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C_*_h_*_e_*_m_*_t_*_r_*_a_*_i_*_l c_*_o_*_n_*_s_*_p_*_i_*_r_

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  1. C_*_h_*_e_*_m_*_t_*_r_*_a_*_i_*_l c_*_o_*_n_*_s_*_p_*_i_*_r_*_a_*_c_*_y t_*_h_*_e_*_o_*_r_*_y is real
  2. cause is not the chip
  3. may the radio behavior AI has same power
  5. I am the one of the target.
  6. so I know this.
  7. I drink some kind of food alone.
  8. It's just appears AD in youtube.
  9. And I am in Taiwan.
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