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  1. Crafting Tweaks
  2. FastWorkbench
  3. SmoothFont
  4. VanillaFix
  5. Born in a Barn
  6. Stackie
  7. TickDynamic
  8. Not Enough IDs
  9. Craft Tweaker 2
  10. FTB Lib, FTB Utilities + Backups (friends list, area claims and creeper protection, chunk loading (shift+left click on claim area), etc)
  11. Foam Fix (significantly improves performance)
  12. Fast Leaf Decay
  13. Chicken Chunks
  14. Clumps
  15. Morpheus
  16. Gravestone
  17. ReAuth
  18. Nether Portal Fix
  19. Instant Unify (automatically converts ore when it drops instead of having to edit every config and find all those pesky duplicate ore types - essential!!!)
  20. UniDict
  21. Bad Wither No Cookie
  22. Controlling (search keybinds, find duplicates, etc)
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