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  1. It is time to drop the ban hammer.
  2. *THE PURGE*
  3. Let's say we give a [this] post 24 hours for the community to vote on it. After the hours have passed, if the vote threshold in support of this proposal exceeds a certain percentage [65-70% is probably reasonable] that we ban these users from the subreddit.
  4. What users do you say?
  5. Well, let's start with the /r/conspiritard moderators (easily verifiable):
  6. No explanation needed
  7. /u/jcm267
  8. /u/Herkimer
  9. /u/tzvika613
  10. /u/TheRealHortnon
  11. /u/Facehammer
  12. /u/Einstimer
  13. /u/TheGhostOfTzvika
  14. /u/COINTELPROAgent
  15. /u/mossadi
  16. Then, we can move on to the first group of active submitters of /r/conspiritard:
  17. These users have been active within the past seven days in /r/conspiritard as original content submitters. The vast majority of these submissions are racist and inflamatory or simply links to active posts in this sub which are then used to vote brigade.
  18. /u/asongfromthesixties
  19. /u/rednail64
  20. /u/Beasts_at_the_Throne
  21. /u/im_eddie_snowden
  22. /u/duckvimesme
  23. /u/Depressio111117
  24. /u/FixMeASammich
  25. /u/twr3x
  26. /u/future__grave
  27. /u/AgtCooper
  28. /u/instasquid
  29. /u/Allergy_Man
  30. /u/Shredder13
  31. /u/ANewMachine615
  32. /u/solidwhetstone
  33. /u/vickersvimy
  34. /u/NickWasHere09
  35. /u/10yearsagotoday
  36. /u/Pocahontas_Spaceman
  37. /u/Jonesnoi
  38. /u/test_please_ignore
  39. /u/Slashfan
  40. /u/Townsley
  41. /u/Discoberry1
  42. /u/caustic_enthusiast
  43. /u/mitchwells
  44. /u/superzepto
  45. /u/alelabarca
  46. /u/Nemesis6
  47. /u/Zeno84
  48. These users have no intention of participating in this subreddit for any reason other than trolling. This will clean up the discussions threads quite a bit, especially if we enforce a commenting/voting restriction on new accounts. They get banned, they create a new account but the new account can't post or vote here. Currently I believe the required account age is three days; this should be extended to one month. If a user is interested in /r/conspiracy and they just joined/created their account a month ago, they probably need to spend some time reading and getting familiar with topics and the culture of the community.
  49. If this proposal is accepted by the community by a show of votes, additional ban lists will follow each week (or more frequently) with an updated list of active submitters or moderators. This will go on as long as it has to and I have no problem putting in the minimal work required to do so.
  50. And secondly, if moderators show inaction on these proposals after the community collectively agrees for action, we must start examining each moderator and determine whether or not they should be allowed to remain as custodians of the community.
  51. Let's get this shit rolling and take the first step to cleaning up our community.
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