Clairborough Hotel

Apr 16th, 2014
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  1. Getting to the hotel doesn’t take long. Robin does her best to act normal from the moonshine. You always forget how tiny and sensitive she is to this stuff. Sometimes you’re even a little jealous of her small body. She’s just so damn cute.
  3. She smiles at you as you hold her hand. It’s probably better that she changed out of that punk outfit she had. Taking a girl as young looking as Robin, covered in fishnets and mascara, to a hotel, this late at night? That might raise an eyebrow or two.
  5. Oh no way! This is one of the places that Mr. O'Telier said to drop his name. You approach the the counter and tell the person there what Mr. O‘Telier told you to say. He goes to make a phone call in the back.
  7. “I love you,” Robin whispers again. She giggles shortly after.
  9. Maybe she’s just repeating it because it makes you blush for once. You’re not sure. You’re definitely not complaining though.
  11. Part of you knows this can’t last. A girl like Robin doesn’t just starting loving someone like you. You really don’t want to think about it though. You should just calm down and hold her close. You’re just being paranoid. Good things may not happen often, but they can happen. Right?
  13. Robin must sense something is up. She grabs a hold of your hand. You want to jump up and down and cry at the same time. Instead, you’re stone faced as the call in the other room wraps up and the man from behind the counter comes back.
  15. “Please, come with me.” He acts respectfully. Mr. O’Telier is a man of his word it seems. He leads you to a an empty room. “Room service is not covered, but you’re free to stay for ‘as long as you damn well please.’” He sighs and leaves you, not bothering to hint for a tip. If you knew there was a hotel like this before, you would have told Jeanine and Vance.
  17. “I wonder how Jeanine and Vance are doing,” you say as Robin looks around the room and flops onto the bed. She’s a bit tipsy. “If things are going well with Vance confessing, maybe they’re looking for a hotel right now too.”
  19. Robin’s eyes and mouth go wide in excitement. “Do you think they’re…”
  21. “Fucking?” You decide to toss her off guard.
  23. Robin blushes and giggles. For her, that’s a severe underreaction. “Making love,” she playfully tosses a pillow at you.
  25. The mental image is something else. You’d picture Vance as being slow and gentle despite his size and looks, but Jeanine strikes you as being really aggressive. She’d probably be on top a lot.
  26. Huh, you wonder what it would be like with Vance yourself. It’s not that you have any urge to stray away from Robin, but you can’t escape being a little curious about what it would be like to have a man inside of you like that. It looked like it would hurt. You know things stretch and there’s lubrication, bit still. Ow. He’d make you feel tiny too
  28. If it’d be like that for you, it’d be comical to see Robin and Vance try to go at it. He could probably balance and bounce her up and down with one and read a book with the other.
  30. Robin interrupts your thoughts. “What are you thinking about?”
  32. “Hmm? Oh.” You walk to the bed. “Sex stuff.” You crawl over Robin, forcing her to lay on her back.
  34. She leans back. You see fear and trust in her eyes. “What kind of s-sex stuff?”
  36. You kiss her. She pushes up to kiss you back. You run your hands through her short red hair and she gives a light moan of approval. Slowly, carefully, it progresses from long pecks to a sensual dance of tongues. Her lips are so soft. Even as things begin to heat up, it’s like making out with a delicate cloud of a girl.
  38. “I love you,” you hear yourself whisper. You can’t believe how good that feels too be able to say. You’ve only known her for a short while, but she’s the the rock foundation of your new life. You can’t imagine what things would be like without her. You don’t want to.
  40. Robin doesn’t answer in words. She surprises you by rolling you over and taking the lead. Her skirt rides up against your leg and she open mouth kisses you passionately. This time you hear yourself moaning. You smell the moonshine on her breath. You don’t care. You move with her breathing. She breaks it off and trails down your neck.
  42. “Robin…” You whimper. What’s gotten into your sweet girl? Whatever it is, you like it.
  44. “I want to make you feel amazing.” She unzips the front of your shirt and gropes your breast in her hand.
  46. You can’t believe you’re the one to say this. “Slow down. We have all night.”
  48. She pulls away. “I-I’m sorry.” Tears well up. “I d-don’t know what to do.
  50. Oh jeez. You’ve done it now. You don’t want to discourage this behavior one bit. “It’s fine. I just don’t want you to force yourself. Just relax. Be yourself.” You pull her chin up with your finger.
  52. “That just makes me want to make you happy even more.” She starts yanking your pants down.
  54. Your bra and panties are exposed to the air and Robin’s wandering hands. Being on the receiving end of this kind of aggressive behavior is making you slick. No wonder it works so well on Robin.
  56. You dig deep into your willpower and push her up. She straddles your leg on your lap.
  58. “What’s wrong?”
  60. You undo her bra through her shirt in a quick, expert motion “Nothing. I just didn’t think it was fair.” You pull her shirt up over her head and rhythmically move your leg. You can feel the warmth under her skirt. “Who’s in charge here?” Your tone is light and mocking as your mouth finds her neck in the same spots she was getting you.
  62. “You are.” Her tone is deep and lusty.
  64. Oh, that’s how it is. You like this game. Your kisses go down to her chest. “Say it again. Who’s in charge?” You rock your leg more intensely this time.
  66. “Uh!” She reacts by thrusting her chest out right into your mouth. “Y-you are.” It’s a whisper this time.
  68. You stock rocking your leg. She’s thrusting into your leg on her own now, but it takes her a minute to realize it. She stops.
  70. “No, keep going.”
  72. She looks unsure. “O-Okay.” Her thrusting starts up again. Your hand runs up the small of her back and you lean closer to suck gently on her nipples. She begins to moan louder as she loses herself in a haze of lust.
  74. Her scent is overwhelming and her desperate whimpers are driving you wild. Still, you want to control the situation. Not because you need to keep her under your thumb, but because you know how much she’s enjoying it.
  76. Well, maybe it has a little to do with needing to control, but it’s not harming anything.
  78. “Who is in charge?” You rock your leg again.
  80. “You are!” Robin is becoming more intense now. Her knee hits you between the legs now too.
  82. She’s so compliant. “Say my name.”
  84. “K-Kat! Your! Name! Is! Kat!” Robin has lost all inhibition. She bucks against you like a wild animal. Your leg is wet and warm from it. Now it’s becoming numb with the pressure she’s putting on it.
  86. You run your hand up the back of her head and pull in for a sloppy kiss. Her eyes are glazed and her mouth is making funny contortions. “Do you love me?”
  88. “Yes! Yes I love you. I love you Kat.” You can keep the kiss going with her grinding this hard.
  90. “I love you too. Come for me.” She’s already there. You just want to take credit for commanding it.
  92. Robin’s small body shakes violently. Her eyes can’t decide if they want to close tightly or open widely. She keeps thrusting as her hands grab onto your shoulders. “Haaaaah! Kaaa!” It lasts so long. Her mouth is wide in amazement as she looks you in the eyes. It’s like she can’t believe this is happening.
  94. Slowly, exhaustively, her thrusts slow down. Eventually she stops completely and just leans her weight against you. Your leg is even more soaked than your underwear. Her sweat soaked chest feels cool against your skin. You’re tired too, so you lay back onto the bed. You could probably just fall asleep here. You didn’t get to orgasm, but you’re feeling really proud of yourself right now as you casually play with her hair.
  96. Robin forces herself up. “You didn’t…you know.”
  98. You smile. “That’s alright.
  101. “Please!” She says forcefully. “I want to!” Her hands reach around the bands of your stained panties. She looks up once more, this time looking demure.What’s wrong with you that this is turning you on so much? “I’ll do anything you want. Please let me make you happy.” She’s begging now. “Please?”
  103. “Well, since you asked nicely...” Truthfully you’d beg her to keep going at this point, but you keep up the act.
  105. “T-thank you.” Robin kisses around the sides of your leg. She’s learning how to tease. Her fingers stay on the outside of your lips. She doesn’t even touch them directly. She just increases the pressure on the skin around them. You force yourself not to ask for it, but you really, really want her to start licking. Please start soon.
  107. Mercifully, she does. Your own voice betrays you, escaping without your conscious effort. It’s soft, small, slow licks at first.
  109. “Keep going. Just like that.” You do your best to make it sound like an order, but it may have come out submissive. You don’t even care anymore. With every slight variation with each well timed lick she shapes your world. Reality spins into a fog as your body melts against her loving onslaught. You’re only dimly aware of your own moaning as your leg muscles shake and your toes begin to curl.
  111. “Am I doing a good job? Am I making you happy?” Why did she stop to ask that? Is she toying with you now?
  113. “Yes!” You sound more desperate than intended. “I said don’t stop. You’re doing a good job.”
  115. You hear her let out a proud noise through a smile and she dives back in. Good girl.
  117. The build up takes much almost no time at all. Each time you’re close to getting there she slows down, keeping you on the edge. You don’t know if she does it on purpose, if it’s luck, or she’s responding to your body. All you know is that you need release.
  119. Release comes. You try to say something but you can’t make your brain listen enough to form words. Fireworks go off in your brain and all of your muscles flex and curl at once.
  121. You can’t help it. You’re laughing as Robin crawls up and snuggles against you. Did you black out for a second?
  123. “I love you.” She rubs her cheek against your arm.
  125. “I love you too.” You do your best to cover her in blanket. You didn’t even get under the sheets.
  127. Life couldn’t be better.
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