Kokoroe's Sabbath

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  1. Kokoroe's Sabbath
  2. ➀A recent picture of your Sabbath members...
  3. All members of Kokoroe's Sabbath wear blue, form-fitting dress uniforms, tucked in blouses and folded back white hats, so that they can be properly identified.
  5. Of course underwear is not part of the dress code and is largely ignored, resulting in multiple cases of our representatives "streaking" across the sky and flashing others while in the midst of business. Married couples often get flustered and antsy during long rides, so dresses were designed to be easy to pull up and access a mamono's "most secret areas" without creating so much as a wrinkle on the fabric by the time the couple actually get to delivering the requested item.
  7. Kokoroe is a Baphomet with threaded golden hair and a size that makes her have to look up to other Baphs literally speaking. She's got a tiny, compact stature, and a confidence that always sees her with her hands on her hips, grinning with detetmination.
  9. Her favorite item to carry around is her saddlebag, which is emblazoned with the same mark often found on Cursed Swords. It's so important, she didn't even choose to take it off during the picture itself.
  11. ②The name of your Sabbath...
  12. Kokoroe's Sabbath
  14. ③The symbol of your Sabbath...
  15. A symbol of a smaller than average living goat with an excited expression and star marks embedded in the pupils.
  17. ④The names of your representative baphomet...
  18. Kokoroe, the "Lifeblood" Baph of Connectivity
  20. ⑤ Activity details...
  21. Assisting the other Sabbaths in moving materials, transporting objects long distances between Sabbaths, and helping to disseminate information between the various Sabbaths as quickly as possible, but also to help transport objects between common people and mamono to each other safely and in a timely fashion.
  23. ⑥ Typical races...
  24. Races that are good with magic (Genies,Inari) can move very fast over large terrain (Dragons, Sandworms), or are capable of transporting large objects great distances without breaking them (Centaurs, Soldier Beetles).
  26. ➆ “To you...”
  27. It's going to be a long journey, onii-chan, so I'd appreciate it if you would ride me… <3
  28. -A dragonlet to her incubi partner
  30. ⑧ Sabbath particulars...
  31. A Sabbath designed with the original purpose of serving as a transportation method between the various Sabbath, helping them with the task of moving large, cumbersome, or volatile equipment safely, and without any potential harm to others.
  33. Before the advent of fast travel teleportation was formed, Kokoroe's Sabbath performed an invaluable service to other Sabbath institutions, being a highly recommended method of transport between the institutions that often comprised entire nation's worth of distance, or even entire countries between each other.
  35. Now that most of the Sabbath are linked via transportation circles that make travel between them as easy as activating a magic spell, Kokoroe's Sabbath has fallen out of favor as the ideal model of transport between Sabbath institutions. However, the institution has found space to operate in another sector: helping transport common objects between humans and mamono, and any human or mamono who might receive them.
  37. Though large institutions might be able to produce enough Demonic Energy to be able to afford the tremendous energy cost of stationary transportation circles, common humans and mamono lack access to this ability. Particularly when it comes to delivering objects over long distances such as priceless implementations or moving large or cumbersome equipment such as furniture, many must resort to collecting a large assemblage of people or traveling for hours on end to get to where they need to be.
  39. Kokoroe's Sabbath vastly reduces the amount of time these activities take, by employing agents specialized in the movement of large or fragile equipment. Witches can travel over hundreds of miles an hour carrying precious objects or people, and even loli dragons can carry several tons worth of weight while moving at speeds dozens of times faster than trained horses. With the help of Kokoroe's agents, even a tremendous task such as relocating an entire house to another city or town can turn from something that would take months of planning in order to execute, to something that can be done within a day of operatives being summoned, or even less!
  41. Special pins are often given to those living in areas neighboring Kokoroe's branch Sabbaths, or special communication stations propped up in areas where the public has easy access to them, and it is advised to call Kokoroe's Sabbath whenever one has trouble moving objects from one location to another, so that a member of the Sabbath itself can arrive as soon as possible to assist with the situation in any way they can manage.
  43. ⑨ A word from Baphomet...
  44. My name is Kokoroe! I grew up wanting to help the onee-sans I looked up to as much as I possibly could, but now that the other Sabbaths don't need me, I help other people and mamono by helping them transport lots of difficult equipment and objects!
  46. Spells Associated with Kokoroe's Sabbath
  47. Compaction
  48. A spell that can temporarily turn any self-enclosed spaces into pocket dimensions, within one can store a vast degree of objects, and retrieve them at one's leisure.
  50. A modification of a spell most monsters already have access to, this spell takes the "creating one's own room" aspect of space altering spells, and shrinks it down to the size of a purse or handbag, making it able to be carried around and utilized as a personal storage device, rather than just remaining stationary.
  52. Objects that could be safely stored on a witches' body would surely be lost traveling at speeds hundreds of miles per hour even if they were tightly secured, but "Pocket" makes it so that even objects that would be whipped away by the breeze and lost forever can remain safe and secure in a container that wouldn't be dislodged even if a hurricane were to hit it. Additionally, the size of the bag itself makes carrying multiple items more convenient, as a witch doesn't have to go back and forth carrying multiple items on a long journey, and instead can bring dozens of objects at a time, and retrieve them safely.
  54. It's not relegated to witches only however; any mamono with the ability to use magic can learn to manipulate their own space to make pocket dimensions for convenient usage, though most typically only witches and other mamono from Kokoroe's Sabbath rely on such fast conditions to get to where they're going.
  56. Boost
  57. A manipulation of wind energy, that creates an enchanted gust of air that propels the target far faster than they could ever normally travel alone.
  59. The spell is designed to mimic a Sylph's complete control over the wind, though of course it is nowhere near as strong as even a non-monsterized Sylph's power. However, the breeze is still enough to generate winds that blow in excess of hundreds of miles an hour, propelling anything connected to them like they had been launched out of a catapult. A normal human's body would never be able to handle such forces being placed upon it, but even monsters with a child's body are able to handle such conditions as long as they stay with the wind, and it's used as a method of high-capacity travel by Kokoroe's Sabbath from one location to another.
  61. Reduction
  62. A spell that prevents the interaction of any medium with any object that the user chooses, including themselves.
  64. The spell itself projects a thin layer of Demonic Energy over any surface the user voluntarily wishes, encasing it in a permeable "shell" that allows oxygen in, but keeps all other elements out of the shell itself.
  66. Oftentimes, travel will result in dangerous conditions having to be dealt with. Mamono are quite capable of flying through most forms of weather conditions even as children, but the same cannot be said for the objects they carry, some of which may experience snow, rain, or hail, and are sometimes too large to simply conceal away using Compaction.
  68. For those objects in particular, Reduction is an essential method of delivery that all agents of Kokoroe's Sabbath must learn. By projecting a thin layer of their own energy over the packages they are trying to protect, they cut down on not only the damage that the high winds generated by Boost would otherwise cause from wind smacking into their packages, they nullify any damage that would otherwise be caused by rain, hail, sleet, snow, or any other conditions that would make delivery of an object a critical issue.
  70. In addition to all of the above, Reduction itself can also be utilized underwater, or in typically low oxygen conditions such as underground caves. The spell itself can filter oxygen from the environment around it while still keeping the package and the mamono inside it airtight, so it's still useful in a situation such as a Sandworm having to travel across a lake to get to where it's going.
  72. It is also the spell chiefly used to keep their hats on their heads while flying so fast, an act which would truly mystify any human or mamono who didn't recognize the existence of the spell, and wondered how they traveled so quickly without them being spinning away into the wind.
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