Space Sweeping

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  1. [21:19:02] * Jazz stands in front of his neo-stove, waiting on the oven to finish up before anyone shows up...Not to long earlier, Jazz sent out invitations to most of the Crew and Seekers on the Excel to his newly furnished Jazz is simply hoping his food will finish before anyone shows up so that he can say he wasn't the one who cooked it.
  2. [21:19:43] * Cael knockknockknock
  3. [21:19:59] <Cael> Goddamn how prompt
  4. [21:20:46] * Jazz gulps, looking at the time left on the oven's timer..."U-Uh, it's open! Please feel free to come in!"
  5. [21:25:14] <Cael> The door apparently slides right open and Cael walks in, looking back with some fascination, then over at Jazz. "Good evening, Jazz! I thank you for the invitation. It is just incredible the things this space-culture of yours has accomplished." he walks on over, in a far better mood than earlier.
  6. [21:27:24] <Cael> "For example, the ceiling spoke earier with Françoise's voice, announcing the presence of a 'creeper'. I'm not entirely sure what she meant, but being able to project your voice like that through mundane methods is impressive."
  7. [21:30:31] <Jazz> "Oh, yeah! I wondered about that announcement, too...Anyway, it's good to see you tonight Cael. I don't u-uh...exactly know what you like to eat, but I'm making some stuff...hopefully it'll be done before anyone else shows up." Jazz says, the robot wearing a white t-shirt, a pair of shorts an an apron, after having changed out of his combat uniform. It's almost hard to recognize him at
  8. [21:30:31] <Jazz> first!
  9. [21:31:09] <~Giantree> Is he still wearing his helmet?
  10. [21:31:10] <Cael> Cael has changed out of his leather armor himself, wearing an ensemble of red leaves arranged in the form of a tunic.
  11. [21:31:12] <Jazz> (no)
  12. [21:31:17] <~Giantree> (Whoa.)
  13. [21:32:08] <Cael> "Oh? Still worried about your image?"
  14. [21:32:12] * Cael tsks
  15. [21:32:55] <Cael> "You shouldn't be embarassed about something like that, I tell you! A hearty meal is a hero's best friend. And how will you get the ladies if you don't prepare a fine dish for them? androids even court? I admit I haven't the foggiest."
  16. [21:33:27] * Cael has a seat somewhere, slouching with his elbow resting on a tabletop.
  17. [21:33:31] <Jazz> Jazz's front room is split between a kitchen and a large dining/living room, with some soft looking chairs with blue apholstery and a large couch made of the same material. There's a fairly substantial coffee table between them. A large screen has been built into one wall, while the others are adorned with various cheap paintings. There is a small photo on one wall, though. "W-Well...I
  18. [21:33:31] <Jazz> understand what you mean, but i'm just...not sure.
  19. [21:33:33] <Jazz> "
  20. [21:33:59] * Cael peers at the photo
  21. [21:35:22] <Jazz> It's a photo of a large group of men and women, wearing over-elaborate 'pirate-ish' outfits. Probably more for just the photo-op than their real uniforms. There's probably about 20 folks in the picture, though the very corner of the picture has been torn away, leaving a blank spot where one person should be standing.
  22. [21:35:51] <Cael> "Very realistic artwork you have, here. Seems damaged, though... And I've been rather curious, what are those opaque windows for?"
  23. [21:35:59] * Cael seems to be talking about the screen.
  24. [21:38:26] <Jazz> "Oh...that's not artwork, it's a's erm...hard to explain to someone who doesn't know what a camera is...And that's not a window, it's a monitor." Jazz says, activating the screen remotely. Some children's programming about friendship and sharing is on.
  25. [21:38:55] <Cael_> "photo-graph... Oh so you mean-"
  26. [21:39:04] <Cael_> >Leaning away from TV
  27. [21:39:17] <~Giantree> (well-played)
  28. [21:39:28] <~Giantree> (confirmed, those only INCREASED in popularity over the next 900 years)
  29. [21:40:09] <Cael> "Monitor... that term means 'one who watches', is this a scrying device of some kind? Incredible."
  30. [21:40:50] <~Giantree> There's some muffled muttering outside the door.  It stays consistently in place and doesn't sound like whoever's making the noise is moving.
  31. [21:41:28] <Cael> He raises an eyebrow. "I think you have a guest. I'll get the door for you." he says, getting up, of course forgetting these doors can open themselves.
  32. [21:41:49] * Cael taps the open pad or whatever!
  33. [21:42:15] <~Giantree> The door FLINGS open and there's that weird orange-haired girl standing there again.  "Oh crap!"
  34. [21:42:50] <Cael> "Oh! Hello. Please, come on in, I was looking at Jazz's scrying monitor."
  35. [21:43:03] * Cael heads back in like nothing happened. :3
  36. [21:43:13] <~Pop> She's decked out in red goggles pulled above her head and white scarf, clearly not in casual gear.  "Er, yeah!  Sorry, I was just uhh... whew."
  37. [21:43:30] * ~Pop follows the plantman in and waves. "Heyyyy again."
  38. [21:43:35] * Jazz looks over. "Oh, it's....You!"
  39. [21:43:41] * Jazz looks at the oven nervously.
  40. [21:44:10] <Cael> "Hm..." he tries to think if he saw this lady previous, but he just can't recall.
  41. [21:44:23] <Cael> His attention is quickly focused back on the TV.
  42. [21:44:31] <Cael> "They seem aware they're being watched." he points out.
  43. [21:44:34] <~Pop> The door slides shut.  "I just finished training and thought I'd come say hi.  You sure made friends fast, huh?"
  44. [21:45:31] * ~Pop has been carrying something too. It's... a broom?
  45. [21:45:35] <Jazz> "Well, I try, I suppose...Anyway, feel free to take a seat, okay? You can change the channel if you want, I u-uh...don't know how it got to that one..." He says, his cheeks slightly red upon realizing what channel it's on.
  46. [21:46:28] <~Pop> "Hehehe.  Seems like we pick up some of the weirdest stuff being broadcast while we're here."
  47. [21:46:32] <Cael> "Change the channel?" he doesn't think Jazz is a wizard, so there's probably some sort of control device around, if he knows his asuran technology. Oh hey, that wand-thingy looks relevant.
  48. [21:46:51] <Cael> He picks up the remote and pressures near random buttons, not understanding what all of the labels mean.
  49. [21:46:54] <Cael> *presses
  50. [21:48:11] <Jazz> "So uh, what's that broom for?"
  51. [21:48:35] <Jazz> The Monitor switches to another one of Jazz's presets, a cooking channel!
  52. [21:48:43] <~Pop> (ha, good save)
  53. [21:48:57] <Cael> "Ooh."
  54. [21:49:12] * Cael is transfixed
  55. [21:49:13] <~Pop> "Oh!  Err, the rooms here are kinda dusty before they're used."
  56. [21:49:38] <~Pop> "So I just..."  Oh look, she's already sweeping with it.  Like a professional.
  57. [21:50:14] <Jazz> "O-Oh! You don't have to do all that for me..."
  58. [21:50:31] <~Pop> "Don't mention it!  I just want to.  Who'd wanna live in a dirty room, anyway?"
  59. [21:50:59] <Cael> "Are you a maid, then? I wasn't aware space culture was so... tidy."
  60. [21:51:16] <Jazz> Jazz considers the fact that every room he's stayed in has inevitably been a pig sty. "I-I...guess so."
  61. [21:51:48] <~Pop> "Yeah, I was progra- I mean whoa, no!  It's just, uh, a hobby!  Yep!  Oh right," she stops sweeping to extend a hand, "I'm Pop, by the way.  Don't think we've met."
  62. [21:53:43] * Jazz is surprised by a *Ding!*. He quickly hurries back over to the oven and starts fussing with it!
  63. [21:55:21] <Cael> "Oh, yes. I've been having that problem today, sorry." he takes Pop's hand. "I am Cael, a Sylvari from the world of Tyria. A pleasure, my lady." He bows his head a bit.
  64. [21:55:30] <Jazz> "Guys, sit down and relax, okay? You can clean after this, okay Pop? The food's JUST about done, okay?"
  65. [21:56:55] * ~Pop shakes it vigorously and sets the broom to the side. "Yeah, alright! You really are something," to Cael, "but I guess that's a thing here. Never heard of the place either!"
  66. [21:57:15] <Cael> "Yes! It's apparently an 'undeveloped planet'! Everything here is so new to me."
  67. [21:57:53] <~Pop> "Ohh, THAT'S why!  I've never been to one of those myself but they say there're lots of missions on them.  Can't wait!  Totally nice to meet you anyway."
  68. [21:58:03] <Cael> "But that's the nature of the world, even beyond the world, I suppose. Every day brings another new experience."
  69. [21:58:13] <Cael> "Of course, and the same with you."
  70. [21:58:16] <~Pop> Nodnod.  "Me, I'm just a wanderer."
  71. [21:58:58] * Jazz walks back in, placing a large tray on the coffee table. "O-Okay, I made some Chicken Pot Pies and oven baked french fries, okay? I also have a blueberry pie when this is finished..." he says, removing his apron and taking a seat near Cael and Pop.
  72. [22:00:22] <~Pop> "Well I'm act-" Pop muses for a bit but shakes it off, giggling at the apron a little.  It's worth noting that a few hours ago, the one she was wearing was PRETTY similar.  "Nah, nevermind.  It's a celebration, right?"
  73. [22:01:00] <Cael> "French fries? I don't believe I've heard of such a thing... but the rest of that sounds delicious. Thank you, Jazz."
  74. [22:01:46] <Jazz> There's enough food for much more than 3 people, but Jazz doesn't bring that up. "Oh, uh...I don't really know what french means, either. They're just potatoes. I just sliced them up, coated them with some oil and salt, and baked them...hopefully they'll be okay."
  75. [22:02:24] <Jazz> "The pot pies have chicken, carrots, peas, onions and celery..."
  76. [22:02:51] <~Pop> Pop takes one and... pops it in.  Ha!  One of the fries that is.  "Well I'm no history buff either, I think it's some kinda Earthling thing why they're called that.  Cultures are weird."  Munch, munch.
  77. [22:02:54] <Cael> "Oh! Potato fries! I suppose things here aren't so different, then." he seems cheerful.
  78. [22:03:36] * Cael digs in once the food is ready. He's very nuanced and polite in the way he cuts his pot pie apart with a knife and fork.
  79. [22:05:18] * ~Pop does the same, breaking to stare at the portrait every now and then but saying nothing about it. Only without the politeness because she chomps and munches like somebody in a rush.
  80. [22:05:58] <Cael> "Quite tasty, if I do say so. Where did you learn this trade?"
  81. [22:06:28] * Jazz takes a break from his eating to reply! "Well...h-here and there. It's hard to say, exactly..."
  82. [22:07:14] * ~Pop makes an offhanded remark mid-chomp, "Oh, were you programmed with it?"
  83. [22:09:50] * Jazz shakes his head. "No, I...wasn't built with any real programming."
  84. [22:10:56] <~Pop> "Oh really," chomp chomp.  "That's interesting."
  85. [22:11:41] * Jazz nods. "My father wanted me to 'grow up organically'"
  86. [22:12:14] <Cael> "Programming... I think I've heard that term before. ...ah, yes, the Asura mentioned it in reference to their 'golems'."
  87. [22:12:41] <Cael> "Something about how they know what they were built to do?"
  88. [22:12:52] * Jazz nods.
  89. [22:14:07] * ~Pop nods too. "Yeah, exactly like that." She looks away as Jazz speaks.
  90. [22:14:14] <Cael> "Mm, I suppose considering that, all Sylvari have a little 'programming' themselves. We're born knowing how to read, write, walk, and talk, among many other things. Our talents are determined that way sometimes, too."
  91. [22:15:23] <Jazz> "Yeah...I had to learn a lot of things by myself that most robots are "born" knowing."
  92. [22:15:32] <Cael> "But I think I've bothered poor Jazz here with my people's story enough for one day! I must say I am very much enjoying this, Jazz, thank you for inviting me."
  93. [22:15:48] <Cael> "Was there... no one else?" he glances at the door.
  94. [22:15:53] <~Pop> "Programming is... well, it's a little convenient sometimes because organics grow pretty slowly, but it's kinda restrictive too.  Apparently back on Earth it was a thing for androids to have orders not to ever harm humans."  Munch slurp.
  95. [22:16:59] <Cael> "I can see why that might have been necessary at one point."
  96. [22:17:05] <Jazz> "Well...I sent invites to quite a few people..."
  97. [22:17:36] * ~Pop glaaaaaaances back toward the door too. "Well, I haven't been here for long either, but it sure seems like lotsa people here are busybodies, doesn't it?"
  98. [22:17:51] <Cael> "But in the end a person's actions should be their own. Freedom gives one the ability to create much good, or much evil in the world, but freedom should still be their right."
  99. [22:18:17] * ~Pop looks down again, chomping a bit more slowly.
  100. [22:18:49] <Jazz> "I heard from my father that artificial life forms weren't always considered 'people'..." Jazz says, shaking his head. "But, in this day and age we don't have to deal with that sort of thing...Anyway, I'll go get the pie, okay?"
  101. [22:19:01] <Cael> "It's just up to the ones with good hearts to stop evil before it can lay things to ruin."
  102. [22:19:03] * Cael nods
  103. [22:19:04] * Jazz stands up and hurries back into the kitchen!
  104. [22:19:07] * Cael finishes up his pot pie
  105. [22:19:19] * ~Pop sits back and stares at the portrait again.
  106. [22:19:50] <Cael> "Hmm, I wonder who they are." he says, catching Pop's gaze.
  107. [22:20:45] <~Pop> "Hmm, yeah, they're kinda familiar.  Juuust a little."
  108. [22:21:02] <~Pop> "Just my imagination, I bet."
  109. [22:22:46] <Cael> "Truly marvelous times when you can capture a moment in time..."
  110. [22:23:27] <~Pop> "You mean your people couldn't do that either?  Huuuuh."
  111. [22:24:05] * Kazuma is now known as Nisu
  112. [22:24:36] <Cael> "The Asura might have! They were a rather intelligent sort. Diminutive, but they had their own robots, and holograms, and teleportation gates. Their technology far outclasses the rest of Tyria, except perhaps for the industrial Charr."
  113. [22:26:02] <~Pop> "Ohh, I see!  Well, we do have holographic everything... our transporters are kinda like that too.  You think they'll make your world not-underdeveloped-anymore soon?"  Another fry gets nibbled on.
  114. [22:26:04] * Jazz arrives, carrying a pie! There is a beautiful latticework of crust, and visible underneath are dark purple blueberries. "Here, do either of you want a slice?"
  115. [22:26:11] <Cael> "Considering how intellectual they are, I think it's only the Elder Dragons stopping them from exploring the stars. Or maybe they just never considered that possibility, like the rest of us."
  116. [22:26:16] <~Pop> "Yyyyyyes please!"
  117. [22:26:23] <Cael> "Yes, thank you!"
  118. [22:28:22] <Cael> "Let's see... on the other hand, the Charr's technology is... gritty. Effective. They have knowledge of a process called metallurgy, as I understand it. They build towering war machines that roll along the ground or through the sky, powered by fuel."
  119. [22:28:44] <Cael> "They invented firearms, on our world."
  120. [22:28:53] <Cael> He indicates the pistol he's carrying.
  121. [22:30:23] <Cael> Yep, still in a holster despite him being out of his armor. Is that appropriate? No one's told him otherwise yet.
  122. [22:30:31] * Jazz finishes and hands over a slice to each of them.
  123. [22:30:32] <~Pop> "Ohh ho!  That's not even a phase weapon at all, is it?  Usually energy is the..."  Pop starts to hold up an arm but then lets it down, looking to the pie.  "Err, nevermind on that actually!"
  124. [22:30:42] <~Pop> "Thanks a bunch!  Let's dig in."
  125. [22:30:46] <Cael> "Ah, excellent. Thank you, Jazz!"
  126. [22:30:57] * Cael does precisely that. Nomnomnom
  127. [22:31:33] * ~Pop nomnoms as well but doesn't show much of a reaction to the taste.
  128. [22:32:07] <Cael> "Mmmm-mm."
  129. [22:32:35] <Cael> "You are a magician in the kitchen, Jazz. It's as I told you - the fires of justice cooked this meal."
  130. [22:32:39] <~Pop> "Reaaaally nice texture.  You learned this all on your own?"
  131. [22:32:50] * ~Pop PFFs a bit at the cheesiness of that comment.
  132. [22:35:03] * Jazz nods. "Y-Yeah, i'm glad you two like it."
  133. [22:35:51] * Cael suddenly slams his fork down, then stands up and grabs, Jazz's shoulder, looking him dead in the eye. "Jazz!"
  134. [22:36:06] * ~Pop jolts back.
  135. [22:36:58] * Jazz stares!
  136. [22:37:18] <Cael> "Let's do our best to be manly heroes, together in the Seekers!"
  137. [22:37:59] <~Pop> "H-Hey hold on now, don't just leave me out of that!  I'm a Seeker too!"
  138. [22:37:59] <Cael> "We should go see if anything needs to be done, starting tomorrow! What do you say?"
  139. [22:38:14] * ~Pop scarfs down another pie slice.
  140. [22:38:21] * Cael grins at Pop. "Of course, but you're not the one who doesn't seem confident in themselves!"
  141. [22:39:04] * Jazz continues to stare. "...Y-Yeah! Let's get out there and show the others how cool we are! Thanks, Cael..."
  142. [22:39:06] <~Pop> "Ohoho, I getcha!  Well I'm no stranger to dealing out JUSTICE myself," she grins back.
  143. [22:39:51] <~Pop> "If either of you guys need a hand sometime let me know, solo missions get REALLY tiring after a while."
  144. [22:39:55] <Cael> "Right, then! It's a promise."
  145. [22:40:11] * Jazz smiles.
  146. [22:40:30] <Jazz> "Anyway...once you both are done, I can give you a tour of the rest of my place, if you want..."
  147. [22:40:30] * ~Pop stands up and stretches a bit, grabbing the broom. "That's about all I came here to see. Thanks, you guys."
  148. [22:40:45] <Jazz> "Oh?"
  149. [22:40:46] <Cael> "See you later, Pop."
  150. [22:40:48] <~Pop> "Well... okay, I should probably finish this first."
  151. [22:40:55] <~Pop> Sweepsweepsweep.  "Really bothers me to look at."
  152. [22:41:28] <~Pop> "But I don't..."  shffshffshff, "... wanna overstay my welcome or anything..."
  153. [22:42:20] <Jazz> "It's fine! You're welcome to come over whenever and stay as long as you want, okay? I'm not used to having a place so big all to myself, so..."
  154. [22:42:30] <Cael> "Well, it doesn't seem like anyone else is showing... and Jazz seems lonely in here."
  155. [22:42:38] * Cael taps his chin, thinking.
  156. [22:43:06] <~Pop> "Ahah!  Don't worry, there's still thiiiis corner over here.."
  157. [22:43:21] <Cael> Of course, his pie is all finished, too.
  158. [22:43:30] * Jazz stands up. "Well, do you guys want to see the other room?
  159. [22:43:46] <Cael> "I'd be delighted."
  160. [22:44:21] <~Pop> "Yeah, sure!  I'll clean it up too."
  161. [22:46:08] <Cael> He sweeps a hand through his leaves and follows along
  162. [22:46:32] <~Pop> Nice use of the word 'sweeps.'  Shffshff.
  163. [22:47:02] * Jazz nods and opens a door, and steps inside. It's a bedroom, from the looks of it! With soft lilac-colored carpeting with mint green walls, it's certainly...interesting. To be fair, it probably came like that. There is a LARGE poster on one wall, advertising "Wright Robotics." The bed is actually...a bunk bed, for some reason. Pop would note that the sheets and blankets lay on it
  164. [22:47:02] * Jazz haphazardly, with no attempt to have made the bed. There is a large pile of clothing in the corner, and Jazz's armor and weaponry in another pile.
  165. [22:47:07] <Jazz> "Sorry about the mess..."
  166. [22:48:03] <Cael> "You have a comforting color scheme at least.." he remarks, then looks at the bunk bed. "A-haa, that's clever.A bed on top of a bed."
  167. [22:48:45] <Jazz> "Oh, yeah...I requested this bed. I realize that I don't really need it, but I'm sort of used to bunks."
  168. [22:49:32] <~Pop> "Ohhhh, you're staying with someone?"  Pop scoffs at the unmade bed but takes care of the corners first.
  169. [22:51:17] <Cael> "Rather inconvenient for lovemaking, I can't help but worry that the top bed would fall during it." he remarks, studying it.
  170. [22:52:08] * ~Pop just blinks. A 'wait, what' blink.
  171. [22:52:26] <Cael> "But no, sturdy enough I suppose."
  172. [22:52:57] <Jazz> "Oh, n-no! No one is staying with me, I felt more comfortable getting this."
  173. [22:53:09] <Jazz> "I suppose it would help if anyone ever spends the night, though."
  174. [22:54:42] <~Pop> Shffshff.  "Oh.  I guess it is something like that, huh?  Guess I never felt that way before... take that!"  The broom activates TURBO MODE and destroys all the dust in a corner.  ... Like literally vaporizes it.
  175. [22:55:32] <Cael> " goodness. Even the brooms in space are magical."
  176. [22:56:28] <~Pop> "This was just given to me so I can do my j- ... err, hobby, that's all!"
  177. [22:57:26] <Cael> "Some hobby." he remarks.
  178. [22:58:06] <~Pop> "Space can be a really dirty place sometimes."
  179. [22:58:24] * ~Pop sets the broom against a wall and starts invasively making the bed, so it looks in top shape.
  180. [22:59:08] <Jazz> "Well...thanks a lot for cleaning this place up, Pop. If you ever need any help, just ask, okay?"
  181. [22:59:55] <Cael> "Mm... In any case, thanks again for inviting me over, Jazz. I had best make sure my reading lamp is growing correctly. I didn't bring many of those seeds and if it gets twisted again I'll be beside myself."
  182. [23:00:14] <Cael> "Perhaps I can try cooking for you, one day."
  183. [23:00:15] <~Pop> "Sure!  Same to you!  I'll team up anytime, Jazz- you have my contact info by the by, dunno if you noticed yet."
  184. [23:01:20] <Jazz> "Alright. You two can leave whenever, okay? Thanks a lot for coming over." Jazz says, smiling genuinely at both of his guests. He's glad that a few people decided to come!
  185. [23:01:40] * Cael gives a bit of a bow. "See you later, Jazz, Pop. Looking forward to something exciting tomorrow, indeed."
  186. [23:01:57] * Cael then ducks out for now~
  187. [23:02:16] * ~Pop hoists the broom up and carries it out. "You too, Cael! Can't wait to see what comes in."
  188. [23:02:22] * ~Pop pretty much steps out at the same time.
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