Let Me Grab My Cape & False Teeth

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  1. one lonely bird remains
  2. one very lonely bird
  3. how sad
  5. abigai
  6. it never fails
  7. i guess ive let you down for the last time
  9. im never home
  10. i always leave you alone
  11. i never have my phone and you dont feel like you were mine
  13. now i know
  14. that you  meant it
  15. the 800 times that you said it
  17. abigail
  18. youre my holy grail
  19. but i am far from your white knight
  21. my armors chipped
  22. from you giving me lip
  23. its heavy like a sinking ship
  24. and the crew is not home right now
  26. now montauk is colder
  27. in the presence of your shoulders
  29. you know im no good with goodbyes
  30. theyre never as convincing as my lies
  31. you know im no good at goodbyes
  32. theyre never as convincing as my lies
  34. abigail
  35. is the is the final nail
  36. in which you will impail my heart tonight
  38. is this room a tomb
  39. for your impending doom
  40. am i the monster you made me out to be
  41. alright
  43. so let me get my cape and false teeth
  44. as i turn around and run away to jersey
  46. (reprise)
  48. so let me grab my cape and false teeth
  49. ill be whatever monster you need me to be
  50. montauk got colder
  51. in the presence of your shoulder
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