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  1.  I've been thinking about your "quest to get more books" idea, and i think I have somethign we can work with
  2. you said you wanted to try playing a wizard, so your character would be a graduate of some fancy wizarding school (like  Lord Huffenfnolbers Arcane Academy For Sorcerous Excellence), and instead of going out in the world to work as a shipmage or whatever you set your sight on working in the ILC to get access to more books
  3.  the ILC is all about books... bring them good stuff and you'll rise in ranks and get access to more books to read for yourself
  4. you've been struggling in the ILC for a while, not been getting anything really good, so you get kinda desperate and plan a trip into the Borderlands
  5. the Borderlands, this called because that's wher the old Arkhosia empire eventually met the empire of Bael Turath, and as you know there can only be one global empire that contrrolls everythign so they unleashed all they could... terrifying weapons and spells that ripped the lands apart
  6. that was centuries ago, but there are still reports of strange mutated creatures and wild livign spells terrorizing the lands.... it's a dangerous place, and going there would be suicidal... as the old saying goes, "only fool and smugglers visit the Borderlands"
  7. the thing is, that's also where the old Bartuk bloodline of old emperors were from, and they're all buried at an old cathedral located in the middle of the Borderlands, along with the chronicles of all they did whuile emperors
  8. the ILC already have copies of thse emperor chronicles ofc, but if somebody managed to get them the ORIGINALS, well that'd certainly help that person rise in ranks....
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