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  1. want:
  2. beast/dream ball ponyta
  3. lure ball shuckle
  4. non-eng 4-6iv males for MMing
  6. have:
  7. beast ball: dreepy, duraludon, rotom
  8. dream ball: hatenna, eevee, snom, sinistea, hatenna, mawile, ponyta
  9. friend ball: eevee, minccino, larvitar, applin, passimian
  10. level ball: stonjourner
  11. love ball: mimikyu, eevee, sinistea, ponyta, cutiefly, hatenna, wooloo, trubbish
  12. moon ball: indeedee, axew, dreepy
  13. heavy ball: rookidee, axew
  14. lure ball: zigzagoon
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