A Dazzling Pack X (meme edition)

Dec 3rd, 2016
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  1. >"Stop eating my cookies!"
  2. "No."
  3. >"Stoooopppp!"
  4. "Nope."
  5. >"Stoooooppppp yooooouuuuu cuuuuuunnnnnttttt!"
  6. >You chuckled, popping another tiny cookie into your mouth
  7. >It wasn't a very good cookie
  8. >It was too small, and it tasted too processed
  9. >They were the kind of cookie that left a taste in your mouth FAR after you finished eating them
  10. >Processed
  11. >Industrialized
  12. >Metallic
  13. >Factory made
  14. >The same kind of taste that most food that you ate nowadays tasted
  15. >You would have much preferred something homemade that your pack male made
  16. >"Gimme!"
  17. >You chuckled as Anon tried to reach up and take the small bag of cookies out of your hand
  18. >You might have not liked the cookies all that much, but there was always something about teasing your mate that made them taste just a little bit better
  19. >Anon had his face buried between your breasts
  20. >His body was rubbing against yours
  21. >His arms were wrapped around your middle, trying to pin your arms
  22. >You were grinding your backside against his groin
  23. >Even though he was too busy being upset with you to get aroused, you nevertheless enjoyed the feeling of his length rubbing against your bottom
  24. >In fact, you quite liked having your man like this
  25. >Having him this close
  26. >His scent mingling with yours
  27. >Feeling his warm, soft body tense and flex
  29. >Feeling those teeth of his gently nip at your collarbone
  30. >If you still had a tail it might have been wagging
  31. "You want your cookies?" you asked, giving the half empty bag a shake
  32. >"Yes."
  33. "Are you sure?"
  34. >Anon poked his face though your cleavage to glare at you
  35. >"Give me my fucking cookies, woman," he growled
  36. >Angling the bag toward your mouth, you shook it
  37. >Two cookies fell into your mouth
  38. >As you hummed theatrically, your man's eyes narrowed down to slits
  39. "These cookies?" you asked through your mouthful
  40. >"Give. Me. My. Fucking. Cookies."
  41. >Not breaking eye contact, Anon bit down on one of your breasts
  42. >You twitched, trying not to moan
  43. >By the seas was he making it difficult not to take him right here in front of all of these worthless mortals...
  44. "But I like these cookies," you lied through your mouthful
  45. >"Which is WHY I put them in your fucking lunch box!"
  46. "But I like the ones that come from your lunchbox."
  47. >"They're the same fucking cookies!"
  48. "No they're not."
  49. >Your pack male sighed, taking a few moments to nip the skin below your throat
  50. >"Then give me your cookies. I'll eat them," he grumbled
  51. >You smiled, popping more of his cookies into your mouth
  52. "Nope. They're my cookies," you said matter-of-factly
  53. >Anon's body twitched
  54. >His eyes widened, filling with righteous anger and indignation
  55. >He pulled his face out of your cleavage, his cheeks puffed out
  56. >"I swear to fucking god, Dagi, if you don't give me my FUCKING COOKIES--"
  57. >Sweet gods of the sea was he adorable...
  58. >Wrapping an arm around his head, you pressed your forehead against his
  59. >Humming, you then kissed him before he could react
  61. >Like always, his lips were soft and sweet
  62. >Not too plump, not too thin
  63. >Your nostrils flared, taking in his scent
  64. >The scent of a man
  65. >Your man
  66. >Your mate
  67. >You began to hum, leaning into the kiss
  68. >A part of you wanted to slip your tongue into his mouth to have some real fun, but you decided against it
  69. >While you had no qualms with kissing your mate in front of all of these mortals, there WERE teachers watching
  70. >And your mate got irritated when you or the other girls got detention...
  71. >Exhaling through your nose, you broke the kiss
  72. "You are the silliest man that I've met in a very long time," you murmured, nuzzling his cheek with yours
  73. >Anon, though he didn't look as upset as he had a moment ago, continued to frown at you
  74. >"Give me my cookies," he growled, glaring at you
  75. >You tried to hold back your chuckle but couldn't quite manage it
  76. "Your wish is my command, my love," you said
  77. >Not breaking your hold from him you tossed the bag of cookies onto the table
  78. >Both Aria and Sonata eyed the bag, grinning
  79. >Your sisters, just like you, very much enjoyed teasing your mate
  80. >Maybe even more than you did
  81. >"Hey, Nonny, can I have a cookie?" Sonata asked
  82. >"Yeah, give us a couple of cookies, Anon," Aria demanded, her smile wide and toothy
  83. >Aria reached for the bag, but Anon, his eyes wide, quickly snatched it up
  84. >"Both of you have your bags of cookies!" he barked, quickly tucking the bag into the back of your shirt. "You leave mine alone!"
  85. >He tried to look at the two of them but you grabbed his face, pulling him into another kiss
  86. >What a silly man...
  88. >This time your mate returned the kiss, though he didn't look very happy about it
  89. >He fiddled with your shirt, slowly pulling his bag of cookies around so that they were sitting in between you
  90. >Eyeing you warily, he reached into his bag and pulled out a little cookie and popped it into his mouth
  91. "There you go," you cooed, nuzzling him again as he chewed
  92. >"Don't you patronize me," he grumbled
  93. >You and the other girls chuckled
  94. >Reaching over, you grabbed a piece of pizza from your lunch box
  95. "Sonata, pour me a cup of tea," you commanded
  96. >"Okie dokie!" Sonata chirped, saluting
  97. >As she did that, Anon gave you a little shove
  98. >"Hey, get up for a second, I gotta use the bathroom."
  99. >You wrapped your arms around his head, burying his face into your chest
  100. "Say please," you cooed
  101. >Anon, in fact, did not say please
  102. >He instead bit down on your tit so hard that it would no doubt leave a mark
  103. >You gasped, your knees knocking together
  104. >You could feel both Sonata and Aria's gaze on you but you ignored it, trying your hardest not to moan
  105. >Oh...
  106. >Oh, you're going to GIVE IT to him when you all get home...
  107. >HARD
  108. >You wordlessly got up out of Anon's lap, trying to keep the blush from your face
  109. >Whether you succeeded in that or not was moot because Anon didn't even look at you
  110. >He simply got up, pocketed his cookies, and raced toward the bathroom
  111. >You, Aria, and Sonata watched him as you sat down, rubbing your chest
  112. >Sonata quietly placed a mug of hot tea in front of you
  113. >"Nonny's probably going to eat all of those cookies in the bathroom again," she said
  114. >You and Aria said nothing for a few moments before you both broke out into laughter
  115. >The mental imagine of Anon sitting on a toilet, his pants past his knees, chewing on cookies was too much
  117. >You were going to have to have to tease him about that when he got--
  118. >"Good afternoon, girls."
  119. >You and the girls jumped
  120. >Your heads swiveled around to see who just greeted you
  121. >There, standing at the end of your table, with her hands behind her back, was Dean of Admissions herself, Ms. Cadence, and her "assistant" Mr. Armor
  122. >How one of the most powerful women in the school district had suddenly appeared beside you was a mystery
  123. >The three of you can hear FAR better than an actual human ca--
  124. >"So, how have you three been doing, hmm?" the dean asked
  125. >All three of you, despite yourselves, jumped again
  126. "Oh, um, we're doing very well, ma'am," you said, trying to be as polite as you could
  127. >While you'd usually tell a teacher off, this was the DEAN
  128. >Unlike the principal, she could actually get you three into trouble if she wanted to
  129. >If that happened people might ask questions about you
  130. >Awkward questions
  131. >Dangerous questions
  132. >Questions that might force the three of you to do things that would let your true natures be shown
  133. >And while they wouldn't have bothered you a few months ago, you now had a mate
  134. >You, nor any of the girls, wanted him to experience what it felt like being chased from a country
  135. >It wasn't a good feeling
  136. >It was scary
  137. >Very, very scary
  138. >Especially now when the world was such a smaller place
  139. >You looked at the girls, who nodded back at you in understanding
  140. >"We're, um, doing great, Ms. Dean," Aria said, rubbing the back of her head
  141. >"Yep!" Sonata chirped with a smile. "We're all doing fine!"
  142. >As your packmate took a bite out of her pizza, you couldn't help but notice that the dean was eyeing the pie slice intently
  144. >VERY intently
  145. >"Good, that's good," she said, licking her lips. "It's always wonderful seeing students getting along."
  146. >"Yes, and it's very nice to see that you three have calmed down somewhat," Shining Armor said with a smirk
  147. >You and Aria chuckled nervously
  148. "Yes... calmed down..."
  149. >"Yep, we're as calm as could be."
  150. >You need to get the two of them away from you
  151. >If they stayed, either Sonata or Aria were going to say or do something stupid
  152. >Think...
  153. >Think...
  154. >How do you get them to leave?...
  155. >Sonata hummed as she took another bite out of her pizza
  156. >You could see the dean's pupils dilate
  157. >"Peetzer..." she muttered, taking a half-step toward your table
  158. >You quickly looked at the pizza in Sonata's hands then back at the dean
  159. >...
  160. >You got it
  161. >Reaching into your lunch box, you pulled out a piece of pizza
  162. "You look hungry, ma'am," you said, all smiles. "Would you like--"
  163. >Before you could finish your sentence, the dean snatched the pizza out of your hand
  164. >You reeled back in surprise
  165. >The dean, ignoring you, began eating the pizza like a woman possessed
  166. >Her eyes were wide and wild
  167. >Cheese and sauce was flying everywhere
  168. >She was even making... noises
  169. >Inhuman noises
  170. >...
  171. >What in the name of the deep blue sea was WRONG with this woman?!
  172. >While both you and Aria watched on in horror, Mr. Armor smiled
  174. >"My Cadence and her pizza," he said, shaking his head
  175. >His attention then turned toward the still steaming mug of tea that you had sitting in front of you
  176. >You watched with some trepidation as a change overcame the man
  177. >His body language became stiff and tense
  178. >His pupils dilated and his mouth partially opened
  179. >"Is... is that tea?" he asked, desire very clear in his tone
  180. >You bit your lip, not wanting to say anything else so that you didn't further inflame... whatever this was
  181. >What was this!?
  182. >Sonata, the ditz, didn't notice the tension that was growing the air
  183. >She smiled at Mr. Armor
  184. >"Yep! Our Nonny made it for us this morning," she chirped. "He made all of the pizza last night too!"
  185. >The dean let out a groan as she stuffed the last mouthful of pizza into her maw
  186. >"Peetzer!" she moaned, reaching into your lunchbox and helping herself to another slice
  187. >Your head snapped over to look at her incredulously
  188. >While you did that, Mr. Armor, licking his lips, snatched up your tea and took a noisy sip
  189. >Your head snapped back
  190. "HEY!" you barked
  191. >The assistant ignored you, closing his eyes while he took a long sip
  192. >"Hmm... this is some bomb-ass tea," he muttered
  193. >The dean let out another groan
  194. >You found yourself rising from your seat
  195. >Aria wasn't far behind you, yanking Sonata to her feet too
  196. >Both the dean and Mr. Armor ignored you
  197. >Ms. Cadence reached into Aria's lunch box and pulled out the rest of her pizza while Mr. Armor sat down and grabbed your thermos full of tea and helped himself to another cuppa
  199. >...
  200. >What...
  201. >What's going on?!
  202. >You and your packmates slowly moved away from the table
  203. >You looked at both of them
  204. >Aria looked just as confused as you, while Sonata looked upset that she had been pulled from the table
  205. >Fucking Sonata...
  206. >You, meanwhile, were wondering what to do
  207. >Should you be angry?
  208. >They WERE eating your food...
  209. >Should you establish dominance?
  210. >Maybe you should just leave?
  211. >What kind of game were these two playing?
  212. >You exhaled explosively through your nose
  213. >It had been fifteen hundred years since you had been sent to this rock
  214. >This might have been the first time that you were actually speechless...
  215. >"Oh fucking hell..."
  216. >You quickly whipped around
  217. >There, standing behind you, as white as a sheet, was your mate
  218. >His eyes were wide
  219. >You could see his hands shaking
  220. >The hairs on his arms and neck were standing on end
  221. >He looked terrified, standing there frozen in place
  222. >"T-They're here," he whispered, shaking. "Why the f-fuck are they here…?"
  223. >A ripple of anger shot through your body
  224. >Instinct began to take over
  225. >Your mate was scared
  226. >He felt threatened
  227. >There was a threat in front of you
  228. >You had to eliminate the threat so that he felt safe again
  229. >Looking to your right, you could see Aria puffing up like a blowfish
  231. >Even Sonata tensed slightly
  232. >You didn't know why the hell was going on but you were going to stop it with gratuitous violence
  233. >A LOT of it!
  234. >Both the dean and Shining, sensing that someone else was staring at them, looked up from their ill gotten gains
  235. >Their gaze went toward Anon, who visibly stiffened
  236. >"Oh look, dear," Mr. Armor said, dabbing his lip with a napkin that he had gotten from... somewhere. "It's the new student that joined the Canterlot family a few months ago. Anonymous, I believe."
  237. >Your mate whimpered as the dean smiled, her eyes wide and slightly glassy
  238. >"Anonymous," she murmured. "That's a pretty name. Hi Anon, I'm--"
  239. >"NOPE!"
  240. >His eyes wild, Anon darted over to you and the girls
  241. >Faster than you eyes could follow he picked both Aria and Sonata and hoisted them up on his shoulders
  242. >He then grabbed you by the back of your shirt with his teeth and lifted you into the air like you were a cub
  243. "Anonymous!"
  244. >"What the fuck are you doing dummy?!"
  245. >"Weeeee!"
  246. >Holding all of you closely, your mate raced out of the cafeteria as if hell hounds were nipping at his heels
  247. >...
  248. >What the hell did you walk into?
  250. >Be Dean Mi Amore Cadenza
  251. >You were a happy girl
  252. >It was a wonderful day outside, your workload had been relatively light today, and now you were eating peetzer
  253. >Delicious, delicious peetzer
  254. >The best and most important food known to animal, vegetable, or mineral
  255. >Sitting beside you was the love of your life, Shiny poo, who appeared to be enjoying the tea that he was drinking
  259. >Both you and Shiny--along with most of the students in the room-- watch as Anonymous raced out of the cafeteria with the dazzlings in tow
  260. >Heh...
  261. >What a silly young man...
  262. >You turned toward Shiny
  263. "How's the tea dear?" you asked, taking another bite out of your delicious peetzer
  264. >Shiny nodded
  265. >"It's wonderful," he said, taking another sip from the mug that the girls had been kind enough to leave you. "How's your pizza?"
  266. >You licked your lips
  267. "It's fantastic," you said, staring at Anonymous's back as he raced out the door toward the stairs. "You could tell that Mr. Anon put a lot of love into this peetzer."
  268. >Shiny chuckled
  269. >"He seems like an interesting young man doesn't he?" he asked
  270. >"Anon! What are you doing?! Don't you--"
  271. >Anonymous launched himself off the top of the stairs
  272. >You could hear the Dazzlings screaming before they disappeared
  273. >"YOU STUPID FUCK!" one of them roared
  274. >You giggled again
  275. >What did Ms. Dusk call him?
  276. >Nonny?
  277. >Humming to yourself, you rocked back and forth on your heels
  278. >You didn't know why, but you liked this Anonymous
  279. >This Nonny
  280. >He seemed like he'd be a great friend
  281. >A really, REALLY great friend
  282. >You were going to have to get to know him a little better
  283. >To learn how he makes this yummy peetzer if nothing else
  284. >Stuffing some more of that sweet, sweet food into your mouth your groaned again
  285. "Hmmm.... peetzer..."
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