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  1. [FONT="Lucida Sans Unicode"][CENTER][COLOR="Blue"][B]Discord Moderator Account: ryen.saxton#1349
  3. This is the only way you can contact me - the developer of the cheat. [/B][/COLOR]
  5. [SIZE="3"]Our discord server - [url][/url][/SIZE]
  7. [B][COLOR="Red"]Price list:
  9. ESP only Version:
  11. 7 days - 25€
  12. 30 days - 80 €
  14. All functions Version:
  16. 7 days - 35€
  17. 30 days version - 100€
  19. Lifetime - 250€
  20. [/COLOR][/B]
  22. Here is the list of payment methods that we accept:
  23. >Skrill / PayPal / Gift Cards / Bitcoin / PaySend
  25. [B]All the hacks are internal and undetected. BE and EAC bypass will be provided. Also make sure you have checked all the channels on discord to get more information about the hacks.
  26. If you will have any questions about the hacks after checking information on a server then DM the main coder ryen.saxton#1349.[/B][/FONT]
  28. [FONT="Lucida Console"]Functions list:
  30.         ~Aimbot:~
  31. Enabled *(This will enable the aimbot features)
  32. Draw Field Of View *(Draws a circle so you can see your FoV)
  33. Visibility Check *(Don't pre-aim behind a wall with our visbility checks)
  34. Aim Key *(When the aim key is pressed the aimbot will start aiming)
  35. Aim Bone *(You can select onto which bone to aim)
  36. Field Of View *(Limit the aimbot to a certain FoV to appear more legit)
  37. Aim Smoothing *(This will humanize your aimbot and make it more legit)
  38. Aim Distance *(Limits the distance the aimbot can aim as to appear more legit)
  39. Extra Sensory Perception (ESP)
  41.        ~Player ESP:~
  42. -Name (Shows the name of the player)
  43. -Distance (Shows the distance to the players / items)
  44. -Weapon (Shows the type of the weapon)
  45. -Health (Shows the HP of the player)
  46. -Shield (Shows the Shield HP of the player)
  47. -Ammo (Shows the type of ammo)
  48. -Box 2D,3D (The way ESP will show you players / items)
  49. -Rarity (Box and Upper Text Color)
  51.       ~Item ESP:~
  52. -Name (Name of the item)
  53. -Distance (Distance to the item)
  54. -Rarity (Text Color)
  56.      ~Special Features~
  57. -Config (Saved up settings that you played with last time or that you saved in your profile)
  58. -Config Hot Key (Enables config that you've choosed)
  59. -Config Activation Hot Key (Enables Config by using hot key)[/FONT]
  61. [FONT="Courier New"]Before contact , must read:
  62. • Ignoring or refusing to reply any of my questions about the purpose of your purchase or any other related question , will result in removal.
  63. • Please , know that not everyone can buy the cheat. I can , on my own pleasure , reject the "costumer" from buying the cheat if I feel like I should.
  64. • All this measures have the intent to prevent the contact of malicious-ragelike costumers , making the respective privacy of the cheat stable and long-lived.[/FONT][/CENTER]
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