her scales.
  19. As the woman yawned and rubbed at her eyes, she mumbled, “Mrm… Who’s there?” Then she opened her strikingly yellow eyes and stared at Ottar. A moment of silence passed as the two locked eyes. Then the former gasped and tried behind a pillow. “W-Who are you?!” she cried out.
  21. Ottar blinked slowly. “I am Ottar Rod,” he replied. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”
  23. “I’m Zelosi,” she squeaked back, her face flushing a dark shade of blue as she blushed. “B-But what are YOU doing here? I didn't think someone would reach the final floor after all this time!”
  25. “Wait, so you’re the one who designed this place?” asked Ottar.
  27. Zelosi nodded. “I’m an Echidna. Y-You know what those are, right?”
  29. “Not a clue.”
  31. “W-W-Well we um… we make great labyrinths of traps and other trials so that um… we can… sorta… waitforourdestinedlovetocomeandhavetheirwaywithus.”
  33. Ottar had to take a second to parse through her jumbled together words. “So, if I understand this correctly,” he said slowly. “You think that anyone who makes it past your dungeon is worthy of becoming your husband?”
  35. Another squeak was all he got in reply. Somewhat confused by the whole situation, Ottar stepped further inside. Without warning the doors slammed shut behind him, leaving him effectively trapped with Zelosi. “Damn,” he grumbled under his breath. “I should have seen that coming.”
  37. However, rather than leap at him like he expected a mamono to do, Zelosi remained behind her rather pitiful pillow shield on her bed. “Are you sure you want an old snake like me?” she said, voice trembling. “I um… I don’t really know much about being a good wife. Only what I’ve read so far.”
  39. “And what did that teach you?” Ottar asked as he realized he was in no immediate danger.
  41. “That um… men like a woman who can cook, and works out, and is well read, and can sate every twisted desire in his mind, and um…”
  43. “Woah woah woah. Slow down there. Maybe I’m not getting this properly. You mean to tell me you effectively locked yourself down here with a kitchen, workout gear, and your books to wait until someone, well I guess me, came to you?”
  45. “I’m sorry. I know it sounds so dumb. But-”
  47. Zelosi’s words were cut off as Ottar began to laugh from the belly. “What?!” she meekly shouted at him. “What’s so funny?!”
  49. Ottar smiled back at her. “Well you are, for one. But in a good way. I just want to confirm one thing, though: Are you truly the treasure that waits at the end of the dungeon?”
  51. “N-No one’s ever called me their treasure before…”
  53. “I’ll take that as a yes.” He stepped closer to Zelosi, whom shrunk back against the wall as he approached. “So what happens now?”
  55. Of course, Ottar had a feeling he already knew the answer. But teasing Zelosi just made her all the more cute in his eyes. “I, no um, we kinda… you know… do the thing…” she stammered, eyes growing to the size of dinner plates as Ottar sat on the edge of her bed.
  57. “I’d love to ‘do the thing’ with you,” replied Ottar. “How should we start?”
  59. “Y-You should probably get out of that armor,” she said. And he did. “Now your pants.”
  61. Now effectively nude save for a lightweight undershirt, Ottar waited on the edge of the bed for Zelosi to make her move. He had to try rather hard not to laugh again when he noticed her eyes were locked firmly on his member.
  63. “It’s not going to bite, you know,” he chuckled at her.
  65. “N-No! Of course not!” she hastily replied back. “It’s just my first time seeing one in the flesh.” She crept a little closer to him and reached out a hand. “Can I… can I touch it?”
  67. To Ottar’s surprise, Zelosi didn’t wait for a reply before slithering in range to caress his shaft. As her soft hands traveled up and down his length, the rest of Zelosi’s body began to coil around and ensnare him. By now she had that look in her eyes. The kind of look Ottar had seen in mamono that were one second away from raping their beloved. As he used his hands to remove Zelosi’s top and cloth draping, his suspicions were confirmed. Not only were her nipples perky and erect, but her womanhood was drooling in desire.
  69. “It’s actually happening,” she whispered. “I’m finally able to have sex with my husband! Just one more…”
  71. Zelosi guided his now throbbing tool to her entrance. Then, with a constriction of her coils, she brought Ottar inside. Almost immediately she left out a gasp of delight. “Ahhh~ It’s inside…”
  73. “I hope it’s everything you expected,” comment Ottar. He had a little bit more self-control than she did, but even he had to admit it felt good to be inside her.
  75. “It’s um… good. But what happens if I move, I wonder. My books said I should try this.”
  77. With undulations of her toned abdomen, she began to grind against Ottar, taking him to the hilt. Her interior pressed against his length, all the while moving in conjunction with the rest of her. Soon both Echidna and her new husband were panting. Said pants were quickly cut off as Ottar brought his lips to hers and slid his tongue into her mouth.
  79. This proved to be too much stimulation for Zelosi. Her snake half contracted like one big muscle, and her folds clamped down like a vice. Her body twitched and spasmed as the current of orgasm rocked through her. Shortly thereafter, Ottar could feel the pressure building at his base reach the breaking point. Soon too he was riding the chemical high of release as he spilled his seed inside of her with spurt after spurt.
  81. It took a few minutes before either was able to form coherent words again. “You sure you’re new at this?” asked Ottar. “Could have fooled me.”
  83. Zelosi blushed once more. “I t-told you! I read a lot of books about it. And now that I have you, I um… want to try some more…”
  85. “By all means…”
  87. ***
  89. A week later, villagers looked on in awe as Ottar returned with Zelosi in tow. The two went straight to the nearby church and tied the knot officially. Their first daughter was born nine months to the day later.
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