Luna's hallway Accident (PISS)

Sep 29th, 2013
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  1. Based off of this comic:
  3. >Luna ran down the hall of the castle, her pace quickening with each passing minute.
  4. >She had been outside in the garden, when she felt the call of nature.
  5. >Being in a public place, and not feeling that it was of too much importance, she continued on.
  6. >Not many ponies appreciated her night, the last thing she wanted to do was to embarrass herself.
  7. >Her slight need, had gotten stronger quickly, and she found herself running around the castle looking for an entrance.
  8. >By the time she was finally inside, her pressure inside had doubled that of what it was before.
  9. “Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee.” She mumbled, desperately trying to find the bathroom.
  10. >With each passing guard, she slowed her pace a little, and tried to remain dignified.
  11. >That stopped shortly, she could no longer sacrifice any time.
  12. >Finally she reaches her destination, the bathroom.
  13. >She tries to push it open, but her efforts are wasted; the door is locked.
  14. “No…” She mutters under her breath.
  15. >She would not stand for this! She was royalty, and that meant she had the authority to kick whoever was using the bathroom out.
  16. “Under order of princess Luna, I demand whoever is in this bathroom to come out at once!” She says, voice cracking a little.
  17. >”Under the authority of Princess Celestia, I refuse this order.”
  18. >That was her sister.
  19. >Luna panicked, her sister was using the only bathroom in the north wing.
  20. >To use the other bathroom, she would need to go back the way she came.
  21. >She didn’t think she would last long enough to reach it.
  22. >There was only one course of action: begging.
  23. >crossing her back hooves, she forces one hoof into her crotch, and uses the other to bang on the door.
  24. “Tia! Let me in!”
  25. >”Forget it! Use the other one!”
  26. >Luna felt a drop of liquid penetrate her defenses, she wasn’t going to last much longer.
  27. “But it’s on the other si–”
  28. >”Tough!”
  29. >Her sister wasn’t moving. Luna had to make a split second decision.
  30. >Testing her bladder, she gallops down the corridor, praying that she may reach the other bathroom in time.
  31. >Another bit of liquid leaks out, and she is forced to stop and prevent herself from leaking.
  32. >The small spurt of urine dampens her hooves and crotches, if anypony was looking, it almost look like she had sat in a small puddle.
  33. >Grabbing her crotch, she limps into the next passage.
  34. >Her bladder spasms, and she looks around.
  35. >There are no guards here, and as much as she hated to do it, she was out of time.
  36. >She collapses into the ground, letting her bladder unleash itself unto the carpet.
  38. >She backs down, and sits in the pool of her own creation.
  39. >The red carpet soaks up much of the mess, but another significant part of it soaks into her coat.
  40. >The feeling of relief is actually enjoyable, and Luna sticks her hooves into her gushing marehood, letting the juices flow around it.
  41. >She blushes, realizing what she was doing. If a guard came around the corner and saw her doing this…
  42. >The scent permeated the hallway, a thin musky scent.
  43. >She feels uncomfortably hot, what she was doing was naughty. And she loved it.
  44. >Finally she runs dry, and she looks down at her soaked hooves.
  45. >They are dripping yellow, and a part of her almost wants to taste them.
  46. >Cautiously, she brings a hoof up to her mouth, sticking out her tongue.
  47. >A delicate yellow drop hangs from her hoof, the perfect sample.
  48. >”So then I explain to this mare, if you wanna-”
  49. >Guards.
  50. >She slams her hoof to the ground, her taste would be for another day.
  51. >Running away from her mess, she turns the corner just as the guards step into the hallway.
  52. >”Yeah, I agree if you want quality- what. Who the hell did this?!”
  53. >Luna took this opportunity to run. If she was lucky, she would be able to clean herself up in the bathroom, removing any evidence linking to her.
  54. …….
  55. >After a nice bath, Luna waked to the hallway where she emptied herself. She wanted to see what happened after she left.
  56. >A lone unicorn guard was cleaning up the mess, the carpet would be clean soon enough.
  57. >Exhaling Luna turns forward- Right into her sister.
  58. >”Luna.”
  59. >Celestia was looking down, stern eyes.
  60. >Her pink mane flowed in a non-existent breeze.
  61. >She wore a frown, and her towering height made her younger sister a little scared of her.
  62. >Luna crouched down, into an almost defensive stance.
  63. >She knew she was in trouble. She decided it would be best if she lied.
  65. “Hey, Tia. W-What’re you doing here.” She says, voice cracking under the gaze of her sister.
  66. >”Would happen to know why there is a puddle in the middle of the hallway?”
  67. “W-well, not really. Bu-”
  68. >”Don’t lie to me, now tell me. Why is there a puddle in the hallway?” She says, leaning into her sister.
  69. >She knew, lying did Luna no good, and all that was left was damage control.
  70. “It’s not my fault the halls are so big.”
  71. >”Ahem…”
  72. “Besides.. The red carpeting needed a new look…”
  73. >”Luna, there are plenty of bathrooms. Why did you not look for one when you needed to?”
  74. >Luna was pressed. She didn't want to tell her sister she was worried about what ponies would think.
  75. >So she did what anypony would do, she told the half-truth.
  76. “I thought I could handle it. I didn't know you were inside the bathroom…”
  77. >”I want you to help the guard clean up your mess. Since you made it, you should clean it up.”
  78. “O-Okay.” Luna said, defeated.
  79. >Luna turned away from her sister, lowering her head in shame as she left to go help the guard.
  80. >Maybe later she could sample her own fluids, but right now she had lost all drive to do so.
  81. >Her earlier interest in the puddle gone, she grabs a spare mop, and gets to work.
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