Bartz Dissidia Final Fantasy Route

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  1. Dissidia Final Fantasy         Twitter - @Gravekid/@Cruiz75x
  2. Bartz Story Any%
  4. General Game settings
  6. Battle Information = Off
  7. Movie at battle Start = Short
  8. Play Plan Notifications = Off
  10. Timing notes
  12. - Timer starts on "Yes" on Bartz's story
  13. - Cutscenes are skipped Via Pressing "Start" "skip cutscene"
  14. - Final Split "Exdeath" on "Victory" screen (used for all battles)
  15. - Splits supplied here -
  16. - Retrys on Fights Are allowed  
  18. Route
  19. ---------------------------------------------
  20. Chapter 1
  21. Move two down then two right engage Fallacious Wanderer which will chain Phantasmal Girl.
  22. Move three right then one down then one right Phantasmal Harlequin which will chain Fallacious Tree.
  23. Move right and engage Stigma of Chaos to end Chapter 1.
  25. Chapter 2
  26. Move right one engage Counterfeit Wraith.
  27. Move right five engage Imaginary Champion which unlocks top most locked area.
  28. Move up three, left one, up one, left twice engage False Stalwart which will chain Fallacious Tree.
  29. Move left twice and engage Stigma of Chaos to end Chapter 2.
  31. Chapter 3
  32. Move up one, two right, up one, right one engage Imaginary Soldier which will chain Transient Lion.
  33. Move right one, up one engage Imitation Liegeman.
  34. Move right two, down one engage Chaos Piece ??? (Golbez) after defeating Golbez it will end Chapter 3.
  36. Chapter 4
  37. Move down two engage Imitation Liegeman.
  38. Move two right grab Treasure Chest blocking your path.
  39. Move right one, up one engage Counterfeit Wraith. Move right one engage False Stalwart.
  40. Move right one, up one, right two, down one engage Stigma of Chaos to end Chapter 4.
  42. Chapter 5
  43. Move up three engage Imitation Despot.
  44. Move four left, up one engage Imaginary Champion.
  45. Move left three, down one engage Exdeath after defeating Exdeath Chapter 5 is done.
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