Oran Mini - Waitress Valley

Nov 27th, 2011
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  1. [23:14:18] <@Nephene> Summer 12. The Lazing Slaking is closed for the day, with an additional sign reassuring potential customers that they'll be open tomorrow.
  2. [23:15:33] * @Nephene is still visibly inside, still sitting at the counter. She's had a drink, as shown by the half-full glass of Blood Cherrim Tonic, and is scribbling in her notepad, planning something out.
  3. [23:16:02] <@Nephene> It was telling that completely suspending her business was the only way she could possibly make any money.
  4. [23:16:10] <@Nephene>, find any time for herself.
  5. [23:16:17] <@Nephene> (what am i even saying)
  6. [23:16:27] <Raven> (The Nephene monologs)
  7. [23:16:47] <@Nephene> Occasionally, she looks out the window.
  8. [23:17:02] <@Nephene> Maybe she -wanted- someone to show up.
  9. [23:17:10] <@Nephene> If nothing else, her brother should have been back.
  10. [23:17:23] * Raven approaches the door curiously, seeing as this is odd. She's sort of a mess herself, hair unbraided for once. She peeks in a window then knocks on it when she sees Nephene.
  11. [23:17:47] * @Nephene looks at the door, and motions for Raven to come inside. It's unlocked.
  12. [23:20:01] * Raven enters quietly. "Hey, what's...going on?" she asks as she closes the door behind her. "Pretty unusual for you guys to be...completely closed for a day, isn't it?"
  13. [23:20:15] <@Nephene> "Yep," she replies hollowly.
  14. [23:22:37] <Raven> "...Something happened after we left last night, I take it," she says as she sits beside Nephene at the counter.
  15. [23:23:05] <@Nephene> "Yep."
  16. [23:23:37] * @Nephene hugs her Torchic plushie, Blazie, and buries her head in the pillow sitting on the countertop.
  17. [23:24:22] * Raven watches with a concerned frown. "Wanna talk about it or..?"
  18. [23:24:31] <@Nephene> "I guess."
  19. [23:24:43] <@Nephene> "It's....I just have to wonder what I'm going to do now."
  20. [23:24:56] <@Nephene> "Life as usual, I guess."
  21. [23:26:57] <Raven> She hesitates, not quite sure how to reply to that, "Just what happened, Nephene?"
  22. [23:27:07] <@Nephene> "Arawn said it wouldn't work out."
  23. [23:27:23] <@Nephene> "And I had to turn down Sub."
  24. [23:28:11] <Raven> "Wah-wait what?"
  25. [23:29:15] <@Nephene> "That's it, really."
  26. [23:33:16] <Raven> She slowly gets up and puts her arms around Nephene in a comforting hug. "I'm sorry...I don't know what to say about Arawn. Something's gotta be wrong with that guy if he would prefer his balls over you. But...Sub? Submission? He whawah?"
  27. [23:33:48] <@Nephene> "Caught me off guard, too."
  28. [23:34:02] <@Nephene> "He wasn't a nervous mess until last night, and he just....came out with it."
  29. [23:34:09] <@Nephene> "It didn't help that Arawn was there, too."
  30. [23:37:15] <Raven> "Annnd you said no, and then Arawn said no to you," she presumes with a sigh. "That's...I can't even imagine what that was like, I'm so sorry that just is so..."
  31. [23:37:24] <Raven> "Unfortionate."
  32. [23:41:10] <Raven> "And...what was your answer to that?"
  33. [23:42:16] <Nephene> "I said I'd meet him there. That's not what bothers me, though."
  34. [23:42:28] <Nephene> "It was -why- it wouldn't work out, according to him."
  35. [23:44:24] <Raven> "Well, it bothers me a little, but just what did he tell you?"
  36. [23:45:54] <Nephene> "The only thing he wanted to be tied down to was his work."
  37. [23:47:35] <Raven> She's quiet for a bit. "Isn't that...almost exactly the opposite of what you want?"
  38. [23:48:07] <Nephene> "I know his work is important, but...."
  39. [23:48:15] <Nephene> "That can't be the only thing that matters to him."
  40. [23:52:59] <Raven> She shrugs. "That's probably true, but maybe he's just not ready for what you wanted, I don't know Nephene."
  41. [23:53:11] <Nephene> "Why didn't he just tell me that, then?"
  42. [23:55:10] <Nephene> "Why couldn't we -try- to make it work?"
  43. [23:56:25] <Raven> She shakes her head. "I don't know, but...I think it's weird he still wanted to go to dinner with you."
  44. [23:56:39] <Nephene> "Wanted to relax."
  45. [23:58:47] <Raven> "It's still weird," she loosens her hug a little. "Specially if he knows how you feel about him..."
  46. [23:58:59] <Nephene> "I know."
  47. [00:02:26] <Nephene> "'s just strange. This is more or less the only way I can get any time to myself."
  48. [00:02:26] <Raven> "I don't know how much you like him, but Neph, you look like you haven't slept at all since last night over this. I'm afraid this might not be healthy for you to keep up in the long run with him...and..."
  49. [00:02:34] <Nephene> "I've slept."
  50. [00:02:41] <Nephene> "Only a couple of hours at a time."
  51. [00:02:45] <Nephene> "Had a couple of drinks."
  52. [00:04:26] <Raven> She looks down, "I feel bad seeing you like this, it's not fair to you, specially since it feels like I'm stealing your brother away. I want you to be happy too."
  53. [00:04:36] <Nephene> "I'll be okay."
  54. [00:04:41] <Nephene> "I just need some time to think, really."
  55. [00:05:35] <Nephene> "THe problem is that time is something I don't exactly have a lot of."
  56. [00:07:28] <Raven> "I'm also afraid of what he'll do when he hears about this, do you...want me to talk to him first?"
  57. [00:08:41] <Nephene> "I want to deal with this myself."
  58. [00:09:03] <Nephene> "I don't think having someone else talk to him will make things any better, really."
  59. [00:11:31] <Raven> "That's...not quite what I meant, Neph," she shuffles around. "He feels the same way I do about this, I think, but he something rash. To Arawn, thinking it'd make you happier."
  60. [00:11:50] <Raven> She looks uncomfortable, like she's not sure how to phrase things.
  61. [00:13:25] <Nephene> "....I dunno, then. I feel like I have to handle this myself, no matter what, though."
  62. [00:18:51] <Raven> She tugs at the longer section of her hair in frustration. "I know you feel that way, it's just hard to stand by and watch. The big thing is you need more free time though, right? It's a lot of work trying to keep this place up. I...discussed something with Claud earlier, he thought we should wait before asking you about it but," and then she just spits it out.
  63. [00:19:52] <Raven> "I want to move in with you guys."
  64. [00:20:07] <Nephene> "....what?"
  65. [00:21:54] <Raven> "Look, I know his secret, why he's afraid trust people, why he passed out at the swimming contest, and a lot of things. He told me, he trusts me that much, and I trust him just as much," she blushes a bit as she fumbles through explaining this.
  66. [00:22:38] <Nephene> "Aren't you busy with guard duties as it is, though?"
  67. [00:24:47] <Raven> "And quite frankly my house really sucks. It was temporary to begin with. Just...based on the nature of what he's trusted me with, even though we haven't been seeing each other very long, I...think it'd be more than appropriate for me to move in."
  68. [00:25:12] <Nephene> "So what would you do here?"
  69. [00:25:51] <Raven> She shakes her head to Nephene's inquiry about her job. "Neph, if I'm living here I'd be like part of the family, not just free loading."
  70. [00:27:51] <Nephene> "Which is exactly why I need to know how you can help out while still finding the time to do your guard duties."
  71. [00:27:54] <Raven> "I have my own pay check, and that much more, along with the fact I'd be living here and not dragging Claud away, a lot, I think."
  72. [00:28:07] <Nephene> "Oh,'d have your own room."
  73. [00:28:23] <Nephene> "I don't really feel comfortable with you two sharing a room, if we can agree to this."
  74. [00:29:23] <Nephene> "If I can figure out what we're going to do, then maybe I can...."
  75. [00:29:26] <Nephene> "....I can...."
  76. [00:29:48] <Nephene> She falls silent for a time, and her head finally rises from the pillow. Raven can practically hear the gears turning.
  77. [00:31:23] <Raven> She gets flustered a bit, "I'm trying to think of a non-creepy way to say I might end up your sister-in-law, Neph, but I can't really take that seriously considering how long we've been together either...but one doesn't really share the sort of thing I've been included in to just anyone, right?"
  78. [00:32:27] <Nephene> "....maybe he's right. Maybe I've been too careful, even if we aren't making much money."
  79. [00:33:17] <Nephene> "Maybe it's time I took a risk for once."
  80. [00:34:14] <Nephene> "I think I've got it."
  81. [00:34:30] <Raven> "And even if I can't domuch to help physically around the inn, I'd...still have my income to help, maybe hire some help, I don't know..." she rambles on a bit till Nephene announces this.
  82. [00:34:46] <Nephene> "Okay. You'll get the room next to Claud's."
  83. [00:34:51] <Nephene> "You have three options."
  84. [00:35:12] <Raven> She nods.
  85. [00:35:18] <Nephene> "You find the time to work off your room and board, I charge rent, or some combination of the two."
  86. [00:35:27] <Nephene> "Meanwhile, I -really- need to talk to my brother."
  87. [00:35:43] <Nephene> She digs through a drawer under the counter, fumbling through its contents.
  88. [00:36:17] <Raven> "Whatever you do don't mention that sister-in-law thing to him." :<
  89. [00:36:27] <Nephene> "I won't, it's just...."
  90. [00:36:31] <Nephene> "Here it is."
  91. [00:36:55] <Nephene> She eventually digs out a sign, and sets it on the counter.
  92. [00:37:34] <Nephene> It's a simple oak sign, carefully crafted by her father. It only has two very important words on it - and it would be something she'd need soon.
  93. [00:38:27] * Raven eyes the sign. "This is..?"
  94. [00:38:29] <Nephene> "Which to do first, though...."
  95. [00:38:39] <Nephene> The sign says "NOW HIRING."
  96. [00:39:08] <Nephene> "Front-loading all of the risk like this won't do me much good."
  97. [00:39:42] <Nephene> "I should either focus on new hires and services, or expanding with some cooperation from the town....I might need to talk to a few nearby business-owners. Maybe even the mayor."
  98. [00:39:58] <Raven> "And I have no quarrel paying room and board while trying to help out after hours, considering I'm usually here anyway, that's...basically the same as what I had in mind, I guess."
  99. [00:40:12] <Nephene> "....think, Nephie, think."
  100. [00:41:05] <Raven> "I shoulda figured you wouldn't like the idea of us sharing a room, period," she smiles awkwardly, considering the previous night :B
  101. [00:42:38] <Nephene> "What can we offer, how can we expand...."
  102. [00:44:50] <Raven> "There was also the tournament Claud wanted to organize."
  103. [00:44:59] <Nephene> "Right."
  104. [00:45:15] <Nephene> "But that seems like a risk most of the Valley should pool into with poromotions."
  105. [00:45:47] <Raven> "But this really isn't the point of why I asked about this - I think you'd have a lot more...time to get away from here, if I was more involved than just stealing your bartender away at prime time hours or sitting around as a customer..."
  106. [00:46:06] <Nephene> "Part of why I'm letting you do this."
  107. [00:46:12] <Nephene> "Part of why I'm considering new hires."
  108. [00:49:21] <Nephene> "It's only a matter of where to begin...."
  109. [00:51:05] <Raven> "You got a lot of stuff you gotta sort out, with Arawn and Submission; still curious about what the hell happened with Sub but-"
  110. [00:52:34] <Nephene> Her train of thought halts.
  111. [00:53:02] <Nephene> "He....wanted me to go pick flowers with him."
  112. [00:53:56] <Raven> She...can't help but laugh a little. "That is so unlike him, to the point that it's just cute."
  113. [00:54:00] <Nephene> "Said he always admired me."
  114. [00:54:24] * Nephene grins. "It -was- adorable. It was a side of him I hadn't seen."
  115. [00:55:11] <Nephene> "Usually he's so calm control."
  116. [00:58:02] <Raven> She takes a seat beside Neph again. " ...I imagine he probably feels a lot like you do right now. Curious how long he's liked you though, considering you've both been here...forever? But that's your thing, I know, I won't interfere any more than I've already dragged myself in."
  117. [00:59:44] <Nephene> "...I know."
  118. [01:02:19] * Raven rests her head on the countertop. "I cound probably keep Claud occupied from trying to interfere as well if I string him into helping me move in as well, so don't worry about that either for now."
  119. [01:03:09] <Nephene> "No, no....I'll need his help."
  120. [01:03:13] <Nephene> "He has some ideas."
  121. [01:03:20] <Nephene> "I ust want to see how well the town will take to them."
  122. [01:05:09] <Raven> "I was talking about with your finding a boyfriend issues, Neph." :B
  123. [01:06:33] <Nephene> "....huh?"
  124. [01:06:36] <Nephene> "Oh. Right!"
  125. [01:07:07] <Nephene> "It's probably best that he doesn't know. Tell him I just needed a break if he asks why we're closed."
  126. [01:07:11] <Nephene> "It's true enough."
  127. [01:10:52] * Raven fidgets. "Okay, I guess..."
  128. [01:12:53] <Nephene> "Something wrong?"
  129. [01:14:32] <Raven> "It feels like a white lie, I dunno how he'd handle it considering he trusts me unconditionally, if or when he learns what happened to you."
  130. [01:16:03] <Nephene> "It'll be okay. I'll talk to him."
  131. [01:18:33] <Raven> "And...please don't think of it as me renting a room or working part time, even if I technically am, I guess. I understand why you want us to have seperate rooms, but this is more than just me trying to rent a room."
  132. [01:20:04] <Nephene> "I know."
  133. [01:20:42] * Nephene sighs, and flips to a completely new page on her notepad. "But what do I do now..."
  134. [01:22:31] <Raven> "Well if you're gonna hire a part timer..." she ponders while trying to snatch up Blazie, "There's quite a few people around town that might be interested."
  135. [01:23:11] <Nephene> Neph isn't particularly paying too much attention to Blazie, but Claws, the plush Teddiursa, is also available for the snuggling.
  136. [01:23:29] <Nephene> The jolly Torchic slips right out of Nephene's grasp as she continues pondering.
  137. [01:24:19] <Nephene> "I'm going to need a cook."
  138. [01:26:42] <Raven> She toys with Blazie for now, "I mean there's Jack, who far as I know IS unemployed for the most part, Iona, who is a homeless beach bum, and...okay Maka, Terry and Clarity might be poor choices."
  139. [01:27:23] <Nephene> "I might be able to ask one of the wives of the usual customers here..."
  140. [01:28:29] <Raven> "Maka less so than the first two, but I don't imagine she'd be terribly interested in being a waitress. She can cook, however...but...erm..."
  141. [01:29:33] <Nephene> "She's got enough to worry about with the library."
  142. [01:30:35] <Raven> "I dunno she always seems to be interested in side jobs to get money for books, was just throwing it out there."
  143. [01:31:45] <Nephene> "I suppose. I can try asking her."
  144. [01:32:17] <Nephene> Blazie's material squeaks slightly.
  145. [01:32:34] <Nephene> Very reminiscent of a Torchic's chirping, really.
  146. [01:33:04] * Raven is terribly amused by this, giggles, squeaky squeaky
  147. [01:33:33] <Nephene> He's even constructed out of an insulating material that keeps warm.
  148. [01:34:25] <Nephene> "....hey! What are you doing with Blazie?"
  149. [01:34:44] <Nephene> She -just- noticed.
  150. [01:35:36] <Raven> "Uh - nothin'" :C
  151. [01:35:53] <Nephene> :(
  152. [01:35:59] * Raven grips Blazie in a tight hug. SQUEAK
  153. [01:36:05] <Nephene> "You can hold on to him for now, I guess. Just be careful with him!"
  154. [01:38:25] <Raven> "Alternatively."
  155. [01:38:34] <Raven> " could just hang up the now hiring sign and wait."
  156. [01:39:03] <Raven> "Or ask around town while you're out and about as well."
  157. [01:40:05] <Nephene> "I think I'd rather ask, honestly."
  158. [01:43:33] <Nephene> "It's much easier to screen for cooks, really."
  159. [01:44:51] <Raven> "Well, I recall Maka cooked a rather good dinner for me early on from moving here, and Iona...seems to be able to cook, from the camping trip. I can't think of many others though off the top of my head."
  160. [01:45:59] <Nephene> "Maybe Helen, Helga, or Ethel..."
  161. [01:47:07] <Nephene> "....where did Claud go, anyway?"
  162. [01:47:13] <Nephene> "And what were you two doing last night?"
  163. [01:47:41] <Raven> Pokerface.
  164. [01:48:01] <Raven> "He said he was spending the night at my house when we left yesterday..."
  165. [01:48:15] <Nephene> "Right."
  166. [01:49:03] <Nephene> "That's where you were, but what did you guys do?"
  167. [01:49:05] <Raven> "I think he's still asleep, maybe? I left before he woke up."
  168. [01:50:00] <Nephene> "Hm. Alright."
  169. [01:50:58] <Raven> "Remember last night when he said he wanted to help me job? And I wanted to make sure he could defend himself? He sorta um..."
  170. [01:51:11] <Nephene> "....he what."
  171. [01:51:54] <Raven> "Talked me into the two of us sparring."
  172. [01:52:27] <Nephene> "Sparring? That takes some training to do safely."
  173. [01:53:14] <Raven> "And he sorta got his butt kicked. Badly. And then we talked about it and stuff..."
  174. [01:53:34] * Nephene sighs as her face slides into her palms.]
  175. [01:56:38] <Raven> "And then we...cuddled, and stuff, ThisIsReallyAwkwardToTalkToYouAbout."
  176. [01:56:46] <Nephene> "Cuddled."
  177. [01:57:42] * Barkeep comes in, rubbing his forehead, staggering a bit and grumbling out "Mornin..." as he slowly trudges towards the bar. "David took a while to wake me up..."
  178. [01:57:53] <Raven> Pokerface.
  179. [01:58:20] <Nephene> "You sure were sleeping a lot."
  180. [01:58:22] <Nephene> "Say, Claud."
  181. [01:58:29] <Nephene> "What were you doing at Raven's place?"
  182. [01:58:50] <Nephene> She taps her pencil against the counter, seeing how his reply measures up.
  183. [01:59:45] <Raven> "He uh, also showed me some of his...telepathic gifts?"
  184. [01:59:46] * Barkeep puts his hand against his forehead, "Gimmie a minute..." sitting on the bar across from marcel and rapping his knuckles on the wood. "Bloody Mary please."
  185. [02:02:04] * Raven just squeezes Blazie as she looks at the countertop. squeak.
  186. [02:02:17] <Nephene> "Hold on, hold on."
  187. [02:02:20] <Nephene> "Just tell me about this first."
  188. [02:02:31] <Nephene> "I've got something to ask you afterward."
  189. [02:02:36] <Nephene> "It's....a proposal."
  190. [02:03:08] <Barkeep> "Huh? Oh. Well we were drinking Mac's liquid courage... and I lost at sparring pretty badly before..."
  191. [02:03:18] <Barkeep> "She really gave me a pounding last night."
  192. [02:04:09] <Nephene> "...."
  193. [02:04:27] <Barkeep> Marcel finishes his drink and slides it to him. "Thank you marcel."
  194. [02:04:33] * Barkeep takes a long drink of it.
  195. [02:07:59] <Nephene> "Go on."
  196. [02:09:09] <Barkeep> "Huh...?"
  197. [02:09:36] * Barkeep shakes his head from side to side to clear himself up. "Sorry, I just really wore myself out sis..." :<
  198. [02:09:46] <Barkeep> "What were we talking about again?"
  199. [02:09:57] <Nephene> "What you were doing at Raven's place."
  200. [02:09:58] <Raven> sqeak
  201. [02:10:41] * Barkeep squeaks, "Uhhhh..."
  202. [02:12:28] <Barkeep> "W-well... it's not like I can't tell you that I wouldn't say we didn't not have sex."
  203. [02:12:54] <Nephene> "......"
  204. [02:12:56] <Nephene> "...................."
  205. [02:13:08] * Raven bangs her head into the countertop
  206. [02:13:34] <Nephene> An awkward silence falls over the entire building, with the exception of one squeak from Blazie.
  207. [02:13:47] <Nephene> ""
  208. [02:13:50] <Nephene> "You two just...."
  209. [02:13:54] <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  210. [02:14:39] <Raven> bang, bang bang, squeak
  211. [02:15:27] <Nephene> " two havebeen dating for -how- long?
  212. [02:15:29] <Nephene> "
  213. [02:15:52] <Nephene> "And then there's....springing spoinks.....Mom and Dad are going to -kill- you if they find out!"
  214. [02:18:04] <Barkeep> "W-Well I'm not going to tell them!"
  215. [02:18:17] <Nephene> "-Why?-"
  216. [02:18:22] <Nephene> "You're too.....aaaaaagh!"
  217. [02:18:33] <Nephene> "I need that mental image out of my head!"
  218. [02:18:46] <Barkeep> "Why are you having a mental image of that! You're my sister!"
  219. [02:18:47] <Raven> "I tried to spare you it."
  220. [02:18:50] <Raven> "I really did"
  221. [02:19:14] <Nephene> "You two are too young for this!"
  222. [02:19:42] <Barkeep> "... what?"
  223. [02:19:50] <Barkeep> "Neph, she's only a little younger than you..."
  224. [02:19:57] <Nephene> "Or moving too fast, or, or....."
  225. [02:20:15] <Barkeep> "Does that mean you're admitting you're not too old?" :D
  226. [02:20:21] * Nephene 's frustration reduces her words to babbling.
  227. [02:20:27] <Nephene> "That's not the point!"
  228. [02:21:53] <Nephene> "Can you two just....not move that fast, please?"
  229. [02:21:56] <Raven> "It just sorta happened I dunno what to say."
  230. [02:22:10] <Nephene> "Let's have cool heads triumph over blazing passions. THIS IS WHY YOU'RE GETTING SEPARATE ROOMS."
  231. [02:23:54] <Barkeep> "You're right, sis. We should consult you about the proper timetable for us to be springing the spoink."
  232. [02:24:17] <Nephene> "aaaaaaaaa"
  233. [02:24:30] <Nephene> "I just wanted a -break- from all this."
  234. [02:24:57] <Raven> "This is the most awkward conversation I've ever been part of."
  235. [02:25:02] <Barkeep> "I'm sorry sis, that was mean..."
  236. [02:25:12] * Barkeep goes over and hugs her.
  237. [02:25:55] * Nephene buries her face in the pillow on the counter.
  238. [02:26:11] <Nephene> "I even had a proposal for you, too."
  239. [02:26:11] <Barkeep> "Sis please don't be upset..." :<
  240. [02:26:15] <Nephene> "Now I'm not so sure."
  241. [02:26:24] <Barkeep> "Sis..."
  242. [02:26:44] <Nephene> "....."
  243. [02:27:25] <Barkeep> "This isn't really about us is it."
  244. [02:27:41] * Raven is just silent for a bit.
  245. [02:28:02] <Nephene> ".....alright, look."
  246. [02:28:05] <Nephene> "Just do this."
  247. [02:28:15] * Nephene looks up.
  248. [02:28:27] <Nephene> "You wanted a chance to expand this place, right?"
  249. [02:28:32] <Nephene> "I'll give you a chance."
  250. [02:28:33] * Barkeep squeezes her and looks at her, nodding.
  251. [02:28:42] <Barkeep> "What do you mean?"
  252. [02:29:14] <Nephene> "If you can convince the mayor, or some of the businesses around, or whatever to help you arrange an event, complete with promotions...."
  253. [02:29:41] <Nephene> "....-and- you can work promoting and expanding the Lazing Slaking into it...."
  254. [02:29:48] <Nephene> "....I'll give you some startup funding."
  255. [02:29:55] <Nephene> "Five thousand, to be exact."
  256. [02:30:33] <Nephene> "We need help here. Badly."
  257. [02:30:42] <Nephene> "So I'm also going to hire people."
  258. [02:30:58] <Nephene> "It's probably a financial risk, but one I think we need to take."
  259. [02:31:00] <Nephene> "Am I clear?"
  260. [02:31:13] <Barkeep> "What? Sis, I don't need to use that money..."
  261. [02:31:52] <Nephene> "It takes money to make money, especially if we're going to pull people from out of town."
  262. [02:32:06] <Barkeep> "Out of town, really?"
  263. [02:32:11] * Nephene nods.
  264. [02:33:27] <Barkeep> "I didn't know about making it that big... I'll have to analyze the costs and see if it'd be worth it."
  265. [02:33:53] <Barkeep> "But I'll do whatever it takes to help out our bar."
  266. [02:35:10] <Nephene> "Our problems with the Slaking's revenue aren't going to go away if it stays a pure family business."
  267. [02:35:40] <Barkeep> "Yeah, maybe not..."
  268. [02:35:46] <Barkeep> "So you're really willing to take a chance on some of my ideas?"
  269. [02:35:52] <Nephene> "Yeah."
  270. [02:36:06] * Barkeep smiles, "Then I won't let you down."
  271. [02:36:14] <Nephene> "If Mayor Day or some potential cross-promoters like it, I'll hand over the money."
  272. [02:36:36] * Nephene sighs, thinly concealing some disappointment.
  273. [02:37:07] <Nephene> "Think about how you're going to do that. We're not the only ones that need the help - it's the entire Valley."
  274. [02:37:26] * Barkeep continues squeezing neph tightly.
  275. [02:37:35] <Nephene> "I'm going to go to my room. Don't do anything too reckless, and open up the bar again if you want."
  276. [02:37:56] <Nephene> "Amon's out in the fields if you need him."
  277. [02:38:02] <Barkeep> "I know, sis. Don't worry. Just leave it to me."
  278. [02:38:24] <Nephene> "Right."
  279. [02:38:25] <Barkeep> "I'll have Marcel fill in for you. Take all the time you need."
  280. [02:38:48] <Barkeep> "I'm going to talk with Maka and Balth about helping me advertise, then ask mayor day..."
  281. [02:38:49] * Nephene gathers her blanket, pillow, Claws....and Blazie, from Raven's grasp, and makes her way upstairs with a dejected sigh.
  282. [02:38:53] <Barkeep> "... first I should take a shower though."
  283. [02:38:56] * Raven buries her head into the countertop.
  284. [02:38:58] * Barkeep lets go of neph :<
  285. [02:39:22] <Nephene> The "NOW HIRING" sign, however, still sits on the bartop.
  286. [02:42:15] <Raven> "I really fucked everything up this time, ugh."
  287. [02:43:22] <Barkeep> "No, it... it's my fault..."
  288. [02:43:35] <Barkeep> "But... I don't think we should regret this."
  289. [02:44:05] <Barkeep> "I know we can make something great come out of this."
  290. [02:45:36] <Raven> "Well, the good news is she is letting me move in, so...even if she's upset and takes a break from the inn, it'll still be easier to deal with, I think."
  291. [02:45:51] <Barkeep> "I'm glad for that at least."
  292. [02:46:01] <Barkeep> "She'll come around though."
  293. [02:47:13] <Raven> "I was hoping she just...wouldn't inquire about...that."
  294. [02:47:56] <Barkeep> "Well... I can't lie to sis."
  295. [02:48:36] <Barkeep> "I'd never do that. She's too important to me to keep things from her. I want her to trust me."
  296. [02:52:30] <Raven> "I know, but that was...a bit much for her, I think. I swear I cause her more and more trouble."
  297. [02:56:16] <Raven> She gets up and sighs. "I'm gonna...go get some work done, then when I get back from that, start moving things over from the shack to my room, I guess."
  298. [02:58:20] <Raven> "Then I'll have to turn the keys to the damn thing back over to the mayor, I think. It was a loaner basically anyway, just assigned to me."
  299. [03:00:51] <Raven> She laughs. "I got the room right next to yours, I think, for now. Granted she's probably gonna lock me in after hours now."
  300. [03:02:01] * Barkeep chuckles
  301. [03:02:22] <Barkeep> "It'll work out, Raven. Cheer up."
  302. [03:04:30] <Raven> "I can only hope so, she's in a...fey mood, you could say, even before that little fact was dropped on her."
  303. [03:06:16] <Raven> "Well, off to work then," she gives him a quick kiss then heads for the door, "See you tonight, hun."
  304. [03:06:28] * Barkeep smiles, "See ya."
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