Celestia Greentexts: The Sneeze

May 20th, 2015
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  1. >Celestia arose at the same time as always this fine morning, basking in the warm embrace of her blankets for a minute longer.
  2. >Sometimes, she felt like being lazy, but she knew she'd have to get up.
  3. >Tossing the covers off and then remaking her bed, Celestia hummed happily as she prepared for the day.
  4. >First thing was first, she had to freshen up.
  5. >The sun princess made her way to the bathroom to undergo her normal routine.
  6. >An hour later, she emerged from the bathroom as pristine as she always appeared.
  7. >What was next?
  8. >Raising the sun, of course!
  9. >The princess trotted through the hallways of her castle, humming a tune she had heard the other day.
  10. >Getting to the outer balcony of the castle, she took a look out at the city of Canterlot to see if something unique was happening.
  11. >From what she could see in the dark of her sister's night, flowers looked to be in bloom all across the city.
  12. >An indicator of spring's presence.
  13. >Satisfied with what she saw, the princess took to the air to begin her sun-raising ritual.
  14. >Wings out.
  15. >Eyes closed.
  16. >Horn lit.
  17. >As she felt the force of her sister's moon leaving and her sun approaching, she also began to feel a third source of stimulation.
  18. >A tickle in her nose.
  19. >She tried her hardest to fight the urge to sneeze, as she was still moving the cosmic bodies.
  20. >It must have been the pollen from the flowers.
  21. >Spring also came with allergies, she knew.
  22. >Her nose felt as though it were on fire as she tried moving the sun and moon for just a little longer.
  23. >"Ah..."
  24. >She was fighting a losing battle.
  25. >"AH..."
  26. >The moon had left, and the sun was just about over the horizon.
  27. >"AHCHOO!"
  28. >The force of her sneeze caused the sun, which was still in her magical grip, to go zipping across the sky.
  29. >The day had skipped numerous hours just from the outburst, and the sky looked like it was ready to become dusk again.
  30. >"Oops," the princess said with a blush and a sheepish chuckle.
  31. >She brought the sun back to its required position, then lowered herself gently down on the balcony.
  32. >She was certain she'd hear her subjects question the odd shift in the sky today.
  33. >She definitely needed to get some allergy relievers.
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