Paradise In a Nutshell

christheboss894 Jul 14th, 2019 (edited) 177 Never
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  1. Welcome To Paradise in a Nutshell!
  2. Discord Link:
  3. This Server is Mutual with Old Mans Pocket Dimension, Different Owner, Different Plugins, but both are managed by the same people.
  4. Rules:
  5. No Hacking
  6. No Teamkilling unless within valid reason. e.g. they shot you or they teamkilled someone else.
  7. No Revenge Teamkilling, if someone Teamkilled you without reason, you report it.
  8. Teaming is Allowed unless holding up the round
  9. No Racism And Or Major Rudeness
  10. No Micspamming
  11. Lastly, Have Fun!
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