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  1. <pahimar> Like, seriously dude
  2. <luacs_phone> Lol
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  6. <LazDude2012> yes. I figured there should be a ForgeCraft equivalent for *all* modders
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  8. <OvermindDL1> Isn't that illegal?
  9. <LazDude2012> isn't what illegal?
  10. <OvermindDL1> As in including MC itself?
  11. <pahimar> No, its not, its just a cheap rip for attention
  12. <LazDude2012> it doesn't include MC
  13. <pahimar> LazDude is simply trolling for drama for attention
  14. <LazDude2012> and pahimar, nope
  15. <LazDude2012> not trolling
  16. * LazDude2012 is 100% serious
  17. <pahimar> Without even so much as talking to me, is slandering
  18. <Clank> Well, anyone can host a server so
  19. <LazDude2012> How am I slandering you?
  20. <pahimar> How are we an elite club, a clique. How are we the top 1%?
  21. <LazDude2012> We realised we can't go around asking for something that's a bit of a stretch, for a lot of modders, without giving something back
  22. <pahimar> All you want is to seem to be the white knight of MC modding
  23. <pahimar> To rally folks to your pure white standard
  24. <pahimar> And cut down those around you
  25. <LazDude2012> pahimar: because those are the facts. 99% of modders will never be on ForgeCraft
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  27. <LazDude2012> and no, I don't want to divide
  28. <LazDude2012> I want to *unite*
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  30. <TonyHK47> because thats not the point of forgecraft...
  31. <pahimar> You're doing a great job by cutting down some for the profit of yourself
  32. <TonyHK47> imagine thousands of ppl playing beta mod versions
  33. <pahimar> All you want is a big name for yourself
  34. <LazDude2012> I thought the point was to be a community of collaboration and innovation
  35. <LazDude2012> and I'm wanting to provide that
  36. <pahimar> It is, and we collaborate and innovate
  37. <Clank> Steps to ForgeCraft
  38. <pahimar> HEY EVERYONE
  39. <TonyHK47> thousands of people reporting the same bugs over an over
  40. <pahimar> LETS GET ON FORGECRAFT
  41. <Clank> 1: Learn Java
  42. <LazDude2012> Couldn't care less about the attention, if I get any or not
  44. <Clank> 2: Learn Forge
  45. <Clank> 3: Make an epic mod
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  47. <Clank> 4: Wait.
  48. <LazDude2012> pahimar: the more collaboration, the more innovation, the better it gets. Right?
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  51. <pahimar> Yeah, haven't you noticed that is all I do?
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  54. <Clank> And Code
  55. <OvermindDL1> LazDude2012: Are you an idiot?  ForgeCraft is a 'beta testing' server, it is *NOT* something that you want to be on, it crashes almost hourly, and even more often at times
  56. <Clank> Coding is also a job for pahimar.
  57. <OvermindDL1> Why the *hell* would you want to make a clone of it?
  58. <pahimar> Whereas you have had a "fuck modders" mentality and now suddenly you are pure, purging your system and now creating a "colloboration server"?
  59. <pahimar> Within the span of a week
  60. <LazDude2012> All I'm trying to do is provide a ForgeCraft-like community, a collaborative and innovative community, for everyone
  61. <pahimar> You have flipped
  62. <LazDude2012> pahimar: my attitude was never "screw modders"
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  64. <pahimar> No, it was "fuck modders"
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  66. <pahimar> "those elitist assholes, telling you what YOU can do"
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  68. <OvermindDL1> LazDude2012: You do not want something forgecraft like, the forgecraft server is beta testing, to want to create something like *that* for public consumption just shows how much of an idiot you are
  69. <Clank> I like watching this
  70. <Clank> Quite funny
  71. * Lumindia hands Clank a bag of popcorn, "Want some?"
  72. <Clank> Laz, we already have the environment you want
  73. <LazDude2012> no, it wasn't. I *still* believe that mods are unlicensed derivative works, under US law, that don't qualify for copyrights. But I realised that I was going about it the wrong way, and that the community is more important than my opinion
  74. <pahimar> 1) There are logistical issues with having any modder that approaches you to get on a server with there stuff. We have over 70 mods atm and it can be damn hard to manage
  75. * Clank says "Sure"
  76. * Lumindia noms popcorn and watches the events unfold
  77. <pahimar> LazDude2012, you have always and always will be interested in your own self interest
  78. <OvermindDL1> LazDude2012:  Code *always* qualifies for protection, ideas do not always, but code does
  79. <pahimar> You do not care about the community whatsoever
  80. <LazDude2012> well, you can think that if you like
  81. <OvermindDL1> And mojang themselves also state that all distribution rights are in the hands of the author
  82. <LazDude2012> if I only cared about me, I'd not be here
  83. <OvermindDL1> Hence what you are doing is quite literally illegal
  84. <LazDude2012> no, it's not
  85. <OvermindDL1> Prove it
  86. <LazDude2012> our repository was delete
  87. <pahimar> No, you are here because you want a community that approves and applauds you
  88. <LazDude2012> we now have no mods
  89. <pahimar> They did clear their repo
  90. <LazDude2012> pahimar: I couldn't care less about attention
  91. <OvermindDL1> We can cite laws that prove it, has been done in the past, you cannot
  92. <pahimar> Good
  93. <LazDude2012> We're trying to do cool things, and make the community a cooler place. I've had the AutoMod idea for months
  94. <LazDude2012> and SchmorgeCraft was a bit of an afterthought, to say that we do care
  95. <Havvy> Obviously we need to have a static location to put the legal debate information, so we can just link there and put it all to rest.
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  97. <LazDude2012> because sometimes, words aren't enough and you need actions
  98. * JBrondum_ is now known as JBrondum
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  100. <pahimar> Your attempt at a 99% modder server, a "server for the people" if you will, is you spitting in my face with your wording - like your reworded permissions page was still a snide posting of you "giving in"
  101. <LazDude2012> My permissions page is a sincere *apology*
  102. <pahimar> Your glasses have a lovely shade of pink
  103. <pahimar> rose i should say
  104. <Clank> Laz, I would doubt you getting permissions
  105. <pahimar> He has my permission, because my license states that
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  107. <johnnyjr100> question: permssion for what?
  108. <Clank> Mods
  109. <pahimar> Were it not that, I would finally put this issue to the legal test
  110. <LazDude2012> to redistribute mods via my website
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  112. <Sodisna> Um. is that what ther FTB server thingy is for? Like setup private mod pack using FTB for servers?
  113. <LazDude2012> kinda, but the idea here is literally a point and click modpack creation interface
  114. <TonyHK47> hmm
  115. <TonyHK47> all my research has complted itself for tc3
  116. <Clank> Laz, the reason we don't get beta mods is because they are bugy
  117. <Clank> *buggy
  118. <Sodisna> ^
  119. <Cloudy> I like how you say mods are unlicensed yet Mojang's license explicitly permits them
  120. <RichardG> point in case, the server was leaking memory a few weeks ago. it was very hard to gather everyone to find memory leaks in their mods
  121. <pahimar> What I take issue with, and I am sincerely offended by, is your insinuation that forgecraft is for the elite and that we don't fucking care about other modders
  122. <LazDude2012> I'm not necessarily trying to reproduce the beta testing aspect of SchmorgeCraft
  123. <pahimar> How dare you insinuate that about me
  124. <Clank> I honestly would hate hosting forgecraft
  125. <LazDude2012> but the "modders having fun together" aspect
  126. <OvermindDL1> LazDude2012: Then why the hell do you say it is forgecraft-like?
  127. <OvermindDL1> Forgecraft *IS* beta testing
  128. <Clank> Laz, we have that environment already
  129. <OvermindDL1> Unstable as a beam on a single pole
  130. <pahimar> The name, the wording of your posting - its vile and insulting
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  132. <LazDude2012> I'm sorry you feel that way pahimar
  133. <pahimar> I'm sorry you are the way you are
  134. <Andrew2448> hes not the only one
  135. <Clank> I honestly feel bad for pahimar for hosting ForgeCraft
  136. <Sodisna> DivineRPG is an example of a buggy mod. The dimension code is horrid. I don't even mod and I can tell. One of the dimensions took 3 mins+ to load.
  137. <Clank> Gotta be a pain
  138. <OvermindDL1> It is true though, I am PDD-NOS and even I see that, so you *have* to be an idiot LazDude2012
  139. <LazDude2012> so, seeing as this is about to end, you want me to leave? or are you going to kickban me for trying to help?
  140. <pahimar> What I see here is a flip-flopping modpack distributor who is attempting to latch on to drama-inducing topics to further his own popularity in the community
  141. <`092> llamas! they are coming!
  142. <pahimar> Your thought that this is trying to help is amusing
  143. <LazDude2012> that's ok, you can see what you like :P
  144. <pahimar> You could have taken the idea, and id be fine
  145. <LazDude2012> you can hate me even
  146. <OvermindDL1> Do you even know how many mod distribution sites have been setup to date anyway?
  147. <Clank> Speaking of llamas, I need to draw a picture
  148. <Clank> Alpacalyspe
  149. <LazDude2012> OvermindDL1: ours aims to be more than that
  150. <pahimar> but insulting me with the name and the insinuation that we, that I, do not care abotu the community
  151. <Andrew2448> ah yes, now we get the "ban me so that i can go complain somewhere else about how i got banned" approach
  152. <LazDude2012> no, I'm not going to :P
  153. <TheEnderman> alpalcaypse
  154. <pahimar> its spitting me in the face, and the face of everyone ive helped in here, in #ee, and in #minecraftforge
  155. <pahimar> on my streams, and in my videos
  156. <Sodisna> OvermindDL1: Too many, and they're all horrid. If you're talking about minecraft anyways.
  157. <OvermindDL1> Yes, and yes
  158. <`092> Andrew2448, that's what all trolls use when they're being told how they're being trolls :D
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  160. <`092> i like that excuse
  161. <`092> because it tells who the bad trolls are
  162. <RichardG> if MyItem extends Item implies derivative work, then oracle owns minecraft since Minecraft extends Object
  163. <pahimar> My efforts with Technic, my efforts with MCPC and Bukkit
  164. <RichardG> as cpw said
  165. <Andrew2448> '`092 i moderate quite a few mod channels, im very much aware :P
  166. <Sodisna> PlanetMinecraft honeslty has to be one of the worst.
  167. <`092> i know you do Andrew2448 :P
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  169. * zsh gives voice to LexManos
  170. <TheEnderman> RichardG, surely the licensing comes into play aswell
  171. <OvermindDL1> Except oracle's license allows for coding on top, just like mojang's license allows coding on top
  172. <Sodisna> Don't when you create something, is already copyrighted?
  173. <pahimar> What you are doing is completely legal LazDude2012 and I cannot stop nor will I, but morally I find you bankrupt. That's my personal opinion.
  174. <DreadWingKnight> Berene (sp) convention says yes Sodisna
  175. <OvermindDL1> Sodisna: Your code is
  176. <OvermindDL1> Not necessarily your ideas, those are more complicated
  177. <OvermindDL1> But your code is
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