Pirate Captain TG

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  1. Benjamin had come dressed up as a pirate captain, a simple costume he had bought from a costume store. It even came with a fake blue parrot, which was currently duct taped to his left shoulder. Up until Emmi’s announcement, he had been trying to talk like a grizzled old pirate.
  3. Emmi’s magic had other plans for poor Benjamin, he’d be a pirate captain but not as a man. His entire body had quickly shrunk down. The fake beard he had attached to his face disappeared without a trace, just as his face softened, looking feminine.
  5. Breasts pushed out from his chest, making the coat he was wearing feel tighter until it changed to make room for his new assets. A makeshift brassiere had formed underneath the thick coat, further showing off his new assets, not that Benjamin could tell.
  7. The clothing shrunk to fit his smaller frame, the old bland colors turning to bright, eye-popping colors. His brown hair lengthened underneath his pirate hat, stopping until it reached his shoulders. Benjamin suddenly had this urge to reach into his coat and pull out a makeshift flask that had appeared. Quickly opening the container, he drank its contents, the taste of rum hitting all his senses.
  9. As he drank the rum, his eyes turned from a dull brown to a bright green, and his face softened until it resembled a woman's. His pants the tightened as his hips expanded and his ass filled out, and the bulge in his pants retreated inwards, making her female. The name Captain Brianna popped into her brain. Finishing off the flask of rum, she let out a content sigh.
  11. “Aye. Where’s my bloody crew?” Captain Brianna asked looking around. “Damn scallywags must have run off…”
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