PS Suggestions

Apr 24th, 2013
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  1. Moon: Can I direct any suggestions/questions at you?
  2. Moon: I'll assume you're off to doing your business, so I'll just type it out in the meanwhile
  3. Moon: F
  4. Moon: *First, suggestions: a serverside way to force clear/message removal.
  5. Moon: A way to easily change your password.
  6. Moon: Implementation of a command that forces a client-side chat clearance and posts a disclaimer in regard to the sharing of pornographic and otherwise inappropriate content through the chat as well as the consequences of doing so.
  7. Moon: As in
  8. Moon: /warning1
  9. Moon: Would force a chat clearing (except for mods or higher in the authority hierarchy)
  10. Moon: and then post the disclaimer, in bold or on a blue background.
  11. Moon: And a link to the smogon forums thread, where bugs can be reported by the beta testers.
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