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Dec 14th, 2019
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  1. deepener by Meesteres
  3. and as youre like that you become aware of a staircase
  4. a beautiful staircase with a polished banister
  5. As you look down the stairs you notice
  6. that there are ten steps leading gently down
  7. ten steps leading down, and down, and down
  8. these are the steps that will lead you deep into dreamtime
  9. deep into relaxation
  10. and in a moment
  11. I'd like you to walk down those steps with me
  12. and I will count them off for you one at a time
  13. and you will find that the deeper down you go
  14. the more comfortable and the more relaxed will you become.
  15. So when you are ready to walk down the stairs
  16. I want you to gently
  17. place your hand on the banister
  18. nd begin to slowly descend
  19. the stairs as I count them off from 10 to 1.
  20. ready?
  22. 10 deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable
  23. 9 deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable
  24. 8 more and more and more relaxed
  25. 7 deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable
  26. 6 - deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable
  27. 5 more and more and more relaxed
  28. 4 deeply relaxed, deeply comfortable
  29. 3 more and more and more relaxed
  30. 2 almost at the bottom now
  31. just one more step to go
  32. and 1 - going deeper and deeper down into hypnosis now,
  33. all the way down
  34. to that deeper, healthier level of mind.
  35. And as you reach the bottom step
  36. you can let the stairs and the ordinary
  37. everyday world
  38. further and further down
  39. as you go deeper and deeper
  40. it feels so good to be this deep doesn't it?
  42. feeling so deep
  43. so floaty
  44. so relaxed
  45. so comfortable
  46. Breathe slowly
  47. relaxing you even more
  48. just in and out
  49. drifting further and further
  50. how do you feel?
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