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  1. typedef fst::StdVectorFst GRAPH;
  2. GRAPH _graph1,  _graph2;
  3. //...
  4. fst::StdOLabelLookAheadFst graph1Look(_graph1);
  5. std::auto_ptr<GRAPH> graph2TrueRelabel(_graph2.Copy(true));
  6. fst::LabelLookAheadRelabeler<GRAPH::Arc>::Relabel(graph2TrueRelabel.get(), graph1Look, true);
  7. fst::ArcSort(graph2TrueRelabel.get(), fst::StdILabelCompare());
  8. std::auto_ptr<GRAPH> res(new GRAPH);
  9. fst::Compose(graph1Look, *graph2TrueRelabel.get(), res.get());
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