Feb 21st, 2016
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  1. Somewhere in the distance, you can vaguely hear the sounds of dishes clattering. The sounds weren’t too loud, yet the longer they went on, the more you can feel yourself starting to slowly wake.
  3. Yet, as your mind stirs from its peaceful slumber, you leave your eyes closed. You didn’t want to get up just quite yet. You still wanted to savor the coziness of sleep.
  5. Instead, you gently shift a little in your sleep so that you can more comfortably lay on your side. You take in a slow, deep breath, further sinking into a comfortable state of relaxation. Upon doing so, however, you feel your tummy beginning to rumble. The scent of some kind of super yummy food begins to fill your nostrils. Whatever it was, it smelled really, really good. Even though you didn’t know for sure, the closest your semi-awake mind could ascribe the smell to would be the wonderful scent of breakfast being cooked. The sounds of something sizzling, coupled with the wonderful aroma of food almost reminds you of all the good times you used to have when you were very young.
  7. Memories of your parents taking you out to eat, having food made for you at home, being able to eat all that you could ever eat…you can feel yourself beginning to smile at such thoughts. They would never let you go hungry, always checking to make sure you had enough food to eat.
  9. Your father, for example, would frequently take you out to eat and would let you get anything on the menu. He was always more than happy to pay for your meals. You’d get appetizers, meals, sides, and desserts; whatever you wanted, he’d get it for you. Especially on weekends, he’d take you out to eat for breakfast. He’d always get his routine meal and you’d gorge yourself with French toast, hash browns, biscuits, cinnamon butter toast, pancakes, scrambled eggs…you name it. It was almost like a tradition that the two of you shared.
  11. Your mom, too, would also make you all kinds of stuff at home. Be it from secret family recipes to simple dishes, it was something she loved to do for you. Your parents always loved making or getting food for you.
  13. Not everything was as dark and gloomy as you remember, was it? Your parents did love you when you were young. They wanted to care for you and they did whatever they could to make you happy. And truthfully, you wanted to make them happy too.
  15. You snuggle the covers you were sleeping in and take another long, drawn-out breath. The wonderful aroma of food cooking is rapidly filling your lungs. That plus what you remember from your childhood, you just can’t help but feel that maybe you were always loved.
  17. Remember the first time you tried cooking something for your parents? That time you tried making applesauce pancakes for them from scratch; it was a recipe that you learned from cooking class way back from middle school. You wanted to make it for your parents to surprise them and boy did they love them. And you loved them too. They were absolutely amazing. Hands down, they were the best kind of pancakes in all of existence. No other pancakes could ever beat them in terms of yumminess.
  19. Remember that one time your mom made them for you when you were really sick? You were sick as a dog at the time and somehow, you managed to sleep that one night. Then, when morning came, you remembered hearing her walking towards you. You were sorta awake, kinda like now, but you could still hear her walking towards you. When she got close enough to you, she’d pause for a second or two, and then say…
  21. “Good morning Silly Filly!”
  23. Your eyes shoot wide open, nearly jumping in shock as a result. Nullity was smiling at you face to face.
  25. “Whoa, whoa, whoa there Lil Sis. It’s okay. It’s just me.”
  27. You breathe a loud sigh of relief and roll onto your back, your wings spreading just a little so that you wouldn’t smash them. She smiles at you and moves her hoof over to your mane, gently brushing your tangled, messy mane.
  29. Mmm…that…wow…it just…it just feels so very nice. You were feeling small waves of euphoria shooting through your mind as you smiled back to her. You emit another smaller, but relaxing, sigh as you bask in the warmth and pleasure you were feeling.
  31. Even though Nullity was your sister, the look she gave you, coupled with the way she was slowly brushing your mane, you just couldn’t help but feel that she could have also been a mother…maybe even your own mother. Your mom used to scratch your head or rub your back when you were very young, and you can even remember all of the wonderful sensations that were accompanied by such actions. Nullity’s brushing felt so similar to that and even though she had only been doing it for a few seconds, you could already feel yourself starting to get sleepy again. As your eyelids start to lower, however, Nullity quickly removes her hoof from your messy mane.
  33. “Hey there Silly Billy. It’s not time to go back to sleep. C’mon. I know you’re hungry. I even made ya some super yummy breakfast.”
  35. “Mmm…breakfast?”
  37. You shift on the couch a little and rub your eyes with one of your hoovsies. Small sensations of blissful pleasure flash through your silly little mind as you can’t but help but notice your pink-colored hoovsie woovsies.
  39. WAIT. WHAT?!?
  41. Eyes fully open, you sit right up and scoot back so that you could lean on the couch’s arm.
  43. “Easy Lil Sis. Shh…shh…what’s wrong?”
  45. “I…I…”
  47. You try to stammer out some kind of response, but your eyes are glued to your girly pink hoovsies. Then a thought quickly crosses your mind. What about your legs?
  49. You kick the covers off immediately and notice right away that the hoovsies on your hind legs were painted pink too.
  51. “Lil Sis, what’s wrong? Tell me what’s wrong. You’re scaring me.”
  53. You swap your gaze from your pretty widdle hoovsies to Nullity, who’s looking at you with a mixture of curiosity and concern. Her eyes dart around you and suddenly, her expression turns into a playful grin.
  55. “Whu-Why are you looking at me like that Big Sis?”
  57. She doesn’t respond and instead reaches out and pulls for your right arm, holding it out in front of you so that the two of you can see.
  59. “Hee hee…surprise Lil Sis!”
  61. “Whu-What are you talking about?”
  63. “I was gonna wait until we opened presents, but guess what I did what I did when you were asleep Silly Filly.”
  65. Wait. No, did she paint your hoovsies with that girly pink color?
  67. Which, by the way, goes perfect with your white coat. Don’t you think so?
  69. A twinge of embarrassed shock flows through you. Your ears lower as you feel your face beginning to blush.
  71. “I can see that Sweetie.”
  73. “Huh?”
  75. You feel Nullity releasing your arm, grinning at you while doing so. You then shift your gaze from hers and hold your hoovsies out in front of your face, admiring the bright hue of pink painted over them.
  77. Look at how pretty they are.
  79. Brain? What…What are you doing?
  81. What? You’re a beautiful mare. Don’t you want to look all pretty and cute?
  83. Uh…uh…
  85. Especially with your pink widdle hoovsie woovsies, don’t you just wanna squee in delight like a girly girl?
  87. B-Brain…no…please no…don’t do this…not now…
  89. But a gorgeous mare’s got to admire her own beauty and you are a beautiful thing.
  91. You can feel your face blushing bright red in embarrassment as Nullity begins giggling at you.
  93. “You look really adorable, you know that Silly Filly?”
  95. “I…”
  97. After all, don’t you want to look good for some lucky handsome stallion?
  99. S-Stallion?
  101. Well, like yeah. Don’t you want to be a good girl for him and get totally mounted by his hunky…
  103. You gasp as your fluffy white wings fully spring out from behind you. Your ears instantly perk up as you feel sharp jolts of pleasure coursing through your body. You quickly pull your covers up against you as you felt some kind of tingling sensation from…down there. Oh God. Did you…Did you just feel a little bit of…of wetness?
  105. Suddenly, Nullity begins howling with laughter.
  107. “S-Shut up! What did you do to me Nullity?”
  109. “Heeheehahahahahaha…okay…hehehehe…okay. I’ll…hehe…tell you.”
  111. You could tell that she was trying hard to keep a straight face, but her giant fidgeting smile simply meant she was failing horrible at it.
  113. “But…But only under the condition…heeheeheehee…that you tell me first what kind of…”
  115. She’s giggling hard again and you could feel your face wanting to burn off in shame.
  117. “…lewd thoughts you were thinking of Silly.”
  119. “NULLITY!!!”
  121. Rather than try to keep whatever poker face Nullity was trying to uphold, she simply bounces backwards and cries with laugher. You in turn suddenly reach for the pillow on the couch from where your head was originally resting and bury your face in shame. Between Nullity’s pauses from her bursts of laughter, you can’t help but feel yourself shrinking further and further into the pillow, desperate to die in shame over the urges you were feeling.
  123. But why should you be embarrassed for having those urges?
  125. Huh?
  127. You’re a beautiful mare and there’s nothing wrong for wanting to find a stallion to be with. After all, don’t you find stallions to be kinda cute?
  129. Nuh-No…brain…please…just…please stop doing this to me.
  131. What? Stallions are handsome. And wouldn’t you want to have one holding you in his arms and telling you that he loves you? Can you imagine how magical that would be?
  133. Duh…please…stop…stop thinking like this brain. I’m…I’m a dude. I’m a…
  135. A mare? Well, of course you are. A beautiful mare who simply wants to have a handsome stallion to cuddle with. Taking care of you, tending to your needs…maybe even wanting to start a family with.
  137. NO! That’s…That’s not me. I…I’m not into guys. Please brain. Whu-What are you doing to me?
  139. There’s nothing wrong with you liking stallions. How could you not? They’re handsome, dominant, caring, and…haven’t you ever wanted to be a mommy?
  141. Whu-What? A muh-mommy?
  143. Isn’t that something you always wanted back in that nightmare? To be a beautiful mare raising a beautiful child? To be a mommy and mother a precious innocent thing with the stallion of your dreams? To start the kind of family you’ve always wanted, to be filled with nothing but loving warmth, to spread that loving warmth to your precious loved ones…don’t you wanna do that as a beautiful, loving mare? And don’t you wanna do that alongside the stallion of your dreams, raising your precious children as a loving mommy with a caring daddy by your side?
  145. “Aww… Lil Sis? I’m sorry. Do you think you can take that pillow off of your head for me?”
  147. In the midst of your mind talking to itself, you failed to notice that Nullity was no longer laughing. Instead, you could tell she almost sounded apologetic in her tone of voice.
  149. “Please Lil Sis? I’m sorry if I may have embarrassed ya. I was just teasing you. I just can’t help it that you look so cute when you blush.”
  151. Reluctantly, you pull the pillow down and let it fall over on the couch. But rather than look at her, you direct your eyes to your sides, embarrassed for having such feelings and desires.
  153. “Aww…I’m really truly sorry Lil Sis. I didn’t mean to make ya feel bad. Here…”
  155. Without warning, Nullity springs up onto the couch and surprises you with a sudden tight hug. You quickly turn to face her as she raises her head slightly to also look you in the eyes.
  157. “It’s okay Lil Sis. Everypony gets like that sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing wrong with you for getting excited over that kind of thing. I think it’s kind of endearing that you want to love that much.”
  159. “To…whu…want to love that much? There’s…There’s nothing wrong with me?”
  161. “Of course not Silly!”
  163. Nullity suddenly lowers down and kisses you on the cheek, gently nuzzling against your muzzle. It honestly felt really weird to be snuggled right this second like this. You’re still a little bit in shock for having these kinds of feelings and desires, but Nullity’s affection was helping to quell your apprehensions of having such feelings and desires.
  165. “There’s never ever anything wrong for wanting to love somepony Lil Sis. It’s a beautiful thing to want to love others. And you have a beautiful heart Lil Sis. A heart that simply wants to love and be loved. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. Love is love. It’s a beautiful thing, and there’s so many ways to love others. Love takes on so many forms Lil Sis, and wanting to express that love in any of those forms is perfectly alright. As long as you never mean to hurt anypony and just simply want to love them for who they are…stallion, mare, either or, it doesn’t matter. Love is love Sweet Thing. And it doesn’t always have to be romantic love either.”
  167. She pauses for a moment and lets out a small, nurturing sigh as she snuggles a little closer with you. You could feel yourself still blushing in some embarrassment, yet the way she was spoke about love was actually starting to produce some small tears in your eyes.
  169. “You’re such a beautiful pony Lil Sis, you know that? You’re one of the sweetest souls out there, and just know that no matter what, I’ll always love you. And I’m sure that everypony would more than love you too if you reached out and shared some of your love with them. As matter of fact, look at all of the presents everypony got you.”
  171. Your tilt your head slightly as all of the presents sitting on the table in front of you two come into your field of vision. Oh…Oh…your heart. Please. No. Duh-Don’t start crying all over again. Gotta try to hold back the tears. You can do this. Just…
  173. “Those are all presents that ponies got ya for all the kind and loving help and company you gave them. You share so much of your love with everypony and because of that, they all love you back for it. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to share love Lil Sis. Listen…”
  175. You look away from the presents and back to Nullity’s eyes with tears in your eyes.
  177. “There’s nothing wrong with you Lil Sis. You’re a beautiful mare, my little Radiance, with a beautiful heart. I’ll always love you no matter who you love, and I’ll always love you for who you are. Always.”
  179. Almost like an innate instinct, you grip your big sister into a tight hug, burying you muzzle into her neck while your tears begin to drip onto her fur. She returns the favor and gently nuzzles against your neck. Both of you hug and squeeze one another as tight as possible for sisterly affection.
  181. “Shh…shh…there, there baby sister. Shh…shh…it’s okay.”
  183. Her words were so unusually comforting this time around. Something super warm and tingling and fuzzy was beginning to radiate from inside you. It felt…you could feel it…it actually felt comforting. In response, you sniffle just a teeny bit more before saying anything.
  185. “I…I love you too Big Sis. I love you. Pru-Promise to never leave muh-me. I nuh-need you.”
  187. “Aww!”
  189. Nullity lifts her head off of you as you do the same with her. With both of you now facing one another, you notice her casting a nurturing smile towards you. Though there were still some tears in your eyes, you could feel yourself beginning to smile too.
  191. “I love you times infinity and beyond Lil Sis! I’ll always love you till the end of time. I’ll never ever leave you. Don’t you worry Lil Sis. I’m here for you.”
  193. “Pru-Promise?”
  195. “I promise baby sister.”
  197. You both instantly hug one another once more and snuggle. Your heart, you noticed, was melting with all kinds of lovey, happy, warm, mushy feelings. You could rapidly feel your embarrassment for having such feelings, such urges, flowing out of you through Nullity. It just felt so good to love and be loved like this.
  199. You were feeling…You were feeling just so…so cuddly and affectionate…and…so very feminine! It just feels so very right! As a result, you give your big sister the tightest, most snuggly snuggles you can possibly muster.
  201. “Hehe…snuggly baby sister is super snuggly today. You’re so cute, you know that?
  203. “I…I…”
  205. Your face blushing, you give Big Sis a kiss on her neck.
  207. “I just love you Big Sis! I can’t help it. You’re the bestest, most super special awesomest big sister of all time!”
  209. “Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…Lil Sis…I…I just love you oh so very much to the core of my being! My happy, fluffy bundle of joy who just makes me so very happy…my Lil Sis…my Baby Sis…my precious baby sister of mine…I just can’t help it. I’ll always love you forever and ever until the end of time Sweet Thing.”
  211. Big Sis gives you a soft kiss on your precious widdle forehead and gently nuzzles you again against your muzzle. You just can’t help but instinctually nuzzle her back. Your heart was beating with so many warm fuzzies and flurries of affectionate and tender feelings. You could even feel faint traces of pleasure coursing through your mind the more you thought and acted like this.
  213. Doesn’t it feel ever so wonderful to be who you are? To feel so loved and accepted…it’s okay. Love yourself. It’s okay. It’s okay to be who you are. It’s okay to be a girl. You’re a girl. You’re a mare, and you’re so allowed to act like one. It really is okay.
  215. Suddenly, you feel your tummy rumbling to the point where even Nullity notices.
  217. “Oh my goodness! That’s right. I almost forgot. Hehe…I was gonna surprise you Lil Sis, but you’re already up and judging by that loud tummy growl, I can tell you’re super hungry. Luckily, I made ya some breakfast while you were sleeping. Let’s just hope it hasn’t gotten too cold.”
  219. Nullity lifts herself up off the couch and extends a hoof out for you to latch onto. You reach out and do so, once again seeing that gorgeous hue of pink on your hoovsies. They were just so absolutely beautiful and you couldn’t help but feel even more wonderful on the inside for admiring them. But before you become too mesmerized by them, Nullity helps pull you off of the couch and onto your hoovsie woovsies.
  221. “Are you good to walk Lil Sis, or would you like some help?”
  223. “I think…I think I’m alright. But thank you anyway.”
  225. “Okay. Why don’t you go have a seat? I’ll be right back.”
  227. As Nullity happily trots on off to the kitchen, your gaze turns to the stack of presents sitting on the table. There were so many and truth be told, you kinda wondered how valuable some of those gifts might be. Should you maybe take a sneak peak, or wait until after breakfast?
  229. Yet out of the corner of your eye, you also notice your big comfy pink bean bag sitting on the floor near the couch. It looked so cozy and soft and…and…oh heck, why not? You can open the presents after you eat.
  231. You slowly walk on over to the bean bag, careful to not stare down at your hoovsies, least you bump into something. As you approach the bean bag, however, you decide to scoot it with your hoovsies so that it lay just a few feet in front of the couch. Satisfied with where it’s at, you jump up and stand right on top of it. You then plop down on your tummy, only to be greeted by cozy softness.
  233. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…yeah…that…that feels sooooooooooo gooooooooooooood…oh yush it does…
  235. You stretch your arms forward and your hind legs back to get into an even better position. In so doing, you just can’t help but notice your cutesy hoovsies. Why are you so in love with them?
  237. Just look at them: look at how beautiful and feminine they are. Compared with your beautiful fluffy white coat, pink really does go good on you, you know that?
  239. Moving your right hoof closer to you and placing it right on top of the bean bag, you notice that the hueish pink on it almost matched that of the bean bag. You then bring both of your hoovsies to your chest and fidget with them. Even though you heard Nullity moving dishes and other things in the kitchen, you became too engrossed with your hoovsie woovsies to really notice what she was doing. You just can’t help the fact that because they’re painted pink, you feel a lot more feminine and at home in your current body.
  241. Something about them…they gave you courage to be yourself…to love yourself…to truly enjoy being yourself. It just feels so really good to be a girl, to be girly, even though you weren’t completely used to it.
  243. Almost subconsciously, you start kicking your hind legs up and down in a swaying motion. Even though it’s a stereotype, it kinda reminds you of one of those girls who’s painting their nails or talking on the phone or something. It feels really weird ascribing something like that to yourself, but it only makes you feel even better about yourself on the inside.
  245. You hold your hoovsies out in front of you again, turning them slightly here and there to fully admire their beauty. They were just so beautiful to look at and they made you feel oh so very feminine. You almost sorta wanna giggle in delight.
  247. Doesn’t it just feel absolutely wonderful to be a girl? To be able to finally be one, to act like one, all without-
  249. “Hehe…I see my baby sister loves the hoof polish I got her.”
  251. Feeling yourself blush, you quickly turn your head to your left and see Nullity carefully walking towards you from the kitchen. Her wings were outstretched and half-expanded. Plates stacked with food were all carefully balanced on each wing.
  253. How the heck is she able to balance all of that? That looks really incredibly challenging. You start to stand up, but just as soon as you are about to do so, Nullity speaks up.
  255. “No no no, stay right where you are Silly Filly. I got this. Let me take care of you Sweet Thing.”
  257. “Are you sure Big Sis?”
  259. “Don’t worry Lil Sis. I got this.”
  261. You slowly sit yourself back down as you watch her carefully walk towards you. Honestly, how on Earth is she able to do that with her wings? Just the sight of her trying to balance those dishes is enough to actually begin making your own wings ache a little. In response, your fluffy white wings shift slightly from such imagined muscle strain, yet Nullity simply giggles.
  263. “What are you doing with your wings Silly Filly?”
  265. “I…uh…”
  267. As she walks right up to you, she bends down a little and carefully extends one wing out to deliver your food in front of you. As a plate of applesauce pancakes slides off her wing and onto the floor…wait a minute…APPLESAUCE PANCAKES?!? Four neatly stacked golden-brown pancakes sat on a plate dusted with powdered sugar. In the middle of the top pancake sat a small scoop of whip cream with a strawberry on top.
  269. How…it…it looks exactly like how your mom used to make them when you were little. How does Nullity know how to make them exactly like that?
  271. “And here you go my little Radiance. Just like how you always loved them. And, if you don’t mind…”
  273. Nullity extends her other wing down to lay another plate of food next to yours. On it were scrambled eggs and hash browns, just like what Mom would make when she…
  275. “…I’d like to sit next to ya and eat with ya, so scooch over Silly!”
  277. She folds her wings back, walks up from behind, and plops herself right next to you. You feel yourself sliding to your side a little, yet strangely, the bean bag could fit both of you. Yet you’re still entranced by Nullity’s food.
  279. That’s the food your mom would make whenever she ate with your during breakfast. She usually only ever made it when she made you applesauce pancakes, yet she was the only one who ever made your pancakes like this. How does Nullity know how to make them like that? After all, only your mom…your mom…
  281. Except that wasn’t really your mom.
  283. B-Brain? Whu-What?
  285. Remember? That was all a bad nightmare. None of that was real.
  287. Huh? Whu-
  289. Look around you. You’re a girl. You’re a mare. You’re…
  291. You lower your head and close your eyes, placing your hoovsies against your temples in an attempt to deal with the headache you were giving yourself.
  293. “Lil Sis, are you okay?”
  295. “Huh?”
  297. You open your eyes to turn and look at her. She looks at you with a touch of concern, but upon seeing that look, you look back down at your own food. Suddenly, your tummy roars in hunger. Despite your confusion, you can feel your mouth beginning to water.
  299. “Hehe…you know I heard that Lil Sis. Eat. Your tummy needs food. That’ll make you feel soooooooooooooo much better.”
  301. That food did look really, REALLY yummy. The sight of it, coupled with the wonderful aroma of breakfast filling your nostrils, is enough to cause your hungry tummy to rumble once more. You can feel it begging for that super yummy in the tummy food.
  303. Regardless of what you were previously thinking, you dig right in. Even though you had no utensils, you lean forward and bite down on your pancakes.
  305. “Oh. My. God.”
  307. This tasted like…like nothing you’ve ever tasted before. They taste the same as they’ve always tasted, but your taste buds were magnifying the wonderful pleasures that these pancakes from heaven were making. And then…ohohohohohohohoh…the whip cream…the strawberry on top…
  309. You can’t take your time. You’re starving. You chomp down hard and feel yourself melting in ecstasy as that fruity sweetness mixed with godly pancake batter accentuate your pleasure senses to untold levels. Within literally a minute, you’ve gobbled down your first pancake.
  311. “Wowzers. You sure are hungry, huh Lil Sis? Hehe…glad you love my cooking.”
  313. You briefly turn to look at her, seeing her chewing on her own food. She starts giggling at you in response.
  315. “Silly, you’re making a mess all over your face. Wait…oh that’s right! How could I forget? Lemme go get you some napkins and water. Don’t eat too fast or you may give yourself a tummy ache. Be right back.”
  317. Nullity stands up and walks around you towards the kitchen, but you’re too busy gorging yourself with the best food in all of existence. You lean back down and bring the plate of pancakes to your face and chomp them down as fast as you possibly can.
  319. Food has never tasted this amazing. It’s so yummy and delicious. After all, how could none of this be real?
  321. You pause briefly at the sudden thought, but continue eating anyway. This was so real. There was no shadow of a doubt. The pleasures and food and love you were experiencing, there’s no way that old life was real. It really was all a bad dream. Your mom…that really was Nullity, wasn’t it? That wasn’t your mom; it was Nullity. Nullity is real; your mom isn’t. Nullity is the best! You love her. And you so absolutely love her wonderfully amazing cooking!
  323. After a few moments, you notice Nullity walking right back to you. Yet you’re too busy finishing the last of your pancakes and savoring the pleasures of every last bite to look up.
  325. “Sweet Celestia Lil Sis! Look at you go. Hehe…you must really be hungry. Here, why don’t you have some water?”
  327. You briefly notice in the corner of your eye Nullity setting aside a very tall pink glass filled with water next to you. Despite doing so, however, you continue eating. And in literally just a few seconds, you finish your last bite.
  329. “Ahhhhhhhh. Mmm…that was so amazing Big Sis! Thank you so very much. I love you.”
  331. You raise your head and use your precious hoovsies to try to grip and tilt the glass of water to your lips, taking several big gulps. The cool refreshing liquid washing down your food…oh…oh this is heaven.
  333. “Aww! I love you too Lil Sis. Here, why don’t you have the rest of my food?”
  335. You stop drinking and turn to look at her in surprise.
  337. “Wait, are you sure Big Sis?”
  339. “Yush, I’m sure. I’m actually not all that hungry. You really need the food more than me. Plus, nothing warms my heart more than to feed and take care of my baby sister.”
  341. She slides your empty plate to her side and scoots the remainder of her food in front of you. Hash browns and scrambled eggs…there was still so much left over! You can even feel the hunger pangs rumbling in your tummy.
  343. It’s just like what your mom…no, wait. Not your mom Silly! It’s just like what Nullity has always done for you. Isn’t that just about the sweetest thing your big sister could do for you?
  345. Wasting not a second more, you lunge forward and begin scarfing down another round of delicious breakfast. The scents that were emanating from your eggs and potatoes, even if they were just hash browns, is enough for you to gobble down your food like a hungry animal that hasn’t eaten in days.
  347. Yet while you ate, you at some point felt Nullity wrapping a wing around you, as well as one of her hoovsies gently flowing through your mane. Oh. Oh yush. Pleasure after newfound pleasure was soaring through your mind. Everything is just so wonderfully amazing. Especially with Nullity right here next to you, how could you ever ask for more? She’s always loving and caring towards you.
  349. Still, even though she’s your big sister, you so wouldn’t mind her mothering you. And though you loved the mother you had in that horrible nightmare, you easily loved Nullity a thousand times more. Sister or mother, she’s the absolute best! You love her more than you could have loved anyone ever. And the difference between the old mother you had in your nightmare compared to the sister you have right now is that Nullity is real; your old mom definitely isn’t. Yeah, this is all so totally real and you just absolutely love it!
  351. After a few minutes pass, you finish the last of Nullity’s food and take one final big gulp of water until the glass was empty. Mmm…that was so good!
  353. “Hehe…you nice and full baby sister?”
  355. “Mhm. Thanks for making that Big Sis. That was really, really yummy. I kinda almost wanna eat it all over again.
  357. But you knew you couldn’t. Your tummy was just way too full.
  359. “I’m just happy you finally got yourself a nice meal to eat Lil Sis. It’s really wonderful to see you have such a big appetite. That’s gonna make Nurse Reinhold and Dr. Wilhelm so happy to know. Nursing my baby sister back to health…I really love doing that, just like I really love you.”
  361. “Aww!”
  363. Warm fuzzies flutter through your heart after hearing more words of affection. You turn your head to nuzzle against Nullity’s neck and she does the same, but suddenly notices something and leans off of you.
  365. “Whoa there Silly Filly. You’ve made a little bit of a mess. Lemme clean that off your muzzle real quick.”
  367. “Huh?”
  369. From her side, Nullity pulls out a white napkin and uses it to wipe your muzzle clean, as well as her neck, from all the food you had smeared on your face while eating.
  371. “Hehe…opsies. Sorry about that Big Sis.”
  373. “Hush you. You don’t gotta be sorry. I just love taking care of ya Sweet Thing.”
  375. Once she finishes with that, she wraps an arm around you and snuggles you hard. You try to do the same, but her wing over you makes it harder to maneuver your arm around her to hug her. So instead, you just lean onto her and nuzzle her.
  377. Small feelings of sleepiness start to flow through you as you can feel your energy flowing towards your tummy to help digest all that food. You feel yourself gradually becoming a lot more relaxed and calm. Oh this felt way too good. It was so good that you just wanted to sit like this and snuggle and hug Big Sis for all of eternity. And yet, after a few minutes pass, Nullity unwraps herself from you and stands up.
  379. “Here, lemme get these dishes out of your way Lil Sis.”
  381. You see Big Sis halfway spreading her wings once more as she leaned down to snatch every dirty dish by the mouth, only to turn her head and rest each one on one of her wings. It looked very hard and strenuous, yet Nullity was able to do so without too much difficulty.
  383. Once she finally gets all of the dishes on her wings, you see her walk into the kitchen. A few seconds later, you hear dishes clattering in what you suppose is the kitchen sink. But rather than wash them, she immediately heads back into the living room and smiles brightly at you.
  385. “Know what time it is Lil Sis?”
  387. “Uh…what time is it? I have no idea. Is it noon?”
  389. “No Silly Filly. It’s time for presents!”
  391. “PRESENTS?!?”
  393. For some silly reason, even though you knew that’s what you two were gonna do, you still feel yourself getting excited and giddy like a child. It’s literally been forever since you got to open presents, and if you already got something as amazing as your heart-shaped necklace and your lovely girly pink hoof polish, then you knew you were so gonna love whatever else was in store for you.
  395. “That’s right baby sister! It’s time to open presents! Here, lemme get them for ya.”
  397. Nullity happily trots on over to all the presents that were neatly stacked on top of the table. You can feel yourself quickly becoming giddy and excited. After all, what were in all those presents? What did everyone get you? Oooooooo! Maybe you got a…
  399. “Annnnnnnnnnnd here’s the first one!”
  401. Nullity trots back to you holding a present in her mouth by the ribbon. She leans down and places the present in front of you and watches you with playful curiosity. It was a small to medium-sized present with pink wrapping paper and a red bow enclosing it. As far as you could tell, there was nothing on it in terms of who it was from.
  403. “Who’s it from Big Sis?”
  405. “Hehe…why me of course Silly.”
  407. Your heart fluttering, you try to quickly open it with your pretty widdle hoovsie woovsies. Struggling, you try and bite down on the gift in an attempt to rip open the wrapping paper.
  409. “Hrm…you having a little bit of trouble Lil Sis? Here, lemme help you.”
  411. She gently takes it from you and somehow, she’s able to tear the wrapping paper off with her hoovsies. How the heck is she able to do that and so many other things? Big Sis is just soooooooooooooo talented, huh?
  413. Just as quickly, however, she hands it back to you. Inside the wrapping paper, you saw, was a small brown box. However, the box was sealed shut and you could not for the life of you get it open. Having hoovsies is kinda challenging, isn’t it? Ooooo…but it’s so much fun!
  415. “Hehe…uh…kinda a silly favor to ask Big Sis, but could open up my presents for me? I’m struggling just a little trying to open them.”
  417. “Daww…are you sure Lil Sis?”
  419. “Yeah, I’m sure. But it’s so totally okay. I’m just struggling a little is all. Might make it easier, at least until I’m all better.”
  421. “Why of course I will Precious Thing. Nothing makes me happier than to nurture my baby sister back to health with all the love and care and affection she could ever ask for!”
  423. You reach for her and she gets closer to you so that you can give your super special awesome big sister the biggest hug you can possibly muster. She feels so good and wonderful and loving and…you just really love Big Sis! It just feels so good to love and be loved. If you could, you’d hug her for all of eternity.
  425. However, Nullity breaks free from your clutch and fidgets with the little brown box for it to open. Once she does so, she hands the box back to you. Almost immediately, you turn it upside down and pour the contents onto the floor. What came out was a hair clip of some kind with a small bottle containing a pink liquid of some sort.
  427. You try to carefully pull the small bottle up to your face with your hoovsies, only to quickly realize it’s hoof polish. It’s the same polish that’s on your beautiful hoovsie hoovsies…your cutesy hoovsies. The hair clip itself, you also noticed, was in the shape of a pink heart with small gold-like diamonds glittering all over it. Both were just so absolutely beautiful!
  429. “Aww…thank you Big Sis! This is the bestest gift ever!”
  431. “Daww…hehe…thank you Lil Sis. I mean, sorry about the hoof polish from earlier, but I just couldn’t wait to see the look on your face. I wanted to surprise ya with it before we started opening presents, but…well…hehe…can’t help it that I’m just as excited as you are.”
  433. Nullity leans towards you to give you a quick hug. You give her a small kiss around her neck in response.
  435. “Thank you Big Sis. You’re the best! I love you.”
  437. “No, you’re the best Silly Filly, and I love you times infinity and beyond. Always remember that.”
  439. She kisses you on your forehead and gives you a tight hug. Oh…hugs are so awesome! Especially from Big Sis! All these huggies and mushy feelings…it all feels so wonderfully amazing. More…you want more affectionate feelings! You can never have enough of them. You just love everything right now, but you love Big Sis the most!
  441. “Hehe…you’re super snuggly, you know that Lil Sis? But we got so many more presents to unwrap and the day is getting away. C’mmon, let’s see what everypony else got ya.”
  443. Excited, you actually started giggling a little. Even on your end, you sounded super sweet and cute. And you loved it! Feeling all girly and happy like this…it’s such a lovely, wonderful feeling, isn’t it?
  445. “Oooo…I bet you can guess what’s inside this one.”
  447. Nullity comes back the gift and with it, she also tries to scoot some of the presents up close to you, probably to save energy from having to walk back and forth.
  449. “Hm? What’s that?”
  451. “Why don’t you see who it’s from first?”
  453. Nullity places the present in front of your face for you to see. This one was probably the largest present out of them all. It was wrapped in golden wrapping paper. There was no bow on it, but you could see something scribbled on it.
  455. “To: Radiance. From: Clockwork.”
  457. Just who could this be?
  459. “Oh! I almost forgot. He left ya a small note. Here, read it first and I’ll open it for you.”
  461. Nullity hands you the note. You take a quick look through it.
  463. To Radiance:
  465. I hope this gift finds you well and healthy. When I heard what happened to you, I was deftly worried. Fortunately, your sister Nullity said you’d be just fine in no time and knowing her, I know you’re in good company. If I wasn’t so busy myself, I’d be there doing everything I could to help you. So instead, when you’re up and about, please accept this gift as my eternal gratitude for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve given me renewed hope, vigor, love, and a brighter outlook on things. You’ve given me all the time in the world to appreciate every second and so, it’s only right that I give you that same amount of time to enjoy eternal love and happiness. You deserve nothing less Radiance.
  467. P.S. When you wake, come visit the shop. I’d really love to catch up with you and Nullity sometime. It’s been ages since we last spoke and I’d love nothing more than to hear from the best sisters in all of Vanhoover again.
  469. Just as you finish reading, you also notice that Nullity was reading alongside with you.
  471. “Aww…isn’t that so sweet Lil Sis?”
  473. “Clockwork…Clockwork…he sounds familiar, but I…”
  475. Your head starts to ache a little. Wasn’t he Clockwork? That one guy from your nightmare. Wait, no…not Clockwork, but uh…uh…Clopwork? Or maybe…but…then again…then never was an Internet, was there? That was all just a bad dream.
  477. “Hehe…why don’t I open up his present for you? Maybe that’ll jog some memories.”
  479. Nullity fumbles with the present and tears it open. She carefully reaches inside and pulls out what was perhaps the most beautiful clock you’ve ever seen. She holds it out in front of you smiling. The best way you could describe it was a heart laying against one of those atom electron ring things that would sometimes see in science books. Small clear diamonds lay neatly aligned all around the rings and in the center of the heart itself were violet hands in the shape of fancy arrows. The big one pointed at twelve o’clock and the little one pointed at three o’clock. The clock wasn’t ticking, probably because it was off. Yet, you also notice a brilliant red garnet stone laying just above the six o’clock typography.
  481. Your birthstone! This…This is absolutely gorgeous! Goodness, what did you ever do to deserve such a beautiful thing? It looks so incredibly expensive. Actually, now that you think about it, who was Clockwork?
  483. “Big Sis…I…this…just…”
  485. “Hehe…it’s pretty isn’t it? Considering everything you’ve done for Clockwork, it doesn’t surprise me he’d make something this nice for you.”
  487. “But…Clockwork…gah…I’m sorry Big Sis. I’m having trouble remembering.”
  489. “That’s okay Lil Sis. Clockwork is a pony here in Vanhoover who’s special talent is making clocks. We actually got that grandfather clock a couple years back when his store first opened.”
  491. You turn to look at the towering grandfather clock ticking away as the pendulum swung back and forth. The sounds of the clock ticking…they were beginning to ring through your mind. Yet you turn back to look at the beautiful clock that Clockwork got you as Nullity continues what she’s saying.
  493. “Anyways, he went through some hard times and started to suffer from depression and hopelessness. One day when we were walking through town, you saw him down and offered to help him. Well, suffice it to say, you invited him home and together, we helped him through his hard times with tons of love and support, and mostly importantly, with your super special secret talent, which is giving tons and tons of snuggies. Hehe…cuz of you, he’s living such a happier life now. And, that’s what all these gifts are Lil Sis. For everything you’ve done to improve the lives of all the ponies around you.”
  495. Your heart…you can’t help but feel yourself tear a little. To be loved like that, and to love to the point where you could make a positive difference in others’ lives…could you really ask for anything more than that?
  497. “Dawww…hehe…wipe away those tears Silly Filly. It’s time to be happy.”
  499. You rub your arm gently across your eyes.
  501. “Duh-Don’t worry Big Sis. *sniff* I’m not sad. I’m just really happy is all. They’re tears of joy.”
  503. “Good. I’m glad. And there’s more joy to be had. We got tons more stuff to open too.”
  505. Nullity moves off to your side and gently sets the clock, as well as your hoof polish and your hair clip, off to the side in one pile, with wrapping paper and empty boxes in another pile. She comes back to you and gives you another quick kiss on your forehead.
  507. “Now, why don’t you tell me which present you want to open next?”
  509. You look and see a small rectangular present in the pile with rainbow polka-dots all over it. You point to it and Nullity happily pulls it from the pile.
  511. “Ooooo…this one’s from Brielle. She’s the fashionista of Vanhoover. How much you wanna bet she got ya something relating to what she does Silly?”
  513. You giggle once again as Nullity tears open the present, revealing what looked to be a makeup kit of some sort. Nullity hands you the kit as you eagerly snatch it from her to take a closer look.
  515. Through the plastic, you can see things like accessories, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and several other makeup utensils that you weren’t all too familiar with. Yet you can feel yourself getting excited over the thought of beautifying yourself. You really, really wanted to and just the thought of a complete makeover was making you giddy with excitement. You weren’t used to being like this, but remember, you’re a girl. It’s so totally alright to feel, look, and act like one.
  517. “Hehe…that look in your eye Lil Sis…I can tell you really love that one. We’re so gonna have to give ya a makeover and show Brielle. I’m sure she’d love nothing more than to see you walking around, let alone seeing you wearing what she got you.”
  519. “Totally. I really wanna do that today. Is that okay with you Big Sis?”
  521. “Why of course baby sister. I’d love nothing more than to do that with you. But we still got several other presents to open. Let’s do that first.”
  523. You put the makeup kit next to your other opened presents as Nullity hands you another gift. This one looked something similar to what Brielle got you, but instead, it was a bit bigger and flimsier. If you had to guess, it was probably clothes of some sort. Wait, clothes? Ooooooo…
  525. “And this one’s from Epaulet. She loves designing armor for the Royal Guard, but she also makes all kinds of clothes for everypony in Equestria. She’s widely considered to be nationally famous. A lot of ponies praise her for her work around here, especially cuz she grew up right here in Vanhoover.”
  527. Nullity opens the present and within seconds, she pulls out what looks to be a lovely violet dress with pinkish-purple frills flowing down towards the bottom. In the center of it near the collar, as you might have guessed, was yet another pink heart outlined in gold, just like your necklace. Did Epaulet get you this necklace too?
  529. “Oh my goodness Big Sis! This looks…This looks absolutely amazing! Did she make this just for me?”
  531. “Hehe…looks to be that way Lil Sis. She wanted to make you something you’d love to wear around town. It’s made with the fanciest and rarest fabric in all of Equestria. It’s one of a kind and it’s not too often she makes rare attire like this one. She wanted it to be special for everything you’ve done for her, and for everypony you’ve helped. So she talked with me for ideas and we both agreed this would look amazing on you. You so deserve it, my beautiful baby sister.”
  533. You actually squee in delight and give your big sister yet another hug for the millionth time.
  535. “Silly. You’re a happy silly girl, you know that?”
  537. You giggle. Your girly giggle was making you smile and feel evermore increasingly wonderful on the inside.
  539. “Just promise me you give her the biggest snuggles Epaulet could ever ask for, alright? Cuz I know she’d love nothing more than to know you’re okay. She’s been worried sick about you. Hehe…just wait until you see the look on her face when you give her the bestest huggies all dressed up in her outfit. Oh…she’s just gonna love it!”
  541. “Hehe…don’t you worry Big Sis. I so totally will.”
  543. Nullity gently folds the dress and places it near your growing pile of opened gifts. She then sorts through the pile of unopened presents and grabs yet another one for you. You two go through and open presents for the next hour or so, discovering all sorts of wonderfully amazing things. Be it from home décor to personal memorabilia, both you and your big sister happily open each gift, eager to discover what’s inside and to learn a little more about the ponies who loved you.
  545. As your opened pile of gifts grew and your unopened pile shrunk, you eventually managed to get down to two more presents that had yet to be opened. One looked to be an envelope, while the other was a medium-sized box with a letter on top of it. Wanting to save the bigger gift for last, you decide that the envelope-looking gift should be opened next. You point to it and when Nullity sees it, she smiles and tears just a little.
  547. “Dawww…I think you’re really gonna love this gift Lil Sis. Here.”
  549. Nullity gently tears it open from the inside and carefully peaks inside, careful to not suddenly spoil the surprise for you. She pulls out a letter from the envelope and reads it first. You actually hear her sniffle a little, and when she looks back to you, you notice her looking at you with tears of joy. You were actually kinda curious to see what was written on it.
  551. “What’s it say Big Sis?”
  553. “Hehe…*sniffle*…uh…here.”
  555. She hands you the piece of paper. You quickly look to see what’s on it.
  557. Hi Mommy.
  559. Wait. WHAT?!? HUH?!? But before you noticeably react, you scan through the rest of the letter thoroughly.
  561. I really miss you mommy. Daddy says you had a little accident and needed lots of rest. But, I wanted to make sure Mommy knew that I loved her and I wanted to get you something so you always knew I was by your side. It’s not fancy or anything special, but I still wanted to do something for you. I wish I could hug you, but Aunt Nullity said you needed peace and rest, so I made you a drawing so that you could maybe feel me trying to hug you.
  563. At this moment, Nullity hands you the envelope. You reach inside to pull out the other piece of paper. On it was a crudely drawn drawing of you, Nullity, a sky-blue pegasus, and what looked to be a colt with wings trying to hug you, with you hugging back. Nullity and the blue pegasus were standing from behind watching and smiling, with a pink heart shining in the center of the drawing. Your eyes getting watery, you turn to read the rest of the letter.
  565. Did you feel that Mommy? I try to hug you every night before I go to bed to see if it will help you wake up. Maybe, the more hugs I try to give, just like all the snuggly hugs you tried to give me, the stronger you’ll become. Daddy says it’s worth a try and says that if I try super hard, you’ll be better and wake up in no time! But Mommy, can I ask you a favor though? I hate asking you favors because you’re always so nice and friendly to me, but when you wake up, can you give me a hug? Because…Because…I really wanna hug you again. You give the best hugs…and…I just want to really hug you Mommy. Pretty please? You’re the best mommy ever and no mommy’s ever gonna replace you Mommy. You’ll always be my mommy.
  567. I love you Mommy.
  569. Tears flowing from your eyes, you put no effort in trying to hold back the floodgates. You begin crying hard, and Nullity is quick to rush to your side to embrace you in a tight, loving hug. You let the drawing and letter fall to your side and you hug her tight, rocking with her as you cry tears of affection and heartache. You were a mommy. You are a mommy. You’re a mommy. You actually had a child that loved you and missed you. And a husband…and a family alongside Nullity…You…OH YOU JUST WANTED TO FIND THE POOR THING AND HUG HIM AS TIGHT AS YOU EVER POSSIBLY COULD! So instead, you hug Nullity as hard as you can possibly muster, hoping some of that loving energy would travel through her and back to him.
  571. “Shh…shh…it’s okay Lil Sis. Little Beezle will just be so happy to see you again. He always really loved your hugs. Cuz of you, he’s super duper snuggly now, just like us Silly Filly. Can’t tell you enough how happy that’s made Blueberry.”
  573. “Whu-Wait…*sniff*…Blueberry?”
  575. You gently break away from Nullity just a little to wipe your eyes.
  577. “Blueberry. Beezle’s father.”
  579. “Muh-My huh-husband?”
  581. “What?”
  583. Nullity looks at you with what you can only guess was playful confusion.
  585. “No Silly Filly. Well, do you…hehe… have a crush on him? After all, you two do get along really well together. Maybe you two should go on a date sometime.”
  587. Nullity simply giggles as you smile with tears in your eyes, yet you were still confused.
  589. “I…*sniff*…sorry Big Sis. I’m a little confused. My memories are a still a little fuzzy.”
  591. “Opsies. Sorry Lil Sis. Well, you know of Beezle, right?”
  593. Even though you couldn’t remember a whole lot, you heartily shake your head up and down.
  595. “Well, Blueberry is his father. Except, shortly after Beezle was born, his mother ran off from home and disappeared. No pony knows why. It was something that was a great struggle for Blueberry and as much as he loves Beezle, to see his wife go away like that…it really messed with him. Course, you always did want to raise a child and truth be told, I’d so love to be an aunt. So, being the loving sisters that we were, we helped him by trying to be a part of their family. They don’t live with us, but they love to stop by a lot. We’ve sorta raised Beezle since he was an infant and he really does love you. And you’ve made Blueberry a lot happier being the mother Beezle never had. Course, I never knew of you having a thing with him, but…you know…hehe…”
  597. Between all the ripe mixtures of emotions you were feeling, you also can’t help but feel yourself blush a little. Dating a stallion and raising a child…you just felt so many wonderful happy emotions inside of yourself. Being a mommy…you wanted to be a mommy. You’ve always wanted to be a mommy. You’re a mommy. In response to these feelings, you give your big sister another long, drawn-out hug. All of these feelings you were feeling…you just loved it all, especially being this emotional and this much of a softy. It felt really, really good.
  599. “Big Sis?”
  601. “Hm?”
  603. “Can we see Beezle today? I really wanna hug him.”
  605. “Hehe…I don’t see why not. I know he’d really love to hug and snuggle you too. Let’s do that. But first, you gotta get ready and before you get ready, you’ve still got one last present to open.”
  607. You let go of Nullity and gently place the gifts Beezle got you next to all of your other opened presents. Only this time, however, you make sure they’re situated in such a way so as to not get damaged. Nullity then grabs the final present and places it in front of you. It was a medium-sized box wrapped in candy cane wrapping paper with a white bow resting neatly on top. Right next to the bow was yet another letter.
  609. “Hehe…I know who this is from. You’re gonna love this Lil Sis.”
  611. She winks and nudges at you. Mushy mommy feelings calmly receding, you curiously open up the envelope containing the letter. Hrm…that’s strange. You could see some scribbling in all caps.
  615. Your heart stopping, you freeze by the sight of sudden foul language. Your eyes slowly and carefully scan the contents of the message.
  617. I know it’s you, you fucking fucker. Yeah, you’re the son of a bitch that likes to keep pranking everyone, right? You’re the eggy farts asshole, aren’t you? Always screwing and fucking with people in the office. I’m fucking tired of your God-damned shit asshole. I know it’s you. I FUCKING KNOW IT’S YOU!
  619. Let this be a warning. If you fuck with me or anyone else here one more time, I’ll make sure you pay. I’ll make sure you get fired. I’ll make sure you get your very own so-called “Blackbox” full of shit. I WILL FUCKING RUIN YOUR LIFE, MARK MY FUCKING WORDS!
  621. Go rot in hell, you pathetic piece of shit.
  623. Sincerely,
  625. Go Fuck Yourself
  627. The letter falls from your hooves as you stare forward in a zombified trance.
  629. “Lil Sis? What’s wrong?”
  631. You don’t answer, but instead stutter at trying to come up with some kind of a response.
  633. “Answer me Lil Sis. You’re starting to scare me. What’s wrong?”
  635. “I…I…”
  637. You grab the letter and hand it right over to her. She takes it and quickly scans through its contents. She looks back up at you confused.
  639. “I don’t understand Lil Sis. What’s wrong? That was just Times R. New. He’s a prankster. He loves pranking everypony. It’s his talent.”
  641. “Wait…what?”
  643. Nullity hands the letter back to you and you look at it again.
  647. Wuh-What? Huh? It…It didn’t say that. That’s not right. Yet this time, you more carefully and intricately read through the letter.
  649. I know it’s you. Of course it’s you! The kindest and sweetest mare in all of Equestria. Now, I know you and Nullity are both the most loving and friendly of sisters, but I also know you two love pranks. Or at least Nullity does. And I thought to myself, what better way to put on some smiles than to offer you a little prank of mine? Trust me, I know you’ll love it.
  651. Let this be a warning though. There is ~something~ inside this gift I got you and it might seem a little foul, but trust me, it’ll be good for you. After all, laughter is the best medicine. Come visit me sometime. I’ll be sure to give you all the pranks your heart could ever not ask for.
  653. Hope you feel better expelling some of that radiating flatulence.
  655. Sincerely,
  657. Times R. New
  659. “That’s…That’s nuh-not right. The letter didn’t say that Big Sis.”
  661. “What are you talking about Lil Sis?”
  663. Your head is suddenly pounding with a terrible headache. This wasn’t right. No…there’s something really wrong here. Fucker…jackass…asshole…those are words you’re not supposed to know. Those are bad words. Those are horrible words. No one ever hated you that much, did they? Doesn’t everyone here love you? You try relieving your blaring headache by dropping the letter and gently rubbing your hooves against your temples.
  665. “Lil Sis. Are you okay?”
  667. No…no…you’re not okay. This isn’t right. Ponies don’t talk like that. That was…wasn’t that from that horrible nightmare? You vaguely remember seeing somewhere on something…maybe it was on something like the Internet. Was it on a computer? Something somewhere, you remember seeing messages of this one guy trying to joke with others through his writing. The eggy farts guy. There was also…someone…err…that went by the nickname “Blackbox” that this guy continuously loved to joke with. His writing…it always had to do with whoever this “Blackbox” was and with eggy farts. Over time, you saw him doing his eggy fart jokes with other people there too and for some reason, you thought it was hilarious. So, you started mimicking him in real life and tried to prank others around you just like he did. People at work…you…that’s right…you…didn’t like them…and they didn’t like you…
  669. You could feel your head roaring with pounding headaches as old memories start to slowly resurface. You…You would occasionally send small black boxes, nicknamed the infamous “Blackbox” to those you didn’t like, and when they opened them, a balloon filled with your own flatulence inside would pop as a mechanism from opening the box would cause the balloon to pop. You also added some other foul stuff into it to make it smell even worse and whenever someone was unfortunate enough to open a “Blackbox,” they would end up smelling horrible and reeking of bad odor for the rest of the day.
  671. Ultimately, it was your way of you getting back at everyone. But…you’d never ever wanna have revenge and wish harm on others, would you? That’s not you. That was all a bad dream, right?
  673. “Lil Sis.”
  675. You open your eyes and turn to Nullity.
  677. “Are you okay?”
  679. “Heh…I’m fine Big Sis. Don’t worry. I just thought I saw something different. Never mind. Let’s see what Times R. New gave us.”
  681. “Gave you Silly, not me.”
  683. Nullity starts to smile a little, but you can tell that she was still carefully watching you out of concern. She tears off the wrapping paper and…and…you feel your heart stop again. There it is. It looked exactly like it. It was literally the Blackbox. If you opened that, then…
  685. Almost in a trance-like state, you carefully push the lid up. It makes a small creaking sound as you slowly push it up. You know what? Screw it. Just open it.
  687. You suddenly push the lid all the way open. Upon doing so, you could hear the sound of a loud popping sound rattling throughout your ears. Then…oh God…the smell…that horrible reeking God-awful smell. You notice Nullity starting to giggle, only to soon erupt into howling laughter.
  689. “HEHEHEHE…HAHAHAHAHA…Oh my Sweet Celestia. Times R. New…oh…hehehehehe…AHAHAHAHAHAHA!”
  691. For nearly the first time since waking up, you actually felt yourself frowning from being genuinely upset. Nullity only continues laughing harder as you start to subconsciously display an irritated expression.
  693. “Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee yeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwww! Smells like some low tide right there, doesn’t it Lil Sis?”
  695. She’s still laughing and aside from you literally smelling like garbage, you didn’t feel right about any of this. There is something wrong here.
  697. “Hehe…oh come on Silly. It’s just a little prank. It’s something Times R. New is infamous for. Don’t take it personally. He really does like ya.”
  699. You grumble some kind of a reply, but Nullity doesn’t hear you. Instead, she says something else.
  701. “Why don’t we go ahead and get you a shower Stinky? I think it’s about time you started getting ready for the day, don’t you?”
  703. You grumble a little more, lost in thought over all of this, yet from Nullity’s perspective, all that seemed wrong was that you didn’t enjoy smelling bad…smelling like eggy farts.
  705. “C’mmon Stinky. Time to get you a shower.”
  707. You stand up along with Nullity and together, you both head upstairs, with her ahead of you and you close behind. You both walk up the stairs and down the hallway towards your room. As you enter it, you notice Nullity heading over to your bathroom. You’re about to head in there yourself until you notice something out of the corner of your eye.
  709. All of the pony plushies on the dresser next to your bed were all smiling, except for one. Instead, you walk up to this plushy for a closer look. It wasn’t anything special. It looked like all the other colorful plushies, but instead of smiling, it was frowning. That’s certainly strange. You remembered that all of them were smiling when you saw them yesterday. Maybe there were some that weren’t and you didn’t really notice anything new. Except, as your eyes dart across all of the plushies, you notice that the only one that was frowning was this little plushy, and it was staring right back at you.
  711. For some reason, you felt chills crawling across your back. You turn your head to the window and notice that it was still open from yesterday. There was a small breeze coming from it. More than likely, you figure that that was what was causing you to feel that cold chill. You decide to go walk around the bed and shut the window. It was a little challenging, but you manage to do so. For one reason or another, breezes made you feel uncomfortable. You didn’t know why they did, but they just did. And yet, it is at this moment that you suddenly hear a gush of water pouring out from inside the bathroom.
  713. “LIL SIS! Come in here. The water’s nice and warm.”
  715. You make your way towards the bathroom and walk inside. It was…oh wow. The bathroom wasn’t all that big, but it was still big enough to feel somewhat cozy. There was marbled tile on the floor with a pink rug sitting in front of the sink, which sat to your left. Marble similar to that of the kitchen countertops, only lighter in color, surrounded the sink. A medicine cabinet with a mirror sat to the left of the sink, with a medium-sized heart-shaped mirror sitting right above the sink itself. There was also an outlet and a light switch for lights and a fan, which you could hear humming loudly. Above the sink, however, were four light bulbs that were shining brightly in the bathroom. To the right of the sink was just a regular old white toilet, and to your right was what looked to be a really fancy shower.
  717. There wasn’t a bathtub, but granite marble tile snaked along the walls in the shower, with a double-sliding glass door leading into it. There was also a giant showerhead with water pouring out of it. You also noticed several buttons on some kind of water-proof panel just below the showerhead. That was certainly strange.
  719. Yet as your eyes dart around, Nullity suddenly heads out of the bathroom for a few seconds and returns with a pink towel. She walks past you and places it on a towel rack that was sitting right next to the shower.
  721. “Here, let me get that off of you. Wouldn’t want this getting ruined.”
  723. Nullity unhooks your necklace and sets it aside by the sink.
  725. “Have a good shower Lil Sis. Make sure to wash yourself extra good Stinky.”
  727. She giggles and heads out, closing the bathroom door behind you. With the water running and you wanting to still catch it while it was hot, you slide the glass door open and walk into the shower. As you stepped in, you felt the water beginning to splash against your coat. You immediately slide the glass door shut once you’re completely inside. You then slowly and cautiously walk under the shower head so as to avoid getting any water in your eyes. The warm water felt really nice and comforting, but despite that, you still felt really off.
  729. While under the warm water, you try to replay everything that’s been happening here since you’ve woken up once more. Sadly, you’re at a loss for words. Technically, all of this that you were experiencing felt real. The stories that Nullity and Nurse Reinhold told you seemed to be entirely plausible. The breakfast you ate, the undying love from Nullity, all of the gifts you received from everyone, and the warm water that was trickling down your coat as steam filled your lungs…all of that felt real. You felt and still feel like you’re really alive. And yet…
  731. Your eyes dart around the shower after your entire coat and mane are soaked in search of a bottle of shampoo. Unfortunately, you couldn’t find any. However, you did notice the panel that sat below the showerhead. There were several buttons that were the size of your hooves. There was a word next to each button written in all caps. ON. HOT. WARM. COLD. SHAMPOO. SOAP. OFF. There were two green lights, each next to ON and WARM.
  733. You try pressing the SHAMPOO button. A green light blinks next to it and suddenly, you notice the water coming out of the showerhead changing. It was becoming foamier and bubbly.
  735. Wow…oh wow. That’s…how…how the heck do you and Nullity have something that fancy in Equestria when there’s no such thing as the Internet here?
  737. Regardless, you turn away from the showerhead and sit on your rear. You lean your head back a little so that your mane would be sprayed by the foamy shampoo-like water. You then move your hooves through your mane and try to wash it. It’s a little tricky, but it did feel relaxing somewhat.
  739. Still though, how the heck did the two of you have something this fancy? Just like the kitchen, this shower was way over the top in terms of luxuries for a house like this. Yet what concerned you more than anything else was the letter. That and the fact that since reading it, for one reason or another, you felt your entire mood change. Technically, it still felt really wonderful to be a mare, but all of those girly feelings that you were feeling earlier…well, it’s like they just all suddenly disappeared. It felt so nice to think and act like that, but at the same token, you’ve never once acted like that. Or did you?
  741. You still can’t remember all that much about your life here since waking up here, but that horrible nightmare where you were supposedly living that god-awful life just seemed so realistic. It was just as realistic as where you were right now. There’s certainly no denying it; you could sense everything with all five of your senses here, and it’d be crazy to think this was all a dream in and of itself. But that nightmare was a dream. This life right now was most certainly not, right?
  743. After scrubbing your mane for several minutes, you stand back up and click the SHAMPOO button again. The light turns off and the showerhead returns to pouring out only warm water. You carefully put your head back under the showerhead, letting the soothing warm water rinse out your soapy mane.
  745. Yeah…there’s no way this world isn’t real. This is all so totally real. And it feels really good washing yourself, doesn’t it? Oh it SO does.
  747. Your head still hurts a little, yet you can feel yourself beginning to smile again. After a minute or so of rinsing your mane, you move your head away from the water pouring out of the showerhead. You click on the button labeled SOAP and see the green light associated with it coming on. Soapy water starts to pour through the showerhead again, only this time, you notice that its viscosity is a little different. As the soapy water splashes against your coat from where you were standing, it begins to rapidly foam up all around your body. Before you know it, you’re covered in a flurry of soapy bubbles. You begin giggling a little in delight over the sensations you were feeling.
  749. Mmm…yeah, this is all so totally real. There’s no way a silly nightmare could ever be real. After all, you’re Radiance. You’re a mare. You’re the happiest mare in all of Equestria. You’ve got the best sister a girl could ever ask for. And, you’re a mommy. You’re a mommy.
  751. Fuzzy mushy feelings were beginning to course through your heart again. However, you were rapidly turning into a giant, soapy, bubbly mess. Before the bubbles grow any larger, you quickly press the SOAP button again and see the light disappear. Luke-warm water begins pouring out of the showerhead once more. Within seconds, you feel all of the foaminess washing off of your body. You then proceed to stand and stretch yourself out underneath the flowing water. Your wonderful, gorgeous wings, you can feel, were spreading out from your sides. Your tail too is flickering back and forth against your…your…wife-wide gorgeous hips to wash away all of the bubbles. You continue standing and stretching as the water splashes against you to rinse you clean.
  753. Oh…doesn’t it feel wonderful to be a mare, to be a pegasus? To feel these sensations, to enjoy cleansing yourself of all that grime, to showcase your beautiful body…oh…it just all feels so very right!
  755. Once you finish thoroughly rinsing yourself off, you press the OFF button, noticing all of the green lights disappearing. The water from the showerhead quickly starts receding until all that is left are small drops of water dripping out of it.
  757. You take a deep inhale of the steam, and then let out a long exhale. After a few seconds pass, you begin shaking yourself like how an animal normally would when they’re drying themselves off. You shake as much water off as you can so that your coat and mane would only be damp. You then slide open the glass door and reach for the towel. It was all warm and fuzzy and colored a wonderful pink. You use it to dry yourself off as best as you can.
  759. As you rub the towel through your frizzled mane, you notice the damp strands of your mane hanging in your field of vision. Just seeing them is enough for you to enjoy the notion of having long hair. It feels nice.
  761. Once you finish drying your mane off with your towel to the best of your ability, you try to use the towel to dry off the rest of your body. It’s somewhat tricky trying to do so with hooves, yet slowly but surely, you’re able to reach just about every nook and cranny…including down there. Before rubbing your towel there, you realize that you’ve never really messed with your marehood at all since waking up. It wasn’t something you ever really thought about examining as you mostly just ignored it. Yet, when you decide to rub the towel against it…
  763. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
  765. You immediately drop the towel and place your hoovsies against your muzzle, blushing brightly in embarrassment for letting out a small moan. Your wings start to fluff up a little in excitement. There’s a huge part of you that immediately wants this to go away because of how strange that felt, yet you simply can’t help but be amazed at just how sensitive you were down there. It felt like a lightning bolt of pleasure suddenly flashed through there when you started to rub your towel there. Despite you wanting it to all stop, however, you were also curious to see what it was like to attain pleasure as a mare. If just that one brush there with the towel made you moan in ecstasy there, can you imagine what it would be like to go all the way?
  767. Though a little nervous, but equally excited, you start to move your pink-colored hoovsie down there. But just as you’re about to explore yourself there, you suddenly hear knocking on the door.
  769. “LIL SIS! You almost done?”
  771. You almost fall over from Nullity’s sudden knocking. But you quickly stand back up and try to brush what you were feeling a moment ago out of your head. No way could you let Nullity see you like that.
  773. “Just about Big Sis. Just drying myself off.”
  775. Nullity then proceeds to open the door and calmly trots into the bathroom. You feel just a little embarrassed with Nullity suddenly coming into the bathroom when you were still drying off. Plus, no way did you want her to catch what you were going to do. Why wasn’t there a lock on the door? Wait…then again, you’re both ponies and you both normally walk around without clothes, so you guess it didn’t really matter. Still, it wasn’t something you were used to.
  777. “Hehe…sorry about that Lil Sis. I didn’t mean to interrupt ya, but the day is starting to get away from us and I’d really love to go into town with ya. A lot of ponies would love to see you up and about.”
  779. “Uh…s-sure thing Big Sis.”
  781. “And judging by those wings, something tells me you also wanna fly.”
  783. Fluh-Flying? Oh yeah, that’s right. You can fly. Just her mentioning that idea is enough to make you wanna go and try out your fluffy white wings. Still though, you somehow manage to lower them and fold them on your back. You weren’t quite sure how to do that, but somehow, they seemed to respond perfectly with your emotions.
  785. “Here, let me help you get ready Lil Sis. My treat.”
  787. Nullity opens the cupboard underneath the sink and pulls out what looks to be some kind of hair dryer. She sets it on the sink counter for a moment as she attempts to plug the cord into an outlet on the wall. She then picks the hair dryer up again and flips it on. You still weren’t quite sure how she was able to grip objects the way she was able to, but regardless, you let her do her thing with you.
  789. After about five minutes or so of Nullity drying your mane, coat, and tail, she switches the hair dryer off, unplugs it from the wall, and places it back underneath the sink. She then steps outside of the bathroom for a brief moment and comes back with a stool and…and…the makeup kit from Brielle! She’s gonna give you a makeover!
  791. You start giggling in delight as you gleefully sit down on the stool and stare at yourself in the mirror. On the other side of the mirror sat a happy pony girl who was staring right back at you. It’s you! You’re happy. You’re oh so very happy to be the happy pony girl of your dreams. You just can’t help but giggle in joy. You just can’t stop staring at yourself. For once in nearly all of existence, you truly loved yourself down to your core. The happy warm feelings that were flowing through your heart just feel so wonderfully amazing.
  793. Your mind goes into an almost dream-like trance as you mindlessly and blissfully stare at your reflection while Nullity gives you a makeover. First, she combs your hair back. Using the beautiful hair clip she got you, Nullity then braids your mane into a ponytail and uses the clip to keep it in place. You turn your head slightly so that you can admire your beautiful mane. And what a beautiful mane it is! That hair clip…it just goes so perfectly with you. You can’t help but gently shake your head a little to see your ponytail bouncing around.
  795. “Hehe…stay still Silly. I’m not quite done yet.”
  797. You giggle up a response.
  799. “Sorry Big Sis. It’s just that I really love what you’re doing with my mane.”
  801. “I’m glad. Now just wait until I’m all done.”
  803. Your heart pounding in excitement, you happily and eagerly watch her do the rest. From the makeup kit, you notice Nullity pulling out what looked to be some kind of tube. She begins squeezing it as you notice a kind of cream pouring out onto one of her hooves.
  805. “Alright Lil Sis. I’m gonna apply some primer on your face now.”
  807. With it, she gently starts rubbing white-like cream against your face. It doesn’t appear to do a whole lot in contrast to your white coat, but once Nullity finishes applying it, you notice that it’s actually helping your face appear just a touch more feminine. You then notice Nullity turning on the faucet to wash her hooves clean of the primer. Once she finishes doing so, she dries them off with the towel you used to dry yourself with, and subsequently places the primer tube back into the makeup box. From there, she reaches for some kind of makeup utensil.
  809. “Okay Lil Sis. Close your eyes for me.”
  811. You happily do so. Almost immediately, you feel something going against your eyelids. It feels a little funny, but you trust your big sister with whatever it is she’s doing. Actually, wait a minute…OOOOOOOOOOO! Is she putting on eyeshadow? It’s enough to get all giddy with excitement once again as Nullity carefully goes over each eyelid.
  813. After what feels like several minutes, Nullity says that you can now open them. You proceed to do so and as you slowly open them, you…you…eeeeeee! You can see from your reflection a light shade of violet near the top of your eyelids. You close one eye to see that beautiful shade of violet on your face. You’re just about to giggle in joy when Nullity instructs you to hold still.
  815. “I’m gonna apply a little bit of mascara Lil Sis. Try to hold still for just a little bit longer.”
  817. You excitedly watch her in the mirror as she uses some kind of eyeliner tool to gently go over your eyelashes on each eye. It’s a little hard to not blink as frequently while Nullity’s doing what she’s doing. Truth be told, you’re still kind of amazed at how careful and accurate she is in doing your makeover, especially considering the fact that she’s able to grip everything with her hooves.
  819. Yet when she finishes, you can’t help but close one eye at a time and open each one slowly. Your makeover didn’t make you look outlandishly overdone to the point where you feel like you look like a clown, but it did help to make you appear more feminine. And your eyes…just look at them! They’re so pretty! Your beautiful, sapphire blue eyes with that lovely lavender eye shadow against your beautiful white coat. But before you can admire yourself further, Nullity speaks up once more.
  821. “Alrighty Lil Sis! Lemme just apply a little bit of powder on your face to help even out that primer.”
  823. You see her reach for what looked to be some kind of powder puff, only to pat it against a container of some sort. She then uses it to gently powder your face with white powder. It almost makes you want to sneeze, but just as soon as she starts powdering you, she stops.
  825. “There we are! Now before you go admiring yourself Silly, I just want you to try on one more thing.”
  827. You quickly turn your face away from the mirror and see the dress Epaulet gave you lying on your bed. Nullity is already walking over there to get it, and comes back just as quickly with it.
  829. “Hehe…go on Lil Sis. I wanna see you wear it.”
  831. You jump off the stool and with Nullity’s help, you are able to carefully slip yourself through it. Fortunately, because of your ponytail, you didn’t have to worry about your mane becoming messy, but what is a little tricky is trying to get your wings through it. But with her help, you’re able to get your wings to go through two conveniently shaped holes on the back of the dress.
  833. “Ta-da! Look at you Lil Sis!”
  835. You turn back towards the mirror to look at yourself.
  837. “Look at you. You’re so beautiful baby sister.”
  839. You’re…You’re speechless. You look so wonderfully feminine. Not too feminine, but just perfect. You feel and literally look like a mare. You’re literally the mare of your dreams. You’re really you! Everything about your appearance is just right. You almost want to cry, but remembering the fact that you had mascara on you, you didn’t want to have black streaks running down your face. Not crying…yeah, that’s going to be an interesting challenge, huh?
  841. Regardless though, you so really want to hug your reflection. You just look so beautiful and happy. Look at the pretty mare smiling at you. That’s you! That’s who you are! You’re so beautiful!
  843. “Thu-Thank you Big Sis. You did an amazing job!”
  845. “Dawww…hehe…well, you’re also gonna have to thank Brielle and Epaulet. Couldn’t have done it without their help.”
  847. “Oh totally. I so wanna see them.”
  849. “Well, the day is getting away from us Lil Sis.”
  851. Nullity grabs the heart-shaped necklace by the sink and clicks it around your neck.
  853. “I’m gonna go put something on real quick. I’ll meet ya outside. See you then, you pretty thing you.”
  855. Nullity gently kisses you against your cheek. She heads out of the bathroom and closes the door behind you. You can hear her hoofsteps moving down the hallway and down the stairs, though they were becoming fainter, especially with the noise of the fan. Once you no longer hear her, you place one pink-colored hoovsie against the mirror and smile brightly at yourself.
  857. “I love you.”
  859. You watch as your reflection repeats those words. It’s official: you love yourself. You love being a girl. You so love being a mare. You so love being you. You love yourself. You really, truly love yourself. You’re so beautiful and cute and pretty and gorgeous and…
  861. You feel your heart getting all mixed up with mush feelings. You take your hoovsie off of the mirror and start to slowly turn around so that you can see all of yourself in the mirror.
  863. This dress…you really loved wearing a dress, especially this dress. It made you feel not only really pretty and feminine, but also a little motherly. Your heart jumps a little as you imagine yourself meeting Beezle and hugging him like this…taking care of him like this…nurturing him like this…
  865. Oh…you’re just so very happy. You’re so very beautiful. But most importantly, you love yourself. You love seeing your reflection. Even turning back to face the mirror directly, you give off a bright smile. You can’t help but love staring at your own reflection. Even though you start to talk to yourself a little, you don’t care. You’re happy.
  867. “You know, even though…”
  869. You voice…it’s so feminine and cute…you can’t help but feel yourself wanting to giggle in delight.
  871. “Hehe…even though I may not remember everything and some things may not seem completely right, you’re still beautiful Radiance. I love you. I’ll always love you. I’m so happy to be you. I’m so happy to be me. If I have to live the rest of my life like this, then so be it. Nothing would make me happier and nightmare or no, I’m SO done with that old life. I could live like this forever.”
  873. Almost in an instant, the lighting in the bathroom begins to flicker. Your eyes dart to the lights, observing how they are dimming and then flashing. That’s certainly strange. Maybe the next thing you and Nullity need to do when you come back home is to check the electrical, even though you have absolutely no idea how to do that.
  875. And upon that thought, the lights shut off and the bathroom goes black. What the heck? You try to fumble your hoovsies in the darkness for the light switch and after a few seconds pass, you can feel it against the wall. Wait a minute. That’s strange. You can feel the light switch pointing down. How the heck did it do that? Regardless, you flick it up and the lights suddenly flash on, albeit with a dimming glow.
  877. “OH MY GOD!”
  879. You freeze instantly. You can feel your heart stopping. Looking at the mirror, you see a silhouette near the shower. It looked like the silhouette of a human. But it was floating in midair. Your eyes look up and you see that it’s connected by something to the ceiling.
  881. No. Oh no.
  883. Trying your best to not have a heart attack, you come to the horrifying realization that it’s a noose. It’s a person that’s hanging. You can feel your hairs rapidly standing up all over you. You’re too terrified to move or speak or do anything. You don’t even want to turn around to see it yourself. You keep your eyes glued to the mirror at the silhouette of a person. You can’t make out any details. It’s all shadow, including the noose itself.
  885. Suddenly, you notice its eyes opening. Two bright, glowing white eyes slowly opening across the shadowy face. It’s looking at you. OH DEAR GOD, IT’S LOOKING AT YOU!
  887. And then, you see a smile forming. A bright, glowing white smile forming just underneath the eyes. These are the only features you can make out across the face. But it looks like it’s smiling menacingly at you. OH DEAR GOD! Whatdoyoudowhatdoyoudowhatdoyoudo? You stare at this thing for what feels like an eternity while it simply smiles back at your silently. And then…
  891. It starts shaking violently. You can hear loud, animal-like screams emanating from it as it shakes and continues smiling at you.
  895. Screams rapidly fill your lungs as you throw yourself against the bathroom door. It swings open and you barge out of there running as fast as you possibly can. You didn’t want to look behind you. Yet, not paying attention to where you’re going and being the clumsy self you’ve always been, you run right into your dresser full of pony plushies. You slam hard against it and they all fall all over you.
  897. “OW!”
  899. You shake your head and turn around, too frightened to let your pain subdue you. But as you turn to face the bathroom, you see no silhouette. It’s not there. The bathroom is still dim, but upon the immediate notice of that, you see the lights in there instantly shut off. Chills course through your skin as you’re just about ready to jump through the window and get the heck out of here.
  901. Before you move, however, you look down at yourself and notice the plushies. They are all frowning. None of them are smiling.
  905. You jump up out of the pile and run out of the room screaming as loud as you can for your big sister. You run down the hallway and then down the stairs, careful to not trip over yourself with your dress. You notice her in the corner of your eyes happily opening the front door. When she hears you and notices you running down the steps like a chicken with its head cut off, her expression changes to one of immediate worry. As you reach the bottom of the stairway, you sprint as fast as you can for the open door. Yet you quickly stop yourself before plowing right into Nullity.
  907. “Lil Sis! Oh my goodness! What’s wrong? Talk to me. You’re really scaring me.”
  909. You start coughing and wheezing while trying to catch your breath. It takes you a few seconds before you can speak.
  911. “I…we…need…to…go…right…now. Let’s get out of here Big Sis. I want to get out of here right now.”
  913. Your voice hoarse, you try to nudge her out the front door. She reluctantly starts moving forward and as soon as you’re both outside, you slam the door shut from behind you as the two of you begin to make the trek towards town.
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