Features Needed in Windows Phone 8.2/9.

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  1. Important:
  3. 1.) Make it optional to include games on app list. Some people hate it because it makes it disorganized, but people switching from Android or iPhone might like it. You guys should include a button that SAVES YOUR INPUT below the search button on the top of the list.
  5. 2.) AssistiveTouch, negative colors, and camera flash for missed notifications OF CHOICE on Ease of Access. AssistiveTouch is an always-on-top menu for quick accessibility. When you tap on it, it expands and gives quick options to do things. And if you make the screen negative option, don't give it a cheap effect. Make it ripple, fade, or do something cool when you tap on it, just like the start screen after a phone update. :P
  7. 3.) Allow cut and define along with copy and paste. Copy and cut would be in completely different clipboards. And if you made a clipboard manager, that would be very helpful AND UNIQUE.
  9. 4.) Allow Driving Mode to work with AND without a Bluetooth connection, because not all cars have Bluetooth, and that defeats the purpose of it. Cortana could automatically turn it on BY OPTION if she detects you are moving.
  11. 5.) Arrange Settings alphabetically like app list. Also include a more button (…) to also make it sortable by most frequently used and function.
  13. 6.) Personalize vibration options. Set vibrations for contacts, message types, Action Center, and also be able to make your own custom vibrations like Android.
  15. 7.) Add stop button to music controls so we don't have to restart or download an app to remove the music from volume controls.
  17. 8.) Hold power and volume down to record screen. It would be nice because the screenshot is power and volume up, which is opposite. Yes, we know Narrator on Ease of Access already occupies that, but you should change it. It would be better if to activate it you hold Start key because that's easier and it's under EASE OF ACCESS.
  19. 9.) Smart Stay and Scroll so screen doesn't turn off when you're looking at it. It would use the front facing camera. To save battery, it could use accelerometer, ambient light sensor, and proximity sensor to activate (only if these components use less power). Or it could turn off when Battery Saver is active (this would be optional).
  21. 10.) More locking options of lock screen such as voice command, face recognition, CAPTCHA code, dot pattern, color match, and password. PIN is not enough. Make it OPTIONAL to swipe like the usual and display a button that activates your current configuration. So if you want face recognition, you swipe as if you were to type your PIN and press the button and it takes a picture of your face to analyze it. It would also be nice if this was automatically enabled by OPTION on Battery Saver mode. You could also enable this for Wallet. Also, it says "Enter your password" at the moment on the swipe of lock screen, and honestly that's not true because there's no letter option. Just numbers.
  23. 11.) SUPPORT for LED indicator, IR transmitter, temperature, humidity, heartbeat sensor, and gesture hardware components. Cortana could use information from them. You could say "Turn on the TV and go to channel 2" and Cortana would search for available devices or scan for them and do it. If Cortana knows your Cable/Satellite provider, it could perform requests like "Go to Cartoon Network." This is like an advanced version of the Galaxy S4 one. This feature with Cortana could be added later like in Windows Phone 10/11. It would also be cool if you could ask Cortana the temperature of the area. Cortana will read the temperature of the room and tell you. And if it's humid, Cortana could be like "You're taking a shower. Get me out of here!" This Cortana idea is a little too extreme, but is just an idea. The concept of including the hardware is not that bad. This will not be available to phones without the hardware.
  25. 12.) (Bug.) Fix lag problem. Scrolling is funky sometimes. It goes faster and slower. Also the start screen takes a while to appear and most of the tiles are transparent while it loads.
  30. Not-So-Important-But-Awesome:
  32. 1.) Turn on Cortana by saying "Hi Cortana" or any specified saying. This feature is OPTIONAL to turn off with Battery Saver.
  34. 2.) Be able to scroll through quick settings on Action Center like Android, but be able to arrange it by tapping and holding. Also include a button to display all quick settings in a window without having to go to the Settings list.
  36. 3.) Better conversations on Cortana and support to open URL's. If you say, "Go to," it won't work. Make Cortana be able to tell you traffic. Also add more commands to command list because it can do more than it says. If Cortana can do 50 things, and you only list 10, that will turn people off.
  38. 4.) Double tap to turn off screen on lock screen. They said this would be available, but it's not.
  40. 5.) USB notifications of non-adequate power and more. They said this would be available, but it's not.
  42. 6.) Option to type numerical amount of time for screen to turn off and lock such as "125 seconds" or "after 20 times." Not a drop down list with like 5 options.
  44. 7.) Set default messaging app. They said this would be available, but it's not. A lot of people use Kik because they can't afford to pay for SMS and MMS.
  46. 8.) Allow custom keyboard colors. It's not needed, but would be fun. Like the on-screen buttons on some Windows Phones, you can make it optional to match background or accent.
  48. 9.) Include PhotoSynth mode on camera and make it so you can pull the buttons and the choices come out for ISO and white balance like Nokia Camera. If you don't know what PhotoSynth is, it's an app that makes panoramas. Slow-Motion mode would also rock, as well as High-Speed mode.
  50. 10.) Add screen turnoff and turn-on OPTIONS like fade or TV flicker. Our phone screens just turn off instantly with no effect. It could be like iPhone and fade out/in on press of power button. It could have a classic effect like an old TV, and have that weird white flicker.
  55. Minor Bugs that are Easy to Fix:
  57. 1.) Fix typos. Do on Phone Update and Game Hub by removing space from the last word and ellipsis. Fix typo on call history by adding space between last letter and parentheses. Also fix typo on Cortana when asking to call someone. She adds an extra space and she puts an unnecessary comma. For example, if you tell her to call a number like "479-765-3248," and it's the number of someone in the contact list, she will be like "Calling Mom, ."
  59. 2.) Fix screen rotation bug on About. You lock it and it still rotates. Same also with calculator. It makes sense for Calculator due to different functions on rotate, but locking is locking. No exceptions.
  61. 3.) Fix camera bug. You click the camera roll circle, delete all photos, and you get a black screen. You might have to restart the app.
  63. 4.) Fix favorites button on photos bug. You tap it twice, and it works. Then you have to double-tap or triple-tap on the next taps for some strange reason.
  68. I hope you all like these ideas. They are great and would literally KILL competition with the other phones. We must keep with the flow. Small things can be big. There are A LOT of small things in 8.1 that we love. These ideas aren't a big waste of time for Microsoft. They have effects of us. Microsoft releases tons of IMPORTANT minor things no one thinks about, and don't care that they do, such as security updates on Windows. Please, don't reject. Love all great ideas, and spread the word!
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