A BnS Guide and Resource sheet (4chan ver)

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  1.                                                    ☆ A Guide to Blade & Soul ☆
  2.                                         「 For those new, returning, or just a little bit lost 」
  3.                                                  -----------------------------------
  5. Hello there! Welcome back or to Blade and Soul Online
  6. The most populated server for NA is Yura. The most populated server for EU is Jinsoyun.
  7. ◍ /bnsg/ NA is on the server Zulia and /bnsg/ EU is on the server Jinsoyun
  9. Here is the official Blade and Soul site:
  10. Here is the official Blade and Soul game download link:
  11. Here is the next coming patch and event:
  12. and here is the current newest class:
  13. In KR the next coming new class has been confirmed as Archer.
  14. The current level cap is 60
  15. The current Hongmoon level cap is level 30.
  16. ◍ For more useful links such as Mods/Class Guides/Game Tools/Launchers/Discords/Presets, please see the bottom of the guide.
  18. Let's start with leveling then!
  20. -----------------------------------
  21.           Leveling 1-55
  22. -----------------------------------
  24. ● Do your yellow story quests first and foremost.
  25. → Blue ← are not needed as the exp reward isn't much (Most have been removed now anyway).
  26. → Purple ← quests are for more windwalking stamina as well as learning to wall-walk, so be sure to do those as well.
  27. → Orange ← are/unlock weekly raid quests which you'll get at end game, so absolutely do those as you see them too.
  28. ● Use whatever gear quests give you (weapons, accessories, soul shields, etc) as you go along, salvaging the old one once you get a new one. [If you played over a year ago, you'll remember you used to keep and upgrade your gear. This is no longer the case until you are max level]
  29. ● Join a "Faction". If you want to join one of the NA /bnsg/ guilds, "Pix" is Cerulean and "Friend" is Crimson. EU's guild is "Paizuri Police" and is Crimson.
  30. ✖ Do not put on/wear your faction outfit unless you want to pvp!
  31. ● Do all your story quest and by the time you're done you will be max level. At the end of story, you will also be given decent starter gear along with a free pet.
  34. -----------------------------------
  35.            Newbie Tips
  36. -----------------------------------
  38. ● If you have a lot of stuttering or other problems with the game, install "BnS Buddy". See bottom for more info.
  39. ● If you think you missed a quest, hit J and check your quest tabs (quest letters) to be sure.
  40. ● Spin your Daily Dash every day for free things. You will not have Daily Dash during Trove however.
  41. ● Infuse Crit on your soul shields if you feel your damage is a little weak, although this probably won't be needed until a little later on. When you do though, use the Crit Primer shields sold in your Dragon Express tab to do this.
  42. ● Salvage weapons, accessories, and soul shields once you no longer need them via your inventory menu
  43. ◍ Still not confident with your class? Unsure about a boss encounter? Hit F12 and go to the Hongmoon Training Room to learn your skill rotations better and practice boss fights.
  44. ● Max your camera distance to see what's going on around you better. This is in your Options.
  45. ● Adjust keybinds via Options as well, like the CapsLock toggle or autorun
  46. ● Get a pet for more HP (you will receive a free one at the end of questing, but you can buy whatever one you like off F5). Do not max pet-you can't anyway, it's way too expensive. Worry about pet stages later, when you're about to start raiding.
  47. ● Make sure to grab free oils whenever you can from events to upgrade your soul with. Gems and Pet packs are also currently a good choice.
  48. ✖ If someone named "Savias" whispers you, please respond.
  50. ● Ctrl+X to remove UI
  51. ● Ctrl+Alt to access emots
  52. ● Ctrl+C to access the dye shop
  53. (Costume dyeing only works on dyeable costumes. You can get these rarely though F10 or from any Clothing Merchant in any town which sells a few dyeable costumes in exchange for Chromatic Threads. You can get Chromatic Threads in F10 or for free from Daily Dash)
  54. ● Put costumes you're not wearing in "F3". That is your wardrobe and you can access it anytime anywhere.
  55. ● Want an outfit from F10, but don't want to swipe? Hit F9 and sell your gold for "Hongmoon coins". These coins can be used to buy cash shop items via the 2nd tab on F10. Don't lowball yourself though, try to sell for reasonable price.
  56. ● Blade and Soul costumes are rotated in/out once every 2 weeks. So, every other Friday 2 costumes will be up for sale replacing whatever costumes were there the week before. If you want one, buy it before those 2 weeks are up.
  57. ● Have an outfit you want to send to an alt? Hit F10 and buy "Outfit Delivery Stamps". They're 19coins each and it takes 6 to send an outfit, 3 to send an accessory. Once you have them, just mail your outfit to your alt. (If you cannot mail, this is because you have never bought Ncoin. This rule is to combat bot issues)
  58. ● See a costume you want in F3 but don't see it in F10? Check F5 and see if you can buy it there. If not, you'll probably have to wait a few months until it makes it's way back into the game. If you'd like to see it sooner, post about it in the official forum and with enough persistence it'll probably end up coming back sooner than later.
  61. _________ ◍ How To add a custom F2 Profile picture is shown here ◍ _________
  67. -----------------------------------
  68.           Fresh 50 - 60
  69. -----------------------------------
  71. ● Receive your (PvE) Legendary weapon. Around HM5/6 you will be given the choice to accept a "Light" or "Dark" weapon box. Light meaning Seraph, Dark meaning Baleful. Choose the appropriate box for your class (Baleful will be the choice for all classes but WL. WL will pick seraph). If the weapon does not have 6-8 gem slots, go to Grand Harvest Square and reroll it using (purple)Naryu Silvers until all are unlocked (5 per box). Eight slots are essential to your weapon as they maximize the gems you can use which adds to your AP (Attack Power).
  72. ◍ If you are just returning and are already 55 but still do not have a legendary weapon, head over to that same Grand Harvest Square NPC to get your weapon using Naryu Silver coins.
  73. ● Due to another cost reduction on weapons, after you get your Baleful/Seraph weapon you will want to continue upgrading into the Dawn/Rift path as going the Raven path will cost you a lot more time, gold, and effort. So go Dawn/Rift until you can switch over to Raven 9. Do not switch to Raven before Raven 9. *This changes depending on cost reductions every few months though so ask around to double check.
  74. ❤ At 55, check both your purple and orange quests to continue leveling to 60 as well as to unlock your Talents. The purple story continuation is for your Talents and the orange is to reach level 60.
  75. ● At around level 55-60 you will also be given a Legendary (PvP) weapon. It has a similar way of upgrading just like the Legendary PvE weapon.
  76. ● Once all of your story quests are finished, you will see both a Daily and Weekly "Challenge" on your quest log. Complete your daily and weekly challenge every week if possible as it gives much needed mats and current event tokens.
  77. ● If you can begin the questline "Know Thine Enemy", that could get you started towards acquiring a legendary bracelet through the currency it gives. You should find this in your quest journal, the requirement is completing a select handful of dungeons/ boss kills. However, you have to do the dungeons in order, not randomly!
  78. ● Also complete Dead Refuse to Die and Know Thine Enemy Part 2 for even more and much better rewards that will really help boost your gear up for much better damage and save you tons of gold/time/effort
  79. ● Grind Celestial Basin quests to get whatever items there that you believe you need, but NOTE! Once you farm 20k peaches, try not to dip lower than that. The more peaces you have, the better quests with much higher rewards you'll get. To continue getting high peach rewards, try to keep at least 20k or so on you to make farming go faster.
  80. ❤ Grind Moon Refuge for better accessories and soul shields, especially if you have trouble getting into raids. You can get to Moon Refuge once you hit HM13 and talk to an NPC in Celestial Basin who will have a quest called Zafuls Zeal(?), somewhere in your Quest Letters.
  82. ● Acquiring and upgrading Legendaries will be your main end-game focus. You'll need your legendary weapon, ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, belt, gloves, soul, heart, pet, soul badge, mystic badge and soul shields. This requires a lot of dungeon farming, raiding, peach/Moon refuge farming, and/or just doing dailies every day for tokens to get some of those items-so it can be RNG, it can be through dailies via your Dragon Express tab in your Inventory window, or you can just farm peaches/Moon refuge and get them that way instead.
  83. ● Legendary earring and ring should ideally come from raiding (Skybreak Spire aka BT). This is pure RNG with a 1 entry per week limit. If you'd like to speed up the process though you can also get them from Moon Refuge farming.
  84. ● Work toward getting a full set of Raven (from BT) soul shields. This will be the only soul shield set you need for PvE until you get to VT.
  85. ● Press P and put points in defense if you're unsure of what you're doing and/or too squishy.
  87. ❤ Check your gear! Some items have been updated and will need you to swap or salvage them to be the current up to date version of them. This can be gems or more recently certain raid accessories (like BT earrings/ring and VT necklace). Make sure to read the item description box carefully to know what to do and which one to take (since you accidentally re-form it into an accessory for the wrong class if you're not paying attention!)
  90. _________ ◑ LEARN MECHANICS FOR DUNGEONS ◑ _________
  91. ● Read guides posted by the academy here:
  92. ● Watch guides here:
  93. ● or here: (turn CC on)
  94. If guides are too hard, ask the thread or your peers.
  95. ✖ Do not go into a dungeon expecting to be carried. If you do and your party wipes, don't complain that the party isnt good. You arent good either.
  97. _________ ◑ LEARN ABOUT YOUR CLASS ◑ _________
  98. BnS Academy discord is here:
  99. They will guide you in the right direction when it comes to builds/etc
  100. You can also look here for player builds:
  104. ◍ Dungeon Acronyms:
  105. DT: Desolate Tomb
  106. EC: Ebondrake Citadel
  107. NS: Naryu Sanctum
  108. NF: Nayru Foundry
  109. EL: Ebondrake Lair
  110. HH: Hollow's Heart
  111. DD: Drowning Deeps
  112. RT: Ransacked Treasury
  113. ST: Sandstorm Temple
  114. TS: The Shadowmoor
  115. DST: DreamSong Theater
  116. BC: Brood Chamber
  118. Heavens Mandate "MOML": "My Orb My Loot". It means the host will provide the orb that let's all of you in to run the dungeons under the condition that you do not bid on any of the items that drop. If you don't like how that sounds, host your own lobby using your own orb instead.
  119. Cold Storage "MOML": Same thing.
  120. "YOYL": "Your Orb Your Loot". It means the host is hoping that one of you will join and use one of your orbs instead. Stop doing this, it's awkward.
  124. ◍ Raid Acronyms:
  125. BT: Skybreak Spire (NA name)/Black Tower (KR name)
  126. VT: Temple of Eluvium (NA name)/Vortex Temple (KR name)
  127. TT: Nightfall Sanctuary (NA name)/Twilight Temple (KR name)
  129. As shown, the raids acronyms are usually gone by the Korean translations of the raids name, but the raids actually go by different names for NA/EU. So this is why there is confusion sometimes on the names.
  131. -----------------------------------
  132.                FAQ
  133. -----------------------------------
  135. Q. Is this game dead?
  136. A. No. There are only 2 servers, but both servers are very lively and other players are spotted pretty much everywhere.
  138. Q. Is this game grind heavy?
  139. A. It's a Korean MMO, so yes. They've really nerfed down a lot of the grind that used to be needed though. You don't have to no-life the game to get anywhere. Just take it casually and before you know it you'll set to play with others in no time. Don't rush and don't swipe. It's not needed at all. Relax.
  141. Q. What's in the future of this game?
  142. A. We're currently awaiting the arrival of the big switch to Unreal Engine 4, along with a new raid, more class balances, 3rd spec for BM and KFM, a few additional new dungeons, new maps, and another new class (Archer). To clarify, by "we're" I mean NA/EU for the most part. Everything but UE4 and Archer has already been released in KR.
  144. Q. How do I make gold?
  145. A. Do your dungeon dailies, as many as you can. Most gold comes from raiding however. But that's very later on for you if you're new, so just focus on doing your dailies and hope for the best.
  147. Q. Is BnS P2W?
  148. For the most part, no. You can farm your own gear and things casually and generally do just fine in everything except for 6v6.
  150. Q. What is end-game like?
  151. A. For the most part, end-game will consist of grinding-whether you're PvE or PvP. So mainly running dungeons, running raids, pvp'ing from time to time, maybe trying Challenger PvE Mode (scored PvE dungeon run for prizes) with a group of friends (from your server only though), doing Tower of Infinity/Circle of Sundering/Mao which is solo npc fighting-which there's a few other things to do like that too, doing monthly events for free things to help gear you faster or for free new costumes-costumes of course are the true end-game so. Costume collecting, hanging out with whatever friends you make, taking 10,000 screenshots of yourself a day-it's pretty standard MMO stuff. Comfy if done with the right people.
  153. Q. Is there an active Roleplay scene?
  154. A. Not really, no. Roleplaying was killed off largely due to the very limited chat space there is in game.
  156. Q. If the game is so lively, then why is the thread so dead?
  157. A. Short answer: Infighting.
  158. So remember to always keep an open mind. If someone tells you not to talk to someone, go talk to them. Form your own opinions, follow your own decisions. If someone says something rude, ignore it. Let them angrily talk to themselves. Remember that you don't have to show up to every argument you're invited to. If you can manage to not respond to bait and not blindly follow gossip, you will be just fine.
  160. Q. ❤ Is there a designated idling spot?
  161. Yes there is for NA, and it's right here  but I'm busy with school so it's kinda ded for now. Kinda wanna switch it to Moon Refuge cus that shits pretty. Anyways though, it's just a place to hangout so you're not logging in and out all by yourself all the time. All are welcome, so come say hi if you'd like!
  165. -------------------------------------------------
  166.        Launchers, Discords, & Other Tools
  167. -------------------------------------------------
  170. _________「 Launchers/Optimization tools 」_________
  172. BnS buddy is very helpful to players with lag/stuttering issues (yes it's safe, just don't set it to save your password)
  173. ★ To install BnS Buddy, go here
  174. ☆ Here are the addons you'll want:
  175. ☆ How to set up:
  176. ☆ Useful tips:
  177. ☆ BnS Buddy discord server:
  178. ☆ Go to Menu -> Extras -> to disable animations of other classes to improve performance during raids
  181. ★ Latest Optimization guide:
  182. (Heard it's mostly for higher end pc's though, not sure)
  186. _________「 Discords 」_________
  188. /BNSG/ Discords:
  189. To join Pix/ByInviteOnlys(NA) guild discord, contact: milky 🍶#3297, Slirpee🍺#9828, or Dezzy#3793
  190. To join EUs discord, contact: Remi#7510, Muffin#0676
  191. To join Loliths heathen gathering discord, contact: Furudo#0081
  192. To join Friend(NA) guilds discord, contact: Furudo#0081
  194. Information/Party Recruit Discords:
  195. BnS Academy discord is here:  (Great for helpful advice for your class)
  196. The BnS Raid Recruitment discord is here:  (For if you need a group for raiding)
  197. The "Looking For Party" Discord:   (Check here for dungeon parties if your friends are too busy)
  198. BnS Buddy discord server is here (This one is both helpful with questions in relation to using BnS Buddy as well as a little more casual feeling):
  201. _________「 Other Tools 」_________
  203. ❤ Want to take better screenshots?
  204. Try Reshade:
  205. Here is how to use it:
  207. ✿ Want to look up yours or someone else's character outside of game?
  210. ✿ Want to check the market or other things while outside of game?
  214. Still having ping issues? Use Pingzapper free trails for all eternity.
  215. t. Netopi
  218. -----------------------------------
  219.              Modding
  220. -----------------------------------
  223. ❤ "How do I use mods in BnS?"
  225. You can do this one of two ways.
  226. 1. Manually, by going to C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC and creating a folder called "mod". The link will then look like this C:\Program Files (x86)\NCSOFT\BnS\contents\Local\NCWEST\ENGLISH\CookedPC\mod. When you download a mod, you will then put your mods into that folder and just like that, they will work.
  227. 2. BnS buddy. BnS buddy has it's own mod folder that it creates that you can use as well. For more information on that, check their site.
  229. "Where can I get mods?"
  231. Here are some places to find mods:
  232.  - Mods by Taeyo
  233. - Nude mod for all races
  245. (You will need to join their group to see them)
  247. (Chinese sites, goodluck)
  253. _________「 Preset Information 」_________
  255. Here are a list of places you can check for presets;
  261. Q. ❤ How do I get and use one of these presets?
  262. A. So, usually they do 1 of 2 things.
  263. 1. They just leave what looks like a little screenshot made from the creation screen at the bottom. That's the preset. That's what you want.
  264. 2. They just post 1,000 screenshots with no preset posted and expect you to email them to ask for it. Goodluck there.
  265. - Once you get the preset you want, you download it directly into your "CharacterCustomize" file in your BnS picture folder. Then, go to Manage Appearance at the bottom of the screen and hit "Apply" to use it. You can also save your presets you made there as well.
  270. If you have any further questions, you're shit outta luck because we don't even have a thread anymore BOYEEEEEEEE
  271. Enjoy Blade and Soul!
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